26 April 2011

April 26th, 2011 § 13 comments §

26 April 2011


  • Cardigan – Banana Republic
  • Scarf – H & M
  • Belt – SF Boutique
  • Skirt – Banana Republic
  • Wellies – Banana Republic
  • Earrings – souvenir from Cayman Islands
  • Bangles – gift from S.


Like many places it seems, Academichic Central is in danger of being washed away with all this rain!

Multiple days of heavy rain mean to things: my wellies are getting a workout and my hair is ridiculously curly. I’ve been trying to take advantage of the short breaks in the rain to fit in a run, plant something, or do other outside projects.  I keep reminding myself that all this rain is good for my new plants, my compost, and my lawn.  Plus, I feel really “hard-core” when I start my run in the sun and finish it in a down pour or when I have to slip on my wellies to slop through the muddy lawn to my compost bin.

26 April 2011

But, this means when I finally get cleaned up to head to campus, I don’t want to look like I am wearing my rain gear.  The rain was too persistent (and my trek through campus too long) to wear regular shoes, so I opted for my secret wellies (people often can’t tell they are rubber instead of leather).  Like L., instead of using bright colors, I found other things in my closet to make me think of spring.  I chose this light gauzy scarf and wooden accessories – items that make me think of sunny islands rather than rainy cities.

Come on May flowers!

26 April 2011

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Weekend Workshop: Fashion for the Rainy Season

April 16th, 2011 § 17 comments §

April showers bring May flowers. Or so we hope. For now, if you’re also going through the rainy season, here are some tips to staying dry and stylish…

28 March 2009 - My Rainy Saturday

1) Get a trusty raincoat that can be your go-to cover up item for rainy days. A raincoat does not need to be sporty, shapeless, or boring. We love raincoats that have a trench coat style to them that is classic and timeless. This type of cut can be dressed down with jeans or look formal enough to go with a dress and pair of heels. We’re also fans of the boldly colored raincoat that adds that much needed dose of sunshine to an otherwise dreary rainy day.

2) If you’re more comfortable in neutrals and softer colors, find a raincoat in a subdued hue that will go with most anything you layer underneath. (And you can always use your umbrella for that fun pop of color).

31 March 2009 - Let it rain!

3) Aquire a quality pair of waterproof boots, aka, ‘wellies’. While S. loves her fun doggie-adorned J.Crew wellies, she does limit her wear of them to casual outfits and non-teaching days.

28 March 2009 - Rainy Saturday
Rainy days

A., however, makes her elegant black and brown Banana Republic wellies function with casual looks as well as dressier, work-appropriate ensembles.

18 January 2010
4 January 2010

E., too, has figured out how to make her Hunter wellies function perfectly with skirts and embellished cardigans.

8 February 2010
Hunter Wellies

4) Lastly, carry an umbrella. As Murphy’s Law dictates, it will rain if you don’t have one on you but will not rain if you’re bregudgingly carrying an umbrella in your bag or purse.

16 June 2009 - Rainy day bike ride

What are your rainy day tips? Any favorites for the rainy season that you’d like to share with our readers? Thank you and stay dry out there!

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25 March 2011 – Dear Winter, I’m Ignoring You

March 25th, 2011 § 9 comments §

25 March 2011 – Dear Winter, I’m Ignoring You, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Tunic: Tucker for Target
  • Belt: Gap Outlet
  • Skirt: Anthropologie
  • Leggings: Gap
  • Wellies: Banana Republic

End Notes:

This wasn’t quite how I envisioned this outfit going. I was thinking bare legs and cognac boots, maybe tights and sandals if things went just right. But, alas, I woke up to snow this morning and so it was thick leggings and two-tone wellies in deference to winter’s lingering hold.

And this is how I feel about that:

For whatever reason, in the mirror I wasn’t getting so much of an angled, shirt tail hem with the tunic, and I’m not sure if I like it that much over the full but stiff-ish skirt below. But, I of course love the color pairing, and I can definitely imagine revising this outfit with the skirt over the tunic. That will have to wait, however, until I have a little less going on in front.

(Contrary to what yesterday’s photos suggest, the belly is still here.)

There’s something about patterned garments that make me feel emboldened to take more style risks over all, whether in proportions or color pairings or pattern mixing. So while I might not be in love with this remix overall, I have to admit that I’m proud of myself for wearing this tunic in three significantly different ways this week. And, to reader Sara, I believe that you’ll see this with my floaty white skirt in the near future…

25 March 2011 - Dear Winter, I'm Ignoring You 23 March 2011 - For Play 23 March 2011 - For Work

P.S. Did you see Tania and Kelsey offer up even more remixes a couple of days ago?

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Brit-brit and Pink Boots

March 19th, 2011 § 9 comments §


  • Long Sleeved T: Splendid via Nordstrom Rack
  • T-shirt: concert
  • Blazer: Max Studio via Filene’s Basement
  • Black Trousers: Ann Taylor
  • Pink Boots!: Polo (borrowed from sister)

Thanks so much to my co-bloggers for their kind words and their rockin’ outfit tributes! You three definitely know me well and pink was certainly the order of the day for a rainy birthday in London yesterday. I love pink. How can you not smile when you’re wearing pink rainboots? Who cares if it’s raining, my boots are hot pink!

I also am wearing one of my favorite T-shirts. Yes, Britney Spears has done some highly questionable things and titling a song “Hit me baby” is definitely not a move in the right direction for women, however, she has done a lot for pop, she shares my affinity for pink, and if nothing else, I can wear this shirt with a certain amount of irony. If you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes, what’s the point, right? Anyway, I love this shirt.

To celebrate my rainy day I went to the graphic art show up at Somerset House, which is also home to one of my favorite museums, the Courtauld Gallery. Pick Me Up did just that and the variety of up-and-coming graphic artists represented was inspiring. Some of my favorites were definitely Jules Julien, Victo Ngai, and Tom Gauld.

But my absolute favorite was Stefanie Posavec, who does graphic representations of novels and literature. The one on the left below shows the first chapters of famous novels charted by sentence length. Each new sentence turns the line 90 degrees and the length of the line is proportional to the number of words in each sentence. Notice how long the lines are in Faulkner (bottom left)! On the right below is her representation of one novel broken down into chapter, paragraph, sentence and finally the fan at the end of each line is a represenation of how many words are in the sentence. The color coding is either the character or the subject depending on what book she’s doing. I’m sorry these images aren’t great, but I really wanted to share her with you all.

I hope everyone is having a splendid weekend!


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A’s Blizzard Wear

February 4th, 2011 § 14 comments §

A’s Blizard Wear, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Puffy Coat – Hawke & Co, via Marshalls
  • Wellies – Hunter
  • Wellie liners – Hunter
  • Hat – American Eagle
  • Circle Scarf – gift from Ireland

Under the Puffy Coat:

  • Sweater – J Crew
  • Ponte Pants – Ann Taylor
  • Long-Sleeved Tee – Banana Republic


I warned you that my next outwear would likely be a bit heavier!  I purchased this puffy coat just before Christmas and love it!  I was not in the market for a puffy coat at all, but had I been, this would not have been the puffy coat I would have been shopping for.  I probably would have been looking for a sleeker version with a belted waist, maybe some ruffle details, or glamorous collar.  Yet, when I saw this extra puffy, extra long, dark grey version at Marshalls it just spoke to me, then the $35 dollar price tag sang to me and the rest is history.

Even at such a low price, I had a bit of buyers remorse (I had been Christmas shopping after all) until I pulled it out one early morning to head to yoga and realized just how wonderfully warm it is!  This is not my most sophisticated or my most figure flattering outerwear, but it is quickly becoming my favorite.  When paired with my fleece lined Hunters, a thick winter hat, and fleece mittens, I feel like a kid on a snow day – which is exactly how A2 and I have been acting the past couple days.

I’ve even taught A2 (who hails from Florida originally) how to warm her outerwear on the radiators.  I got these sweater-topped fleece liners for my wellies and they have turned my rain-boots into snow-boots.  On days like today, I still need a good pair of wool socks under the liners, but they do insulate really well and are worth the hefty price tag (almost as much as my puffy coat).

Under the coat I wore one of my new favorite uniforms. I got this J Crew zip henley sweater for my birthday back in October and have been wearing it a ton ever since,  but just haven’t gotten around to photographing it. It’s so warm and soft and is the perfect  easy winter sweater.

Under the Puffy Coat, originally uploaded by academichic.

Have you jumped on the puffy coat trend?  More importantly, did you have a snow day this week?  If so, I hope you took some time to play in the snow!

A’s Blizard Wear, originally uploaded by academichic.

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Almost Done…

January 10th, 2011 § 10 comments §

26 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Charcoal Wrap Sweater – New York & Co
  • Grey Cardigan – Target
  • Plaid Shirt – Urban Outfitters
  • Black Ponte Pants – Ann Taylor
  • Wellies – Banana Republic
  • Belt – BR Factory Store


…with my 30 for 30, that is.  I thought that having a limited wardrobe during a busy month and a half or so would help me dress in style with a little more ease.  Turns out, when things get crazy in my life I am not the style pro that E. is.  I spent several days in lounge-wear pumping out deadlines. And, even on days when I did get dressed up, I couldn’t always manage to snap a picture before the sun went down.  But finally, I am rounding in on the end.  I have one more 30 for 30 post to squeeze in before Academichcic celebrates its second birthday!

For look 26 I really wanted to find a way to wear my plaid shirt again, but it was freezing.  So, I layered my long grey cardigan over a tee, then layered on the plaid shirt, and finished with my chunky knit wrap sweater.  I was warm and cozy to be sure!

I opted for a brown belt to tie in my black and brown wellies and to make for a more complex mix of neutrals.  I know it’s a fairly bland color pallete… but, for a cold and dreary day, I kind of liked it.

26 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.

27 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Teal Shirt – BR Factory Store
  • Scarf – clothing swap
  • Black Ponter Pants – Ann Taylor
  • Belt – BR Factory Store
  • Wellies – Banana Republic
  • Earrings – F21
Look #27 was worn to meet some friends for drinks.  I initially had my brown leather boots on, but they are in desperate need of a trip to the cobbler and snow was predicted, so I  switched to my wellies and some wool socks.  I don’t like the look as much with this replacement footwear, but sometimes function wins over form.
In a super matchy-matchy move, I wore my teal paisley earrings mirroring the pattern in the scarf and the color in the top.

Paisley, originally uploaded by academichic.
I think this belted scarf look has become one of my signature looks. When I want to spruce up my daily uniform of skinny pants, boots, and long cardigan, the belted scarf does just the trick for me.

27 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.

28 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Orange Wool Skirt – J Crew
  • Maroon Top – Banana Republic
  • Long Cardigan – Banana Republic
  • Tights – Gap
  • Pumps – Urban outfitters
This is a simple combination of some pretty basic pieces, but I love this color combination!  It makes me think of yummy winter treats like cinnamon (skirt), ginger (cardigan), and cranberries (top).  It’s such a warm mix and the tweed tights and olive-colored flannel pumps add an extra pop of visual interest.  I’ve gotten some great wear out of this orange wool skirt during this experiment, yet I’m not at all sick of it.  In fact, I have tons of ideas of how to remix it with items form the rest of my wardrobe, so expect to see it at least a few more times this winter!

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7 December 2010

December 7th, 2010 § 15 comments §

7 December 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Blazer – Gap
  • Ruffle Top – BR Factory Store
  • Grey Sweater – Target
  • Skinny Jeans – Banana Republic
  • Boots – Banana Republic
  • Earrings – Morocco, gift from a professor


At the half way point of the 30 for 30 challenge, I realized I still had several items on my list that I had yet to wear.  I knew yesterday’s sweater and this blazer might be a challenge, which is exactly why I included them on the list.  But, I added the skinny jeans because I thought they would be a go-to item.  I just keep finding myself opting for either my skinny cords or ponte pants over the jeans.  I’ve written about my struggles with jeans in the past and, while I have come to embrace skinny pant, I still haven’t found the perfect fitting skinny jean.  These jeans look great when I am standing just right, but have the tendency to sag, thus exposing more of my waist/rear than desired and creating an unflattering droop in the crotch (yes, I did just type that for the world to read).  So, I’m still on the hunt for that perfect pair!

Meanwhile, I’m playing with layers!  I’m mixing textures and patterns and even lengths with this short blazer over a long sweater.

patern mixing: plaid and organic dots, originally uploaded by academichic.

I have to admit, I felt a bit like a young Rococo gent with these ruffles cascading from my jacket paired with a cropped pant silhouette.  Funny how the most “feminine” (in contemporary definitions) aspects of this outfit are what remind me of the 17th century “masculine” ensemble.  Yep, I’m knee deep in a chapter draft and gender performativity is on the mind!

Morocco Earrings, originally uploaded by academichic.

I finished this look off whit these beautiful earrings – a gift from Morocco!  A.

7 December 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

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A’s Thanksgving Roundup Part 2

December 1st, 2010 § 4 comments §

A’s Thanksgving Roundup Part 2, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Charcoal Wrap Cardigan – New York & Co.
  • Cardigan – Banana Republic
  • Belt – New York & Co.
  • Brown Cords – Gap Outlet
  • Wellies – Banana Republic
  • Scarf – Gift from S.

15 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Long Cardigan – Banana Republic
  • Black Ponte Pants – Ann Taylor
  • Teal Tee – BR Factory Store
  • Scarf – Anthropologie
  • Wellies – Banana Republic


Over the holiday weekend I hit the halfway mark of the 30 for 30 challenge.  I have actually managed to wear the majority of my list (25 out of 30) already, although several things I have worn over and over and others only once or twice.

I had very few outfit’s planned before starting the challenge, which is perhaps why I have only managed used some items once.  But, I used some of my long ride home Sunday to plan out a handful of outfits to help me through the second half of the challenge. I’m determined to use every item on the list at least once!

On other note: Congratulations again E! I’m so proud of you!  A.

14 of 30, originally uploaded by academichic.

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2 November 2010 – Clothing Confession

November 2nd, 2010 § 33 comments §

2 November 2010 – Clothing Confession, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Teal Sweater – Gap Outlet
  • White Scarf – stolen from sister M.
  • Tee – Banana Republic
  • Black Ponte Pants – Ann Taylor
  • Navy Wellies – Hunter (birthday gift from Mom)
  • Earrings- F21


I have several good reasons why I am wearing this particular combination of pieces today, but first a confession:  I have been wearing a similar combination (boots/flats + black ponte pants + long sweater) at least once a week  for the last several weeks.  I haven’t posted this type of outfit because it has been my go-to for days I don’t need to be on campus.  I’ve been wearing this comfy uniform at my child-care job, while writing at coffee shops, and to run errands.

Now, here is why this is such a confession, I have long hated the leggings trend and while these ponte pants might fit E. like skinny pants, they look suspiciously like leggings on me.  They are thicker than your average legging and have a fly and back pockets, which I think makes them more flattering on me.  But let’s be honest, the aesthetic is undeniably similar!

I just can’t help myself!  They are so comfy!  I still don’t plan on wearing them to teach in or for other campus events, but for the daily grind, these pants are my new best friend.

2 November 2010 – Clothing Confession, originally uploaded by academichic.

Today, for example, these pants help complete the perfect functional outfit.  On Friday I defended my prospectus and on Sunday L. and I ran a marathon!  So, it was a packed weekend!  I wanted clothing that would be as comfortable as sweats but could look a bit more polished for my trip to the coffee shop and the voting polls (DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!). I chose my new wellies, which I am in love with, because they are so roomy – allowing my poor feet a little respite after their amazing 26.2 mile trek.

I think my major concern with an outfit like this is that it looks rather young.  This is the uniform of many of my students and at almost 30 years old, I would hate to look like I am trying to dress like I am 18!

What are your thoughts on ponte pants and/or leggings?  Is there a difference? Can a nearly 30-year-old academic wear both?


2 November 2010 – Clothing Confession, originally uploaded by academichic.

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23 March 2010 – Reunion Weekend

March 23rd, 2010 § 13 comments §

23 March 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


On A (left):

  • Trench – Nine Wiest
  • Blue scarf – Old Navy
  • Skinnies – Banana Republic
  • Henley – Gap
  • Floral blouse – Maurice’s
  • Vest – Banana Republic Outlet
  • Bag – Nine West
  • Wellies – Banana Republic

On S (right):

  • Trench – vintage, grandmother’s
  • Black t-neck top – Zara
  • Skirt – Express, via TJMaxx
  • Necklace – Welt Laden in Salzburg
  • Gray tights – drugstore
  • Boots – Banana Republic
  • Bag – Liz Claiborne, thrifted
  • Scarf – Nine West


As E. already mentioned, A. is on a European jaunt right now and her first stop along the way was Munich. I had the immense pleasure of having A1 and A2 stay with me over the weekend and it just about made my year. It was wonderful getting to see them and being able to share this city I’ve come to really love with them.

Our uniform over the weekend consisted of light layers, followed by a trench coat, a light-weight scarf, and boots. It rained on and off and so boots, trench coats, and umbrellas were the best choices for keeping dry while walking around the city all day long. (I was also so impressed – both A.s packed for their entire European trip in one carry-one bag each! But more on that soon, I’ll let A. tell the story of her packing amazingness.)

23 March 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

While we both matched with out scarf-trench-boots combo, you can still see how much individual color choice, cut, and pattern can play into such a simple combo, rendering our outfits pretty different while still composed of the same basic elements.

As for the other layers – A. kept it casual yet chic with dark-wash skinnies, a pretty floral blouse over a dark henley and underneath a dark vest. Wearing lots of layers when traveling is a great idea as you can easily adjust your temperature as your activities change; be it by shedding a few layers for your long stair climb up St. Peter’s bell tower for this view…

Munich, originally uploaded by academichic.

… or by covering back up for drinks and snacks at an outdoor table at Marienplatz. I in turn wore a basic black turtleneck, a silvery-gray skirt, and gray tights – a monochromatic outfit that can easily translate from the day’s sightseeing events to evening drinks with friends. And A2 was (as always) our skilled and willing photographer who receives the credit for all these great photos, so thank you! Enjoy the rest of your travels, you two, I miss you already! S.

23 March 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

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