A. and A2. Get Married!

June 30th, 2010 § 237 comments §

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This past Saturday, after more than 10 years together, A2 and I got married! We traveled to one of our favorite places on earth, Northampton, MA, and had a small intimate wedding with just our immediate families.  We have talked about marriage for years now, but started seriously discussing it after a few close friends, including S. and T., got married recently.  We have always said we wanted an intimate ceremony but a big party and after being a part of S. and T.’s perfect little wedding and enjoying lots of friends and good music and another friend’s larger wedding, we knew we wanted both.  So, we chose to do a small ceremony this past weekend which will be followed by a larger party this fall. It meant so much to us to be surrounded by our families as we declared our love and commitment and we can’t wait to celebrate that with the many important people in our lives in just a couple months.

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On A:

  • Dress – J Crew Cotton Candy Alexa in light pewter
  • Shoes – Off Broadway, customized by me
  • Pearls – borrowed from my mom, my sisters, and a couple friends
  • Earrings – gift from A2
  • Bracelet – gift from S.
  • Bouquet – made by me

On A2:

  • Pinstriped Vest – J Crew
  • Pinstriped Pants – J Crew
  • Grey Shirt – Banana Republic
  • Shoes – J Crew
  • Corsage – made by me


Ever since J Crew came out with their bridal line, I have imagined myself in one of their dresses – turns out we were both meant to be J Crew brides!  Many elements of my ensemble either came from J Crew or were inspired by their styling and the bulk of A2′s outfit is J Crew.  We each wanted to wear something that felt like us, made us feel confident, comfortable, and radiantly beautiful.  Our afternoon outdoor wedding, our personalities, and our thoughts on marriage all contributed to our sartorial choices, which in the end we couldn’t have been happier with.

We chose Northampton for the wedding, both because it is a place filled with wonderful memories for us and because it is in one of the few states where it is legal for us to marry.  A little gazebo, in a little park, which we decorated with paper lanterns and potted lilies, proved the perfect setting for a little wedding.  Along with a singer/guitar player and our officiant, our families piled into the quaint little structure for a short ceremony filled with many smiles and many tears (of joy of course)!

Gazebo, originally uploaded by academichic.
A’s  Family, originally uploaded by academichic.

While, as I said, I had long pined after J Crew wedding dresses, when it came time to actually choose my dress, I decided I wasn’t comfortable with a long white wedding dress.  It didn’t seem to fit my ideas of an afternoon ceremony in the woods or my ideas and beliefs about marriage, something A2 and I have spent a long time discussing.  So, I turned to the bridesmaid section and was instantly drawn to this Cotton Candy Alexa dress.  I knew the cut would be perfect for me and I adored  its understated and sophisticated elegance. I also couldn’t resist a grey wedding dress with a built-in belt and pockets!

The Dress!, originally uploaded by academichic.

I love the idea of wearing something borrowed for a wedding and almost as soon as A2 and I announced our wedding plans to my family, I was struck with a bit of genius!  I asked each of my four sisters and my mother if I could borrow their various strings of pearls to wear on my wedding day.  The idea was partially inspired by the multi-strand pearls J Crew was selling for a while.  I thought they were beautiful, but way to expensive and I couldn’t imagine when I would ever wear them.  I think my wedding necklace turned out much more stunning and was much more meaningful. I wore my mother’s pearls as is, since they are the longest strand, and my youngest sister’s single pearl on a chain rested in the middle surrounded by pearls from my other three sisters, E. and another friend, and my own pair all attached to a white ribbon tied in a small bow at the nape of my neck.  It was a bit of an experiment pulling them all together on the morning of the wedding (the first time I had all the pearls together in one place) but I couldn’t have been happier with the final result.

Pearls, originally uploaded by academichic.

My shoes were another custom piece that I absolutely love! I spent an entire weekend in Chicago with my mother scouring Michigan avenue for the perfect pair of shoes. I wanted dark grey peep toes but not one  store from Aldo’s to Barneys had what I was looking for. Given the insanely low price of my dress, my mother was willing to drop some significant money on the shoes (ok, maybe not Barneys’ prices, but well above my usual $60 threshold). But alas,  I left Chicago empty handed.  The next weekend I was shopping at the outlets with E. and another friend and we decided to stop in the discount shoe shop, Off Broadway, and there were these simple dark grey suede peep toes.  They where comfortable, a beautiful color, and less than $40.  To make them a bit more special and to tie them in with the dress more, I picked up two fabric flower hair pieces from J Crew and fashioned them into shoe clips.  It’s a hard call, but they may have been my favorite part of the ensemble.

Cheap Custom Wedding Shoes, originally uploaded by academichic.

I also made my own bouquet and corsages for my bride and our mothers following the same steps S. and I used to make the bouquets for her wedding. The hydrangeas began to fade pretty quickly after the ceremony and picture taking was over, but they looked gorgeous when I need them to.

Home-made Bouquet, originally uploaded by academichic.
No matter what we were wearing, how well the flowers lasted, or how well my hair held up, we both felt radiant and so happy all day.  It was such a wonderful day made so special by having our families there with us.  We have  been back in Academichic Central and back at work for a couple days now, but we can’t stop smiling at each other! Apparently, this is married bliss!
Just Married!, originally uploaded by academichic.

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S. Gets Married: The Collected Works

August 18th, 2009 § 25 comments §

Discover, originally uploaded by academichic.

The Background Story:

Initially, T. and I had a bigger wedding planned for next year. We felt that it was expected of us by family and by friends who’d invited us to their weddings to reciprocate with a similar event. With both of us being knee-deep in PhD work and my getting ready to spend a research year abroad, the bigger wedding in the works was growing into a on-going financial and time-sucking burden. But we both felt that it was what we had to do.

The moment we both admitted to each other (and ourselves!) that we were willing to risk disappointing others to make ourselves happy with this, we knew we wanted to cancel the bigger event in the works and just elope.

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DIY: Elegant Outdoor Champagne Toast

August 17th, 2009 § 8 comments §

Champagne Toast, originally uploaded by academichic.

Our recent wedding was a small affair comprised of less than twenty guests. While we didn’t do a grand event, we still wanted small personalized touches to make the day feel special. So one of our ideas was to have a champagne toast at the end of our ceremony, with which we and our guests could toast to our new life together. Here are some ideas on how to serve an outdoor champagne toast that is both elegant and budget-friendly.

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DIY: How to Make a Boutonniere

August 15th, 2009 § 5 comments §

How to Make a Boutonniere, originally uploaded by academichic.

When making the bouquets for my wedding, A. and I also made the boutonnieres for the remaining wedding party. This too was not something we had any experience with, but was surprisingly easy and quick once we figured out a methodology. To learn how to make a boutonniere yourself, click here…

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S. gets Married: Alternate Ways to Finding Your Wedding Dress

August 13th, 2009 § 24 comments §


Pretty shortly after I got engaged last year, I started looking for a wedding dress. Amid stressful planning and less than enthusiastic decision making, this was my one enjoyable activity – looking for the right dress. It provided me the perfect excuse to peruse some of my favorite dress stores online several times a day, sometimes even during my office hours. (Don’t tell anyone!)

I gave myself a $300 budget and went to work. Here are some of my finds, some dresses I would love to see someone else walk away with, and the stores that became my go-to options when looking to forgo the outrageous prices of bridal boutiques and the likes.

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DIY: How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

August 7th, 2009 § 25 comments §

DIY: How to Make a Wedding Bouquet, originally uploaded by academichic.
My entire wedding party consisted of me, A., the groom, and his brother. With this manageable of a group, A. and I decided that it would be both cost-efficient and more meaningful to make the bouquets and boutonnieres ourselves. No, neither one of us had ever made anything of this sort before but we were determined to give it a try.
Once we got the hang of it, it went surprisingly smoothly and we’re convinced that with a good set of instructions, anyone can do this. To learn how to make your own wedding bouquet, click here for instructions…

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