One Year Capsule Wardrobe: Annotated Edition

May 28th, 2009 § 6 comments §

I recently posted my packing spread for a research year abroad. This resulted in some great comments and questions from all of you, which prompted me to examine my packing methodology some more. And as some of you noted, the post did not only explore how to pack for an extended stay abroad, but also investigates the makings of a capsule wardrobe. 

One thoughtful reader left the following comment:

I wonder if you could talk some more about the process by which you chose your year-abroad wardrobe. I think it might illuminate a lot about the process of building a wardrobe in general. [...] I’d love to hear more about how you figured out what your basics are, how many of each type of garment you would need, how you arrived at a balance between neutrals and colors. 

The following is a more in-depth consideration of how and why I chose the items I did for my year long wardrobe capsule…

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How To Pack For A Research Year Abroad

May 27th, 2009 § 54 comments §

The first time I studied abroad (seven years ago), I opened up my suitcase the night before my flight, collected all my favorite items of clothing, and haphazardly added them to the pile. I ended up with a bunch of nice items but very few actual ‘outfits’ and very little possibility to mix and match. 


On the Road, originally uploaded by academichic.

This time around, I like to think that I’m more mature and travel savvy and that I can do a better job predicting what I will need in order to have a practical, versatile, and attractive wardrobe for my research year abroad. I’m also starting the packing process now, since I am getting my condo ready to sublet and will begin placing my clothing in storage during the coming weeks. All of the literature on How To Pack Successfully will confirm that an early plan and a thought-out list will ensure an efficient move. With E’s and A’s input, I compiled my plan of attack.

Look for it after the break…

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