A.’s Top Ten

July 29th, 2011 § 36 comments §

I had planned on doing an all-time best of post –-my top 10 looks from our three years of blogging.  See, I wanted to point back to the time I wore A2’s jeans and called them “girlfriend” jeans –both because it was one of the first times I took (what felt like) a real risk with my outfit and because I still think I’m pretty clever for my alternative to “boyfriend jeans.”

I wanted to remind you of my J-Crew inspired flower belt and my green dress worn with a tank over it – still two of my all time favorite outfits. I wanted to show off the many ways I wore my orange pencil skirt and maybe review my favorite analogous color combinations.  I wanted to look back at my foray into pattern mixing and my eventual full embrace of it.

I wanted to reminisce about S.’s wedding and then my own.

I wanted to show you first days of school and coffee shop favorites.  But, there was just too much!  I got overwhelmed and like E. and S., I decided I better stick to this last year of blogging instead (but see how I cheated there just a little bit?). For more reminiscing, you can see my top ten from year one and year two.

So, without further ado my top ten form year three:

I started the year with long hair and bright colors in a drab winter.  While I will always be a neutrals girl (especially mixed neutrals), I love looking back and seeing how many bright colors have worked their way into my daily wardrobe.  My timid love of color is thanks to our Fashion 101s on the color wheel and to the inspiration from my far more colorful co-bloggers, particularly the color master, E.

I’ve noticed that many of my favorite looks from this year are just new takes on much loved outfits from years past – funny how it looks so different with the short hair:

Earlier this year, I took a month off from blogging and returned with a new haircut.  It was so wonderful to reveal this physical change to all of you – your compliments and encouragement made me feel like cutting my hair was the best thing I’ve ever done.  While blogging can be hard on the self-esteem, it can also provide an incredible boost – so often your comments have made me feel beautiful and have empowered me to take style risks like cutting my hair and wearing 4-inch platform wedges despite the fact that they make me 6 feet tall.

Once again this year I renewed my love of stripes (particularly the blue and white stripes) and so it’s not surprising to me that half of my top ten outfits prominently feature stripes.  I like that each of my blue and white striped outfits is fairly different.  In one I bore my long pasty white legs in short shorts.  In another I emphasized my broad shoulders and big hips in a classic silhouette. In the last, I wore “a look” I have long appreciated on other people but believed could never look good on me. I think I did take more risks (and more successful risks, at that) this year while remaining true to what makes me feel comfortable – I’m willing to put something on that emphasizes a not-so-conventionally beautiful aspect f my body, or tryout a silhouette that traditional fashion advice would tell me to steer clear of, but I’m also willing to keep wearing the things that are not on trend but make me feel like me.

These last two picks are less about the outfits and more about the things in my life they represent and the discussion the posts generated:

I wore this black jersey dress and knotted cardigan the first time I bike-commuted to school.  Part of taking my break from bloging earlier this year and part of why it’s important for me to leave academichic now is that I’ve made a commitment to take care of myself, and to find balance in my life before I turn 30 (just a couple months away). I’m making more time for things that make me happy while simultaneously starting a big push to the finish line of my degree. Among the many things I have taken more time for is exercise and I started biking.

The purple and black outfit I wore to receive an award for my service and leadership in the LGBT community.  In this post I also wrote about issues of passing and the symbolism of my wedding band.  The posts in which I discussed my queer identity have been some of the most powerful for me.  I was a bit nervous (sadly!) to post about my wedding, but while I did get a few negative reactions, I mostly received an outpouring of love and support.   Similarly, my “coming-out” post will remain one of my favorites, because it stands as a reminder that what I do speaks volumes to others.

So, thanks you! Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments – especially the ones that helped me to love all of my body, the ones that challenged my thinking, and the ones that supported my work with LGBT students.

Thank you for letting me share with you the minutia of my daily life as well as the great milestones.

In the time since we started blogging, I have gotten married, taken and defended my comprehensive exams, written and defended my dissertation proposal, submitted the first chapter of my dissertation, learned to garden, taken up biking and sewing, run two marathons, built a patio, and made many incredible friends.  I’m now just a year away from finishing my degree and hopefully starting a new job, I’m making plans to start a family, and am about to turn 30. I promise to check in occasionally as I hit some of these new milestones – defend my dissertation, graduate, get a job, etc.

Like my co-bloggers have already expressed, I will miss the creative and critical outlet this blog has provided and I will miss the community of smart fashionable women it has introduced me to.

More than anything I will miss my collaboration with you, E. S. and L.  I will miss “seeing” your beautiful faces on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing in such an incredible journey, building this site from a half-cocked idea discussed over coffee years ago into something I will long be proud of.


Blue and White and Blue

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L.’s Farewell Top 10

July 28th, 2011 § 31 comments §

I have been blogging with academichic for just over one year (my anniversary was on July 25th), and of the chics you all have definitely seen and heard the least from me. So here is a little bit of my story – and I warn you, this is a pretty rambly way of reviewing my Top 10 from the last 6 months and saying goodbye). As I’ve said many times before, I was always impressed and inspired seeing what A. and E. wore to school, and after they told me about the blog I quickly read every previous post and chuckled to myself as I saw outfits that I’d actually seen them wearing and had thought at the time were something I’d like to try. I felt like a weird stalker when I’d mention something that they’d worn ages ago, but since reading blogs myself I’ve come to realize that is what happens – you begin to form attachments to people and feel like you know them (or at least the entire contents of their closets!). I was so excited and SO flattered when E., A., and S. proposed that I join the site last summer, and honestly felt like I was some “super fan” who had won a contest to be the next chic. I secretly congratulated myself on reaching their echelon of style. I felt like I’d arrived. Things like pattern mixing, layering, and working new trends in to my personal style (like my oxfords) are all things I learned from reading this blog myself.

During 2010 my body also went through some serious changes due to health reasons and because of my running. I went from a steady weight of 135lbs and size 6 to 120lbs and size 2. I’m a petite 5’3″ so I was still in a normal range, but the new slim body shape meant that my clothes were literally falling off me. I hinted at this in a Dress Your Best post, but why is it that I still feel bad telling you that I lost weight? We often find it much easier to talk about gaining weight, whether in pregnancy or otherwise, but it’s not as openly spoken of when it’s the other way. I’d feel like a jerk if I said to my friend, “my clothes are ALL too big”, but that was exactly the predicament I was in – and it was just as frustrating as when you gain a few pounds and suddenly things don’t fit you as well. I had always dressed nicely, but I’d never so totally and deliberately overhauled my wardrobe. Necessity coupled with a new interest in style meant that I was ready to shed some old clothes and get some new duds (like my fireworks skirt). I admit that I did purchase a lot of new items for myself – and obviously feel guilty admitting my personal consumption. I always shopped the sale and clearance racks (that’s how I scored my first piece of “mustard” colored clothing in honor of E.), but I certainly SHOPPED. I am fortunate in that I had the money to spend as I pleased, and I have since this binge definitely slowed down my purchasing and turned more and more to thrifted items, clothing swaps, and consignment stores (like my grey dress). For the staples though, especially fitted items – pencil skirts, sheath dresses, a cropped blazer, black dress slacks – I bought new.

Many of you are bloggers yourselves or have asked us questions about blogging. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to! I didn’t start reading any blogs until A. confessed to me about academichic, and even then I didn’t start regularly reading anyone’s blog until last fall. (Aside: That’s another thing people have asked us to discuss. What blogs to do we read? I can tell you that the ones I have bookmarked are What Would A Nerd Wear, The Other Emily, Narrowly Tailored, Already Pretty, Hello, Monkeyface!, and Between Laundry Days. There are many more sites that I’ve read casually and that do a very good job, but those are my regulars and the people I feel weirdly like I know even though I’ve never spoken a word to them.) I thought how easy it would be to take pictures because I’d be dressing up 6-days a week for my new job teaching in a boarding school. Wrong. Turns out taking pictures without anyone seeing you when you live at the place where you work is nearly impossible unless you wake up extremely early. So that’s what I did. I’m not a style blogger who also has an interest in photography, so my pictures have never been top quality. Nor have I ever really bothered doing much with my hair or putting on makeup, and blogging didn’t really change that much – although a little lip gloss, mascara, and powder can do wonders on camera. People have asked if our style will change once we’re not blogging anymore, and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll dress up quite to the degree that I did this year. I love looking good and dressing well, but for those mornings when I’m running late I’m going to spend more time drinking my coffee and less time throwing outfits on the floor of my bedroom. I always felt a little guilty, like I was cheating, on the days when I’d just toss on black pants and a top or a simple dress (like my grey cashmere, plaid shirt dress or black wrap dress) – but those days are what happens in real life and sometimes less is more.

I’m going to be really open with you – after the outcry over my post in which I wrote that girls at my school were “parading their bodies around for all to see” I learned that I really needed to watch what I wrote. I am very conscious in my “real” life not to say offensive things, to talk to others when they do, and to be sensitive to those around me. However, I didn’t think through the ramifications of that phrase and the judgements that it implied, and it was an eye opening experience to hear from so many people – truthfully, I was once-bitten-twice-shy for the rest of my blogging life. I stuck mostly to posting about how my outfits came together, what elements I liked, what didn’t work, and how I felt wearing each look. And I’m not gonna lie, I have a chip on my shoulder about my limited range of contributions and appreciate the complex topics about which S., E., and A. write so eloquently – and here’s where I start to tear up! – You all have been more influential in my life than you can possibly know, and being a part of this project with you has been an honor and a joy. And to YOU all, I thank you for calling me out, challenging me, and teaching in all your different comments as well as praising, commiserating, and making suggestions. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for asking questions. Thank you for posing ideas and informing us of your own style triumphs. Knowing that there are so many bright people on the other end reading this blog has made me a much more thoughtful person, both in real life and online.

Eye on the Prize

I think it’s funny that like E. one of my favorite posts has nothing to do with outfit and everything to do with how I present myself (if that makes any sense). I’m talking about my Dress Your Best post on my legs – and the running outfit I shared with you all. Even with all the hours spent dressing up, I still feel more like ‘myself’, more confident, and more attractive when I’m in my sweaty work-out clothes. While I’ll never be wearing those to class, I have in the process of changing my style and writing this blog discovered a whole lot of clothes that make me feel equally confident, strong, and most of all, happy.

L. (because there was already an S.!)


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E.’s Top Ten, Year Three

July 27th, 2011 § 66 comments §

I hate writing conclusions. When I was writing my MA thesis I panicked over my conclusion for a couple of weeks and then purposefully went to bed stressing out about it in the hope that my subconscious could work through it for me. (It did, actually, and I woke up and scribbled down my dream conclusion the next morning.) I’ve yet to have a similar fit of inspiration for writing out my concluding thoughts for a project that has been so meaningful and serves as a reminder of how much I — and my life — has changed over the past two and a half years. (In fact, if you want to see how my style has evolved through this blog, you can check out my Top Ten from Year One and my Top Ten from Year Two.)

I’ve transitioned from full-time grad student to full-time grad student and full-time mom. When we started this blog I was just barely into my second trimester of pregnancy with baby e. Now he’s an active, inquisitive toddler who can say “dissertation.” I’ve transitioned from coursework to being ABD (that’s “all but dissertation” for those of you with normal jobs). I tackled my comprehensive exams, wrote and defended a dissertation prospectus, and even turned in my first chapter draft. I’ve also transitioned from someone who worried quite a bit about how others in academia would perceive me to being someone who is much more confident in her own mind, her academic project, and her personal commitments. And, finally, I’m about to transition from being a mother of one to a mother of two. (And yes, I’ll come back to let you know that baby #2 has arrived.)

Perhaps this increased confidence can be seen in the outfits that have been my favorites from the past year. Half of my top ten are unapologetically bold in their color combinations. Gold and peacock; almost neon coral and purple; hot pink, mustard, and purple; magenta and coral. My personality is not naturally outgoing, bubbly, or bright, and wearing these colors does not make me confident. But they do serve to remind me that I can be mighty, not meek.

I think I also took more risks this year, breaking “rules” that had somehow embedded themselves in my psyche. Like…no flowers before February. Or horizontal stripes make you look wider. Or horizontal and vertical stripes should not be worn simultaneously. I love these outfits not only for their aesthetics, but because they represent me pushing myself to try new things…and then wear it in public.

I echo much of what S. wrote: some days this was a repository for thoughts and discussions that would have had few other outlets. On other days, it was just about wearing something that made me smile. And some days it was about trying out a trend, like tying a t-shirt into a knot or wearing a midi-length skirt. I actually have deep misgivings about experimenting with fashion trends…I worry that it breeds even more consumerist tendencies or that it makes me seem frivolous or too focused on fleeting ephemera rather than Very Important Academic Things. And while those concerns might be valid on some level, sometimes, for me, trying a trend — particularly when it just involves tweaking something I already own or thrifting a $3 skirt — is a playful gesture that can be healthy and even a tiny bit subversive in my Very Intellectual Life. Bet you didn’t know there was so much riding on that midi skirt, huh?

My final choice is less about the outfit itself and more about the motivation behind it and the discussion it prompted. Calling attention to something I’m highly self-conscious about — my asymmetrical face — opened up quite a floodgate of responses from you all. And I loved it. I loved how being honest with you about my insecurities could prompt some of you to reconsider your own perceived flaws. I loved stories of other asymmetrical faces, crooked fingers, bent noses, and two-tone eyes. Letting you see my weakness was, in the end, an incredibly empowering thing. It’s moments like those, when theory, practice, and faith intersect in meaningful ways, that have meant the most to me on this blog.

So thank you. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for being patient with how long it takes us to answer questions sometimes. Thank you for rejoicing with me in big life milestones, both personal and professional. Thank you for letting us know that you’ve tried out a new color combination for the first time or bought your first pair of brightly colored shoes or mixed patterns or developed a passion for belting. Thank you for being willing to engage in hard questions and in complicated issues.

And thank you, especially, to A., S., and L. for their friendship and collaboration over the past few years. The ability to work with you and to make something we’re proud of, together, has been a source of great joy.

- E.

P.S. For those who’ve asked, here’s what my wedding dress looked like. And yes, I look “so young” because this was, in fact, six and a half years ago.

P.P.S. My name is Elissa.

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S’s Top Ten for Year Three

July 25th, 2011 § 10 comments §

As our project here comes to an end and I’m prompted to reflect of the past three years (in outfits), I feel overwhelmed and at a loss for words. Maybe because the past three years have been so eventful. When we started academichic, I was not yet married and resided in a large Midwestern city. As the blog went on, so did my life: I got married, moved to the small college town where my husband was pursuing his PhD, moved again to Germany for a research year abroad, returned home and began my first faculty job, and most recently, became pregnant with our first child. So yes, it’s a bit daunting and overwhelming to think back to the beginning of this project and to try summing it up in a few succinct paragraphs. It’s equally tough for me to pull together a ‘top ten’ list spanning over such a broad time period that has seen me make so many geographical, personal, and physical changes.

So I decided to hone in on this past (not quite full) year. You can see my Year One Top Ten here and my Year Two Top Ten list here and I will just let those speak for the periods they represent. In terms of this past year of blogging, I have compiled my ten favorite outfits and some thoughts on why these stand out.

The first four pictures at the top where taken early on in my pregnancy and at the beginning of my second semester of teaching as faculty (and not grad. student). They are representative of my style when I feel comfortable and confident: bold colors, bright patterns, pattern mixing (see pic.3),  and a mix of romantic meets casual (polka dots and ruffled collars with jeans tucked into boots and plenty of button downs).

The next two images show the two oufits that were the most ‘subdued’ in terms of color in my ‘favorites’ pile, and even here, the bright orange dress with the colorful paisley design is barely being mitigated by the softer tan cardigan. What can I say? I love color and bright clothing. Although the top one of these two ‘softer’ outfits is decidedly tamer in hues than my usual fare, I loved it for it’s bohemian touch and it’s eclectic layering of lace, pearls, and eyelet. It also reminds me of the fun day that I got to spend with my co-bloggers and good friends, ‘playing dress-up’ at Banana Republic, sharing a fitting room and laughing over misguided attempts at an outfit, and feeling like teenagers at the mall again.

While this blog was in large part inspired by our desire to question fashion, gender assumptions, and modern notions of beauty, it also never ceased to be a project that brought the four of us together and reminded us how wonderful it is to share joys as simple as playing ‘dress up’ with your friends on a Spring afternoon. Academichic has always been something I’ve taken very seriously (especially when writing about matters such as coming out as an ally, navigating pregnancy in academia, dressing for a new faculty position, the importance we accredit to visible gendering, and what happens when something is perceived as ‘gender bending‘ in our culture). But it’s also been something that has brought me great joy and satisfaction on days when an outfit post was just an outfit post, when I could just pop over to the site and instantly ‘see’ my friends, and when it provided us with the perfect excuse and reason to go on a shopping spree together.

So for those days when an outfit post was just an outfit post, here is a style I really loved playing with over the dreary winter months: colorful and brightly patterned tights. Maybe because winter seemed to drag on forever and there was a general lack of color in my surroundings, I reached for outfit options that invoked that cheer and brightness I so love about Spring and Summer. And while not everyone’s cup of tea, I loved my thick damask printed tights and my collection of red, purple, layered and fishnetted, and even floral legwear (as captured on my commutes to work).

Lastly, summer came and with that my increased need for comfort and ease when getting dressed. As I finished teaching and entered my third trimester, my style took somewhat of a nose-dive. I stopped posting as much as many days were simply spent in sweats and my husband’s t-shirts, but I also had no qualms with embracing that much needed break in my routine. I needed to be able to relax and tend to my dissertation chapter, my garden, my yoga practice, and playtime with my dog. As much as we write about body image intersecting with style and fashion, we maybe don’t stress enough the importance of just feeling good in your skin no matter what you have on. It’s true that clothing communicates and that a grubby t-shirt and a pair of leggings doesn’t exactly convey the most inspiring of messages, but for certain times and contexts that’s ok.

On days I did dress up for meetings out of the house or visit with friends, I stuck to my usual go-to of dresses, bold hues, and not-too-subtle pattern. I’ve also embraced my inner hippie and have been wearing long skirts and flowey (shapeless?) dresses for more often than I care to admit. But it’s all been very satisfying and I’ve enjoyed having less expectations in terms of getting dressed during my last months of pregnancy. So here I am now, ready to give birth any day now and facing new style as well as life challenges ahead; that dreaded 4th trimester as your body once more changes and morphs post-baby, the unknown of life as a new mother, the undefinability of a year dedicated to finishing my dissertation writing while on teaching sabbatical, and the pure pleasure of embracing the leap into so many unknowns.

(On a side note: I’ve spent the last few days restlessly expecting to go into labor and ‘nesting’ away on Pinterest as a form of distraction. And I’ve noticed that the style pinboard I’m creating for my post-baby dressing inspiration is going in a whole different direction than what my style has been like in the past (or even as shown in this Top Ten post). I find myself drawn to much more muted tones, earthy colors, a hippie/boho/hipster aesthetic, and not that much floral anymore. Hmmm? The start of truly a new era for me? For those of you curious of how my post-baby style will evolve, you can always follow my style board on Pinterest or check in on my cycle chic set on Flickr).

And lastly, I just have to say once more that I will miss the thoughtful comments and interractions with you, our readers, greatly and I thank you for all your comments and input over the past three years. Thank you for being wonderful companions on this journey and for making this project such a rewarding one through your comments and input.

S. (and if you miss me terribly, come say hello at Simply Bike sometime).

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Academichic Year 2: A’s Top Ten

January 14th, 2011 § 7 comments §

One year ago, at the end of my reflection on Year One, I wrote this:

In year two I hope to keep challenging myself to focus on the things I love about my body and the styles that make me feel great about myself.  I also plan to continue challenging myself to try new looks, gather inspiration from others, and take a few more style risks!

Well, I do think that in year two I focused on my best features and styles that make me comfortable (our Dress Your Best Week helped with that).  I don’t think I took all that many style risks.  For me our first year of blogging was very much about experimenting, reveling in the new, and pushing myself outside my comfort zone.  I think this second year was more about expanding my comfort zone and striking balance – between academia (including dissertating, teaching, and advising), home life (including marriage, running, gardening, cooking, etc) and blogging.

I like that my top ten outfits reflect some of this balance.  I’ve included my first day of teaching outfits for both the Spring (# 1) and Fall (# 7) semesters.  Pictures #3 and #4 show date-night outfits and #4 also shows off my my running legs from training for yet another marathon.  I also included a simple casual outfit worn for a day of writing at the library and coffee shop that still kept me feeling stylish (# 9).  Picture #6 is a less than perfect picture, but it allowed me to talk about some of the challenges of style blogging. And of course, I’ve included my wedding dress (# 10) – my happiest memory from this year and my favorite style moment!  I still love my simple grey dress from J Crew, my “custom” shoes, and my borrowed necklace.

I think my style has changed a little since year one.  I still love pencil skirts and my belts, but I also wore full skirts more and love the way the look on me (#3, #6, #8).  This time last year, I was slowly embracing the skinny jeans, wearing them mostly with fuller/longer tops and boots.  Now, I can’t imagine life with out them and confidently sport them with heels (#4) and shorter fitted tops  (#9).  I discovered my love of the classic color combination of red, white and blue (#7 and #8) and added the perfect blazer to my closet (#8 and #6).

Looking back on all my outfits and all my posts, #2 is one of my favorites because of the accompanying text.  In this post I talked about being comfortable in my own skin and about dressing for myself rather than for others.  I like that this year I blogged more about clothing as it relates to gender and sexuality and that I took the opportunity to share more about myself with you readers.  This has been one of the most rewarding parts of bloging in year 2 (THANK YOU) and it’s something I plan to do more of in year 3!

As I look back on these ten outfits, right now, (besides my wedding dress) I think #5 is my favorite outfit.  Maybe it’s just because I am longing for warm sunny days when I have toned arms and some color in my skin!

Which is your favorite?

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Academichic Year Two: E.’s Top Ten

January 14th, 2011 § 12 comments §

I’ve been staring at this screen for a while, trying to think of what to say about my favorite outfits from Academichic’s second year. These aren’t my most exciting outfits, most fashion-forward, most innovative, or necessarily most interesting. But I would wear each one again in a heartbeat, and I think each captures some aspect of whatever it is that comprises “E. style”: machine washable elegance.

Two things that I self-consciously set out to incorporate more into my wardrobe this year were pattern and new proportions. I think I’ve finally conquered my fear of stripes, and pattern mixing comes much more easily than it used to. I barely batted an eyelash before pulling on lace tights with a striped top. As for proportions, I’ve come to value the possibilities of a billowy top that is not being used as maternity wear! My gray fluttery top (in pictures #2 and #4) proved to be an outfit-maker whether tucked into high-waisted pants or belted loosely outside a pencil skirt. I also learned new ways to work with my long torso, wearing a tunic and skinny pants with a shorter jacket (#6) and high-waisted pleated shorts with a tucked in cardigan (#8).

Still, I think color remains the way that an outfit most encapsulates “me.” Some of my favorite color combinations are evidenced in these favorite outfits. Mustard and plum. Olive and navy. Maroon and navy. Gray and yellow. Orange, yellow-orange, and blue green.

Also, I had a really good shoe year, right?!

Turquoise Steve Madden Ulltra Pumps Caylin Wedge, Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Steve Madden Ollie Booties MIA Wedges

Due in part to dissertation research, I’ve thought and blogged a bit this year about embodied experience, about bodies that are never neutral and that bodies and clothes are inextricably tangled together in how others perceive us. It’s a train of thought that will certainly re-emerge in year three, likely also in regards to mothering.

This has been such a great creative outlet for me in the midst of a lot of other life and career crazinesses, and like the other Chics, I really treasure your support and encouragement over the past year! Thank you!

Do you have a favorite among these looks?

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Academichic Year Two: L.’s Top Ten

January 13th, 2011 § 4 comments §

Picking a top 10 was pretty easy for me since I’ve only been blogging since July and most of my outfits are still fresh in my mind. Since I took on being a “post-doc” at Academichic I’ve put much more thought and creativity into what I choose to wear, and as a result I also remember the pairings of which I am most proud.

My first month at Academichic was the color wheel challenge (pictures #1 – #3), and while at the time I thought it wasn’t the best way for me to start because the different modules felt strict, I actually think it ended up being terrific because I was immediately tossed out of my comfort zone and pushed to re-think color combinations altogether. It may seem silly, but wearing orange for the first time is a style milestone I’ll not soon forget!

I also experimented with more belting, which is a wardrobe innovation for me that I completely credit to E. and A. (and S., but because we were in different departments I didn’t see her every day). Finding a use for my long dormant scarf collection has made many an outfit “pop” and doubled my options for waist attire (pictures #4 and #7).

I don’t consider myself a “trendy” person and think I usually tend more towards classic (see pictures #8 and #10), but the fall trend of Minimalism struck a chord with me. Maybe it’s because of my love of minimalist art (I compared the skirt in picture #5 to a Barnett Newman painting), but something clicked for me when I was wearing only my grey sheath dress without any accessories whatsoever (picture #6). I suddenly felt very powerful, very at home in my own body, with my shape, unadorned, just me.

Finally, I’d have to say that my layered tights and unusual pin placement in picture #9 and the way my necklace and my blue suede pumps complement my scarf-belt in #4 are my favorite style moments of 2010. I’m excited to see what 2011 has in store…another marathon? More patterns? A trip to London? Red flats? Oh, the possibilities!

~ L.

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Academichic Year Two: S’s Top Ten

January 13th, 2011 § 7 comments §

It was so much fun to revisit my academichic posts from this past year to select a few favorites. It was especially fun since the majority of them came from my time in Europe and looking back on the outfits triggered memories of exciting days spent in Germany, Romania, or Austria. As my year abroad was spent researching my dissertation in the archives of the Bavarian State Library, my outfits for that time period were decidedly casual and low key. I wore a ton of jeans with flats and used scarves and accessories to spruce things up a bit. This type of outfit also doubled wonderfully for travel and sightseeing since it was comfortable and practical for many miles on my feet (see Picture #6 for example, taken in Cluj, Romania).

I was also influenced by the styles seen on the streets of Munich, branching out from my look back home and trying a few new trends such as the short over tights with boots look (Picture #4) or the skinny jeans with heels (Picture #3). I also loved hitting the thrift stores in Munich and added quite a few eccentric vintage pieces to my wardrobe while there, such as this awesome Mod dress (Picture #5), this crazy ‘couch patterned’ 70s shirt (Picture #3), and the little boy’s Tracht vest (Picture #1) seen above.

I still spent much of the year in dresses and skirts as they are comfortable to me, and I figured out that the majority of them are easily made bike commuter friendly (no excuses not to bike to work there! just see Pictures #8 and #9).

I was also thrilled to attend the weddings of a few good friends this summer, which provided the best excuse to get dressed to the nines. I loved wearing this sleek black dress with the bright red and orange pashmina I picked up in Romania to a black-tie wedding in Romania in May (Picture #7). And my favorite wedding outfit I wore to A and A2′s wedding reception in September; this gorgeous green silk halter dress with a beaded neckline and very mermaid-ish feel to it (Picture #10).

Well, and this was it, the last year of pre-pregnancy dressing and pre-baby body :) I can’t wait to see how my style evolves as my baby bump grows. As great as this past year was, I am really excited for this year to come. – S.

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