16 May 2011 – Sadly, Spring Tights

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16 May 2011 - Spring Tights


  • Lace-edged Camisole: Banana Republic Outlet
  • Cardigan: H&M
  • Belt: American Apparel
  • Skirt: White Rice
  • Tights: Target
  • Oxfords: Crown Vintage via DSW
  • Necklace: gift from sister

Really? Tights in spring? Tights in the middle of May?! Yes folks, sad but true. The daffodils are blooming, fruit trees have burst into fluffy balls of white flowers, and my allergies are going haywire (pun intended), but the chill is not out of the air some days where I am. I had sworn off wearing tights after spring break, mostly because my waist and stomach were tired of being constricted like that, but I had to give in and break them out on Friday last week. To really feel sorry for myself I started to look back at when other bloggers around the country had packed up their winter tights for the year.

The ever hip and stylish Clare of Between Laundry Days was still wearing tights (or at least posting tight-ed outfits) in April, but has recently been enjoying sunshine and nylon-free gams.

The oft-skirted and always adorably dressed Tanya of What Would a Nerd Wear decided to freeze her kneecaps one particularly cold spring day, but she hasn’t donned tights in weeks (just look back at her recent posts!). Even my lovely co-bloggers out in academichic central were ditching their tights back in early April!

Orange you glad Soft with Structure 17 February 2011 - Tights Free!

However, I do have a (reluctant) tights companion in the artistically photographed, well dressed and hilarious woman behind Hello, Monkeyface!, who also paired spring florals with tights this month, and the queen of color combos, Audi of Fashion For Nerds, also sported some firey red tights recently. Thank goodness! I really was starting to feel sorry for myself (wink wink)

16 May 2011 - Spring Tights

On the flip-side, the always thoughtful and encouraging (and well heeled!) Sally at Already Pretty lined up some great ideas for how TO cover up even when it is warm out.

How have you been keeping warm during the mud season between winter and spring? Do you have a cut-off point for some wintery items that you refuse to wear after a certain date or season change?


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Oxford Circus and A Dream

April 11th, 2011 § 13 comments §

Oxford Circus


  • Shirt: Ninety via Filene’s Basement
  • Camisole: Banana Republic Outlet
  • Necklace: made by my aunt
  • Belt: mom’s closet
  • Skirt: Juillet via Neiman Marcus
  • Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW

Dear DSW,

Thank you for my $10 birthday month gift certificate. I bought these shoes and I love them.




But seriously, if you’re a shoe junkie like me and live near a DSW outlet then it is definitely worth signing up with them (and no I’m not being paid to say that – but I would accept payment in shoes if anyone reading this is from DSW!). I know rewards programs are really ploys to make you spend more money, but I love that DSW sends me gift cards in the mail to spend on shoes. Only shoes.

Oxford Circus

I bought these at the end of March and was envisioning this exact outfit when I was debating the purchase. I know that I’m about two years late on the oxfords trend, but that’s what happens when you only shop sale and clearance (with very rare exceptions). I like the contrast of traditional men’s pieces (oxford shoes and button down shirt) with the ultra femme floral and eyelet lace skirt. I was inspired by other bloggers like the lovely Monkeyface, who wears her oxfords with jeans, with skirts, and even with red socks! You should also check her out because she’s a talented photographer AND a witty writer AND has amazingly perfect hair. I think I have a bit of a blog-crush :)

In other news, last Thursday night my mother and I went to the Boston Ballet’s opening performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and let me tell you, it was spectacular (look at the video on their website for a glimpse)! The costumes, made of diaphanous chiffon, were gorgeous and ethereal. The music was mellifluous. The glittering wings on fairies and donkey head for the character Bottom were fine and delicate and in contrast bumbling and hilarious. It’s the first time I’ve actually laughed at the ballet! Also the first time I was sipping on champagne while watching – who knew you could do that?!

A Midsummer Night's Dream


  • Dress: Banana Republic
  • Belt: J. Crew
  • Scarf: vintage (from mom)
  • Shoes: vintage Calvin Klein (from mom)
  • Purse: Lauren Merkin via Neiman Marcus (gift from mom)
  • Necklace: from mom
  • Ring: gift from mom

As for my attire, I had been trying to think of a way to wear this purple scarf (which my mom had bought at street market in Paris a million years ago), but the deep fringe stymied me and it seemed like it was not for everyday wear. For this more formal event I wanted to wear it over my shoulders, but didn’t want it just hanging loose down my front. The trick was to belt it and put the belt backwards so just the pink patent leather showed and the buckle was hidden behind the back.

Look Alikes

It was a wonderful evening with my mom, and as you can see, I take much of my style sense – and much of my clothing, jewelry, and looks, for that matter – from her! Thanks mom, I love you!

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