22 January 2010

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20 January 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Embellished tee – Made by E
  • Skirt – Boden, thrifted in San Fran
  • Mocca tights – drug store
  • Yellow pumps – Gianni Bini
  • Tiny bird earrings – Xmas gift from A


This week I received a goodie package from the US. Besides containing a bunch of my favorite treats and my favorite coffee, it also held the most gorgeous selection of birthday and Christmas gifts from A. and E. I can’t even express how happy this little treasure chest from home made me, it was full of familiar goodies and little surprises and it made me realize how wonderful these two friends of mine are. Today I’m premiering two of the delightful items delivered in said package: these adorable bird earrings and this amazing hand-embellised tee from A. and E. respectively. I couldn’t love either item more since they show just how much thought they put into it and how well these two know my style.

I know I’ll be wearing both these items frequently, so be warned! This is just the first incarnation of it. Since both items have very much of an Anthropologie feel to them, I played that up by wearing my Boden skirt that reminds me of the Anthropologie aesthetic. A messy side braid and quirky yellow pumps finish the look.

Embellished Tee by E., originally uploaded by academichic.

Tiny bird earrings, originally uploaded by academichic.

I’ve also been meaning to do a hair update for a while now, so here it is as an addendum; A while back I posted about my experiment with going No Poo and also washing my hair less frequently, since I read that curly hair needs much less washing than straight hair. The No Poo worked great for a while and then went drastically down hill. My mistake was using a Silicone conditioner, which some of your comments definitely warned against. I couldn’t stop thinking that my hair smelled all the time and looked greasy much quicker, which alternately forced me to wash it more often, which was the opposite of what I wanted to do.

So I have switched to an organic sulfate-free shampoo which cuts out the pesky ingredient that the whole No Poo routine is based on. It’s a bit pricier of an option, but it’s worked wonders. (I also switched to a No Silicone conditioner, which was actually no pricer than my regular conditioner). My curls look their best thus far and I still only wash my hair about once every 5-6 days. It’s more manageable and frizz free than it’s ever been and I swear it never smells. It takes me so much less time to style it and I spend less time getting ready since I’m not washing my hair every other day. For those of you who expressed interest in the No Poo experiment, I felt like I owed you an honest update – it looks like an amended version of that works for me. But as with everything style-related, only experimenting and trying things out for yourself will tell what’s best for you individually. So good luck and happy experimenting! S.

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28 December 2009 – Hair Matters

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28 December 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.

All remixed except scarf:

  • Maroon top – a.n.a., thrifted
  • Black tank as vest – Limited, thrifted
  • Skinnies – Celebrity Pink, thrifted
  • Knee socks – J.Crew
  • Boots – BR
  • Green scarf – gift from T. from Christmas Market


Wow, seeing A’s and E’s posts from yesterday really made me wish I had sisters. Being an only child is no fun. I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your families, you two! I’m having a great time with my grandparents and S2, who’s like my ersatz sister, so all is well.

Since I received a lot of comments on my hair yesterday, I decided to answer some of the questions that came my way regarding my ‘new hair routine’. So first some background: I used to do everything to straighten my hair and to basically have it appear anything unlike my hair in its natural state. The grass is always greener, right? But lately I’ve been really loving curls on others and appreciating my own curly/wavy tresses and have decided to embrace them rather than fight them. Some googling here and there when procrastinating has led me to conclude the following about how to care for curls:

1) wash less often
2) ditch the shampoo

I am by no means a hair expert and don’t know that this approach will work for you, it’s just proven really great for my hair. I have read several things that suggest that thick and curly hair needs less frequent washing and that once a week should suffice. I now only wash my hair about once every five days. The other thing I’ve come across is that shampoos with sodium laureth sulfates contain really harsh detergents that strip hair of natural oils and wreak a special kind of havoc on curls. There is a whole “no ‘poo” movement out there I had no idea about (and some very heated debates on the issue – who knew!). I’ve decided to go with a conditioner only washing routine.

28 December 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.

I no longer blow dry, straight iron, brush my hair when wet (which brushes out the curls, I just towel scrunch), nor do I use any of the myriad of ‘curl enhancing’ or ‘smooth straightening’ products I used to apply. After only about a month of far less hair washing and with only conditioner, my hair feels silkier, has more curl in it, and is much more manageable. (Do I sound like an ad or what?) It’s still going through that six week adjustment period during which your scalp overproduces oil until it adjusts to the ‘no ‘poo’ routine, so during this time I’ve found that braids work wonders for camouflaging that. But even so, I’m preferring this curlier and almost frizz-free version to the way my hair used to look. All I use is a 60 cent bottle of Belea conditioner from my local drugstore and I’m good to go.

This is just my experience and I’m only sharing it in case someone else with similar hair would like to try it and see if it helps her hair the way it’s helped mine. I find that there is a plethora of information out there for how to style straight hair or how to beat curly hair into straight hair submission, but far less on how to embrace and love your natural waves or curls. Please pitch in if you have any information on this topic that you’d like to share – I’m always on the hunt for more tips! S.

Some other helpful link:

28 December 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.
Scarf Detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

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