One More DYB Post, Three More Bests

July 2nd, 2011 § 8 comments §

One More DYB Post, Three More Bests


  • Tank – Banana Republic
  • Skirt – Gap
  • Necklace – Limited
  • Shoes – Banana Republic
  • Bangles – Gifts from S.
  • Earrings – Island Souvenir


I’m making this my last official DYB post, though I do plan to continue to think about my body in these terms and to periodically reflect on what I love about my own body.  So, since I only managed three posts before this, I needed to highlight two more of my five body parts and ended up picking three: my height, my muscular chest and shoulders, my eyes.

First, this outfit is all about the height.  I’m tall.  I’m 5’9 when standing in my bare (very flat) feet.  I’ve been this tall since 7th grade.  Over the past 15 + years  I’ve mostly loved my height.  I get it from my dad, it means I have long legs, I can reach most things others can’t.  I have many positive  height-related memories.  I was the second tallest student when I graduated 8th grade (second to another girl) which meant I got to bring up the back of the processional line.  As a lanky 13 year old, I thought that was pretty cool.

As an adult, I continue to be proud of my height and never shy away from fairly high heels (my love of flats is about comfort, not my own height).  When I saw this super high (4″) wedges on sale I had to have them.  I love them! But, the first time I wore them out about a month ago, I suddenly felt super self-conscious.  I was taller then everyone I was with (men and women) by quite a bit and several people noted it.  And, I got teased!  And, it stung!  I’m not sure why I bothered me, but it did.  I found myself slouching or leaning against walls and bars to appear shorter.  It kind of ruined my night.  Thinking about it a few days later, I felt silly for letting it bother me and vowed to wear my heels with pride!

I’m also celebrating my muscular chest and shoulders.  I love the way this tank top highlights both my shoulders and my the upper part of my chest.  I’ve talked about liking my very pronounced collar bone before, but the other day a friend pointed out that I have well defined, tight pectoral muscles. Hmm, who knew?  Well, now I can’t stop noticing them and I kind of love.  Random, I know.

Finally, I’m celebrating my eyes.  Since cutting my hair, I’ve been getting more and more compliments on my eyes.  I love the color of my eyes, which changes from slate, to sky blue, to turquoise depending on what I’m wearing, and I love my long thick lashes.

So, there you have it my list of 5 + a bonus: body shape, hair, hands, height, shoulders/pecs, and eyes.

I hope that all of you who have participated in DYB 2011 have found the experience as rewarding as I have.  Remember, it’s not too late to participate.  Right now, sit back and close your eyes and list 5 things about your body that you love.  Your list can be body parts, facial features, aspects of your build, skin or hair coloring.  Your list could recall conventional beauty, personal stories, or be totally random.  Just, please take the time to make the list for you!



One More DYB Post, Three More Bests

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On the Move

December 28th, 2010 § 16 comments §

On the Move, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Scarf: gift from SIL, Chinatown
  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Tank: Old Navy
  • Belt: thrifted
  • Skirt: Banana Republic Factory
  • Tights: Hue
  • Shoes: Mia from DSW

On baby e.:

  • Cardigan: Anthropologie, gift from a sweet friend
  • Pants: Target
  • Shoes: Target

End Notes:

All of the chics are still off enjoying time with family, but I thought I’d check in briefly to let you all know that I’ve enjoyed looking at your outfit suggestions created from my limited packing list and they’ve helped to keep me clothed in non-boring outfits since we’ve been in Houston! Thanks!

My days have been filled with cooking (and eating) delicious food, playing “telephone pictionary,” laughing and telling stories, and watching baby e. learn how to slide backwards down carpeted stairs. We’ll be back in the swing of things soon. In the meantime, I hope that many of you have been able to spend equally delightful time with those you love.

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20 September 2010 – Coffee & Curly Hair

September 20th, 2010 § 17 comments §

20 September 2010 – Coffee & Curly Hair, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Sweater – New York & Co
  • Tank – BR Outlet
  • Belt – BR Outlet
  • Denim Skirt – Gap
  • Flats – DSW
  • Bangle – gift
  • Bag – Crystalyn Kae


This is a quick and casual outfit perfect for library days.  I wear a variation on this outfit at least once a week. When I don’t have time to think about my clothes and I won’t be in front of students, I immediately go for this supper soft and comfy denim skirt.  Then, depending on the weather, I pair it with flats or flip-flops and a  tank, tee, or sweater and call it a day.  With a few extra minutes, I’ll add maybe a belt, bangle, or a great necklace.

20 September 2010 – Coffee & Curly Hair, originally uploaded by academichic.

Yesterday’s preparations were extra rushed because I did my long run in the morning (17 miles) and then needed to hurry over to E.’s house to watch baby e. while she attended class. I then headed to a meeting with my advisor, to the library, and then finally back to my home office with books and iced coffee in hand.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a Monday!

20 September 2010 – Coffee & Curly Hair, originally uploaded by academichic.

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2 August 2010 – Neutrals (with a pop)

August 2nd, 2010 § 4 comments §

2 August 2010 - Neutrals with a Pop


  • Eyelet top – thrifted
  • Jean skirt – Urban Outfitters
  • Yellow flats – Target (I totally copied A!)
  • Pendant – Anthropologie
  • Ring – Lala B Jewelry
  • Bike – Electra Hawaii Cruiser
  • Helmet – Nutcase


Remember our home-made color wheel? It seems so long ago that we made it, gathering colorful clothing at my little condo and stuffing them into plates for our photographic project. I had no idea how much of a staple in my getting dressed approach that little installation would become. But since constructing that color wheel of clothes and getting dressed more color-consciously, I’ve developed a much greater appreciation of color theory and aesthetics.

So I’m excited that we’re revisiting our color modules this summer, taking a little refresher course with the newest member of our site, L. This week we’re focusing on Neutrals (with a pop). Since our last color course, I’ve come to embrace neutrals much more and so this week’s challenge is really no challenge at all. I pulled out a creamy eyelet top (so wonderful in this heat!) and my jean skirt (jeans count as neutrals in my book) and added a pop of color with a yellow shoe.

2 August 2010 - Neutrals with a Pop

Yellow Flats

Such a subdued outfit presents the perfect palette for some statement jewelry. Enter my Lala B Jewelry ring that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. You probably noticed E’s Lala B ring, which she wears quite often as well. We got to choose a ring from Lala B and were asked to review them for our site, and I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t stand by it: their company and products are wonderful. While a bit pricer, their jewelry is well worth the investment because it’s not only beautiful but also hand-made my women artisans in Nepal. The feminist in me can’t help but love a company whose mission statement reads:

LA LA B Jewelry creates opportunities for poverty-stricken women to generate sustainable income in Nepal. Our mission is to bring about social and economic change by giving women the opportunity to participate financially in their family and society. [...] The Collection brings employment to over 150 artisans within the Kathmandu valley. Women’s lives in Nepal are dramatically elevated in society when they bring sustainable income into their families. This is exactly how LA LA B is helping.

So if you’re looking for a special gift for someone or just want to treat yourself to a unique and durable piece of jewelry, consider something from Lala B’s line of rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Not only will you be helping this socially conscious company help women in Nepal, but you’ll also be adding one heck of a ‘pop’ to your outfits. S.

Lala B Jewelry ring

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7 March 2010 – Embellished Cardi DIY

March 7th, 2010 § 12 comments §

7 March 2010 – Embellished Cardigan DIY, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Grey Cardigan – H &M, embellished by me
  • Purple Tank – Gap
  • Denim Skirt – Gap
  • Boots – Banana Republic, via ebay

I’ve had this grey cardigan for years.  For a while it was a staple in my wardrobe (making almost as frequent appearances as my beige cardi does now) but eventually, I just stopped wearing it much.  I got bored with it, but I couldn’t bring myself to toss it in the donation pile.  When E. decided to do a cardi-embellishing project, this seemed the perfect item to breath new life in to.

Despite the fact that E’s sewing and crafting abilities are far superior, I took on a slightly more difficulty DIY…but, trust me, if I can pull it off, so can you.

To make these little flowers you will need:

  • Scrap Fabric (I used a purple jersey)
  • Thread in to match your fabric
  • Scissors
  • A Needle
  • A few pins

Cut  your fabric into 1-1 1/2 inch wide strips, 4-6 inches long (I used a variety of sizes). Fold the fabric strip in half and pin it to keep it folded.

Then do a running-stitch across the bottom (where the folded ends meet).

Pull the thread on one end to gather the fabric together. Use your fingers to adjust the gathering and shape the fabric into flowers.

You can either make a few stitches to keep the fabric in this shape, or tack the flowers directly to the cardigan, shaping a bit as you go.  I played around with the placement of the flowers for a while, but eventually settled on a keeping them on one side of the neck line.  I still have some fabric left over, so I can always add a few more flowers later.

I know have the DIY embellishment bug and I’m excited to go through my drawers looking for tired pieces just begging for a few ruffles or a corsage of purple jersey!

7 March 2010 – Embellished Cardigan DIY, originally uploaded by academichic.

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2 March 2010

March 2nd, 2010 § 10 comments §

2 March 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Striped Cardigan – J Crew
  • Plaid Shirt – Gap
  • Skirt – Old Navy
  • Grey Tights – BR Outlet
  • Wellies – Banana Republic
  • Belt – Thrifted
  • Earrings – Gift
I was inspired by S.’s pattern mixing from yesterday to do a little of my own.  I don’t own many patterned cardigans (mostly stripes) so I started with the cardigan and then went to my closet full of patterned plaid, striped, and floral button downs.  I tend to be a bit more timid with my pattern mixing that either S. or E. so I stuck with a simple color palette of grey black and bright blue.  I love the subtle small stripes against the bold large buffalo plaid.
Stripes on Plaid, originally uploaded by academichic.
Reader Kaite asked for advice on layering a cardigan over a button down.  I have sported this look many times so I thought I would share some of my observations.

For today’s outfit, I chose a long loose cardigan and left it un-buttoned; buttoned-up it created to many lumps.  I added the belt under the cardigan to remind you of the waist under all the loose layers.

The easiest cardigan/button-down combination is a sturdy cardigan layered over a close-fitting sleeveless button-down.  I often wear my sleeveless white button-down under a variety of layers, including cardigans.  Similarly, a sturdy sleeveless cardigan (sweater vest) will work well over a long sleeve button-down, this avoids arm lumps.
I have found that two types of cardigans work well for layering. First, larger cardigans that flow away from the body won’t look ton bulky, because you will be able to see that the bulk clearly comes from the cardigan and not your body.  Today is a good example of this – of course when in doubt, belt!

Second, a sturdy material or a tightly woven sweater will work much better than cardigans that hold less of a shape.  When the cardigan is thick and sturdy you can smooth out any lumps underneath.  Whit these sweaters, you can belt over all of you layers, as I did with my argyle and light pink cardigans below.  If the cardigan is less sturdy, leave it unbuttoned so that it floats away from the button-down, as I did with the black cardigan above and the purple one below.

cardigans 2
As with everything, try different combinations on!  A cardigan might work really well over some button-downs but not at all over others.  Try belting both over and under the cardigan and try it out both buttoned and un-bottoned. If you really want to layer a cardigan over a button down and can’t seem to get rid of the bumps, you can always but a tight fighting cami in between the button down and cardigan to smooth everything out.

Do you have any tips you can share?  A.

2 March 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

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2 October 2009 – Lost in Translation

October 1st, 2009 § 22 comments §

2 October 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.


All remixed:


This is what I wore last night when I met up with a childhood friend for drinks at a local Karaoke bar (If you think Karaoke is great in the US, just imagine English songs being sung by Romanian native speakers amidst disco lighting and fake smoke – it was awesome!).

Anyway, the moment I stepped out of my cab to greet said friend, she started laughing at me. She was not only laughing at me, but laughing at my outfit to be precise. Apparently, boots worn in October (when there’s no snow on the ground) with knee-high socks is not at the height of fall trends in Romania. This was confirmed when she made me show my legs to a friend of hers and they were met with a similarly bemused yet confused expression.

So I guess style isn’t always universal and knee-high socks with boots is not exactly a “timeless” combination. But I still stand by it and think it’s a great transitional weather go-to.

Later, when I returned home and checked our site, I felt oddly relieved to see E.’s post and know that somewhere in the world my Fall look made sense.

I guess some trends are just lost in translation… S.

Boots and Socks, originally uploaded by academichic.

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14 September 2009

September 14th, 2009 § 7 comments §

14 September 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.
All remixed

Today I am mostly catching up on emails and running errands with a few brief meetings in between.  After long weekends, Mondays are always spent playing catch up before I can get down to any real work for the week.  I’m staying casual in denim and a tee but tried to spruce it up a bit with a fun color combination and by adding the white tuxedo shirt pleats under my tee.
Neckline Detail, originally uploaded by academichic.
As S. departs for her year far far away from academichic central, I am feeling a bit nostalgic.  I also spent yesterday evening holding baby e., which had me thinking about how much we have changed since we all first met.

We have received many reader questions about how we met and how we decided to start our blog.  Well…

I feel like I have been friends with these two, and have had an intimate knowledge of their closet, forever.  I met E. my first day on campus four years ago and we quickly took to each other both socially and intellectually.   Our first day of seminar she complimented my outfit and I knew there was more then contemporary art talk in our future.  I met S a year and half later, after many shopping trips with E had transpired.  S and I would often compliment each other’s ensembles in class.  By the end of the semester, we were walking together after every class chatting about running or fashion or bonding over our hair struggles.  I introduced E and S a short while later and it only took a few shopping trips and a few more afternoons at the coffee shop to know that fashion, while just one of our many mutual interests, was what made our trio tick.

We all liked reading style blogs and thought that our status as feminist Ph.D. students who, against all stereotypes, actually care about style gave us a relatively unique viewpoint that would be fun to share and add to that style blogging community. We were always consulting each other on what to wear for the first day of teaching, a meeting with our advisor, a class presentation, or a conference, and one day, we just started throwing around the idea of a style blog that would answerer these questions for other academics.  I think it was on one of our marathon shopping trips that we solidified the idea.

These two incredible women are now two of my closet friends and my regular confidants about way more than fashion!

Safe travels S.!


Necklace detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

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18 August 2009 – Split Complementaries

August 18th, 2009 § 9 comments §

18 August 2009 – Split Complementaries, originally uploaded by academichic.
All remixed:


I started this week’s color review with a more easily crafted monochromatic look yesterday, but decided to go for the challenge and attempt a split complimentary color combo today. Split complimentary color mixes take a bit of thought (at least for me they do) but tend to be well worth the time spent staring at your closet interior. The result seems to be bold yet soft, if that’s possible. It’s bold because the complimentary colors play off each other and make the other color look intense. But at the same time, using the adjacent colors to a true compliment softens the effect and creates a nice, harmonious color mix. In this case, the two complimentaries at play are red and green. But instead of wearing true green with red, I am wearing the two colors adjacent to it on the color wheel: blue-green and yellow-green with my pop of true red:

When we last reviewed these color pairings, I successfully pulled off one split complimentary outfit that has been one of my favorite color mixes to this day: yellow-orange and red-orange with a pop of true blue. Maybe as the week progresses, I can pull off one more… S.

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11 August 2009

August 12th, 2009 § 7 comments §

11 August 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Green Lighthouse Tee – J Crew
  • Denim Skirt – Gap
  • Light Blue Cardi – J Crew Outlet
  • Green Flats – Banana Republic


The failure to capture a decent picture of this analogous ensemble was just one of the many things going wrong yesterday…

The biggest catastrophe was that my computer crashed and my hard drive was erased!  I am now posting these pictures from what feels like an empty shell of a computer.

Rebuilding my computer feels like a very daunting task and it seems every time I open the lid and stare at the horrible preset backdrop, I think of something else I’ve lost…

I guess I will just have to take it one webpage bookmark , one application, or one calendar entry at a time!

11 August 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

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