Welcome, Baby M.

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Baby M

This past Tuesday was “supposed” to be my due date. Instead, I had a one week old baby in my arms.

After a (relatively) smooth labor, Baby M. made his appearance on Tuesday morning, August 23. Little E. has been a kind and gentle older brother and N. and I are somewhat tired but very proud and happy parents. We’re delighted to share our happy news with you all!

40 Weeks: Welcome, Baby M.

40 Weeks: Welcome, Baby M.

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11 May 2011 – Almost Not Quite

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11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite


  • Coral cardigan: Banana Republic Factory (from last post-partum)
  • Striped tank: Target
  • Belt: thrifted
  • Skirt: Mimi Maternity, via eBay (from last pregnancy)
  • Orange pumps: Dolce Vita, via solestruck.com
  • Necklace: Figs and Ginger, Mother’s Day Gift from husband N. and little e.

End Notes:

There’s a lot of almost-not-quite sentiment wrapped up in this outfit. I wore it when proctoring my students’ final exam on Monday, meaning that my semester is almost-not-quite over as I’m currently wading my way through stacks of blue books. Then there’s the color combination of a coral cardigan and orange shoes, almost-not-quite matchy matchy or clashy clashy. (Incidentally, I like that I managed to wear the same shoes on both the first and last days of this academic year.)

Even this cardigan is an almost-not-quite. It almost-not-quite fits me when I’m a year post-partum. It’s too big on top and falls at an awkward length on my torso, meaning that I cycled it out of my rotation. But when I’m preggers or just-post-preggers, it hits just below my new, higher waist and provides adequate space for uh, newly ample bust. Behold:

19 August 2009 - Superhero Split 31 March 2010

Back to my theme. I am almost-not-quite halfway through a draft of the first chapter of my dissertation. I almost-not-quite have a new baby. And I definitely have some other big changes happening on the home front, and we’re currently in the almost-not-quite of those transitions. In the midst of all this, my husband and little e. gifted me with a sweet little necklace for Mothers’ Day this past Sunday, a reminder to cherish the right-now-very-definitely.

Figs and Ginger Bird Necklace

Husband N. found it at our local craft alliance, a silver necklace by Figs and Ginger, with three birds on a branch. As little e. tells me every time he sees the necklace: “Mama Bird, Dada Bird, and E-E bird!” It’s a precious, wearable encapsulation of our (now limited) time as a family of three, and as much as I am ecstatic to welcome a new baby into our home there will always be something beautifully special about little e. making me a mama for the first time.

Clearly, our clothes and jewelry can be so invested with memories and significance. What memories do you wear?

11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite

11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite

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2 May 2011 – Last Teaching Outfit for a While

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2 May 2011 - Layered Dresses


Gray jersey dress – Target
Navy shirt dress – Motherhood Maternity, via consignment shop
Belt – Gap Outlet
Flats – thrifted
Necklace – gift from Costa Rica
Bangle – J.Crew, thrifted


It seems a little funny to be talking about an outfit in light of today’s (or rather, last night’s) ground breaking events. I’m sure that all of you have heard the President’s speech by now and are following things on NPR or whatever your choice of news provider is. But in case you are stopping by the site today for some lighter topics, here is my Monday post showing last week’s outfit on my last day of teaching. Not just my last day for this semester, but my last day for quite a while. I just found out that I received the dissertation fellowship for which I had applied, meaning that I will be on fellowship all of the coming academic year while I finish my dissertation and prepare to defend next May. I’m thrilled about the break from teaching as it will allow me to focus on my writing and meet my May 2012 graduation date, but I’m also a little sad to be stepping out of the classroom for so long.

Teaching is one of my favorite things about being in this profession and I was especially lucky to have some really amazing students this past year. I enjoyed waking up and going to my classes each morning and I didn’t even mind that on some days I had to be on my feet and in front of a class for three courses in a row. Because the students made it worth it. So I know that while this break from teaching will be great for my research and writing progress (and I get to be at home with little C. her first year of life!), I leave campus and my office with mixed feelings and a bit of sadness at having to say goodbye to something I really enjoy doing.

So here’s a glance at what I wore on the last day of classes. It’s nothing that spectacular as I was once more trying to get out the door quickly. I grabbed this navy maternity shirt dress and paired it with my newly thrifted flat sandals. And then, to mix things up from how I’ve previously worn this dress, I layered a gray jersey dress underneath and left the shirt dress unbuttoned and belted.

Navy and Red 2 May 2011 - Layered Dresses

For a pop of color, I added a red-orange belt and this colorful necklace that was a gift from Costa Rica.

2 May 2011 - Layered Dresses

thrifted flats

Like I said the last time I posted, I’ve been running a little low in outfit inspiration and I blame it on the changing weather as well as my constantly changing body and the need to busy myself with so many other projects and tasks that fashion has taken a back seat. As I’m now facing motherhood and a year out of the office, I’m anticipating even more challenges to my getting ready and looking ‘fashionable’ each day. And to be honest, I’m not sure that I mind. So we’ll see what the coming months and adventures will bring.

2 May 2011 - Layered Dresses

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8 March 2011 – Is It Spring Yet?

March 8th, 2011 § 24 comments §

8 March 2011 – Is It Spring Yet?, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Blazer: Banana Republic Factory
  • Cardigan (underneath): Target
  • Tank: Forever 21
  • Maternity trousers: Loft, via eBay
  • Pumps: Steve Madden

End Notes:

Is it spring yet? I woke up this morning wanting to wear stripes, breezy trousers, colored shoes, and lots of navy and white…all components that rank pretty highly in my conception of “spring clothing.” It’s still pretty brisk outdoors, and I had to throw on an overcoat when I went to campus, but something about this combination seemed delightfully fresh to me after lots of black and jewel tones. Do you have wardrobe harbingers of spring? I think I’m also about to pull out my lightweight scarf collection…

Striped Bump

(An aside: The last time I was pregnant I was still afraid of stripes in my wardrobe. This time around, I’m kind of smitten with how they go all wonky across my burgeoning belly. I don’t know that I’ll feel like that in twenty more weeks, but for now it makes me smile.)

Finally, I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments on S.’s post about pregnancy in academia. Like a few others in the comments, I recommend the book Mama, Ph.D., edited by Elrena Evans and Caroline Grant, for anyone interested in hearing even more voices on the subject of mothering in academia. The book includes incredibly poignant narratives from women who had children in grad school, pre-tenure, or post-tenure, women who chose not to have children, and women who left academia altogether after becoming mothers. I’ve raised a few eyebrows by announcing that I’m pregnant again in graduate school, but overall the response has been very supportive from my professors and colleagues (and institutionally I will get New Child Leave and have my clock “stop” for half a semester). I don’t like to think of myself as “having it all,” though, because I am very cognizant that what I consider to be “success” in my academic career is not how other women will want to define it. But that’s kind of the point. Thanks to the women who worked against tremendous odds in decades prior, these choices are now available to me. The cards may still be stacked against someone like me getting tenured at an R-1 or writing THE book that redefines my field, but if I can model a faithful scholarship-life balance to my students and my children while nurturing inquisitiveness, integrity, and creativity…I’ll count that as my success.

8 March 2011 - Is It Spring Yet?

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23 July 2009 – Twins ;)

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23 July 2009 – Twins ;), originally uploaded by academichic.


On A.P.:

  • Dress – thrifted
  • Red belt – thrifted
  • Sandals – thrifted
On S:
  • Black cardi – BR
  • Rose lace cami – hand me down from A.P.
  • Jean skirt – STR jeans, borrowed from A.P.
  • Sandals – Target, remixed


Last week I got to visit one of my closest friends, A.P. We did our Masters together and during that time we were known as the good twin and the evil twin. As you can tell from our picture, we’re clearly not twins of the biological variety, but we sure are soul twins. We have the same sense of humor, we love to travel, we both love chocolate and wine, and we both share a passion for style and thrift shopping. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to visit A.P., I was thrilled to get to see her and to inevitably raid her closet.

Which proved pretty fruitful, since she decided to let me inherit this pretty, rose-colored lace top. I layered it under my new cardigan from Banana Republic, which has almost as crazy of a cut as the Anthropologie Possibilities cardi we got to try out a while ago. Like the Anthro cardi, this item will lend itself to various stylings and I’m excited to experiment with it more. For now, I went casual and tied it at the waist.

Meanwhile, A.P. looked very stylish in her 50s inspired thrifted dress. The red belt added a punch of color, while the stappy flat sandals kept it casual and practical for chasing around a two year old!
I’ve always admired A.P.’s style but it’s even more impressive to see her look this chic and pulled together when she has a toddler on her hands! Seeing A.P. and our own E. navigate motherhood while retaining their pre-mommy sense of style has really inspired me to try the same once I’m there. S.

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