Not Quite an Epilogue

August 1st, 2011 § 34 comments §

Dear readers,

As of August 1st 2011, this site is no longer being updated on a regular basis. We will likely check in with the occasional post or update as we hit personal and professional milestones, but it will not be in the regular daily schedule of past postings. If you are new here and want to read more about the origins of and impetus for this project, please read our “State of the Field”.

If you’ve come to this site for posts on academia, style, gender, and the many ways those topics intersect, please see our archives for previous daily posts, lively theoretical discussions, and a variety of DIYs and Tutorials. You can also explore by categories or tags. Make sure to read the comments for excellent contributions as well!

And if you’d like to revisit each of our parting thoughts, you can read posts from S., E., L., and A.

Thank you. Really, thank you.

- The Chics



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