22 July 2011 – A Little Bit Light-Hearted

July 22nd, 2011 § 6 comments

Stripes Again


  • Dress: Motherhood Maternity
  • Yellow pattern flats: Target, thrifted new
  • Necklace: consignment store
  • Fence chalkboard art: courtesy of little e. and his friends

End Notes:

I started teaching a summer class this week. At the beginning of the week there was a question as to whether or not the class could continue due to enrollment and my wardrobe choices reflected that uncertainty and the desire to establish myself as an instructor who could be taken seriously. That meant business casual separates: gray trousers, a gray skirt, my cropped navy blazer. (Of course, I didn’t stop wearing bright shoes. Pink, blue, and orange pumps all made appearances). But today, now that the class is assuredly moving forward and I’ve established a good rapport with my students, I got the itch to wear something a little more out of the box.

Whenever in wardrobe doubt, I call in reinforcements. That meant texting A. this morning: “Is it too early in the semester to wear my striped dress?”

“Nope,” she replied.

(Of course, A. is totally my stripe-enabler. I don’t know when she would tell me that stripes, in some form, would be inappropriate.)

So today is a wonky belly day, a little light-hearted reminder to have a bit of a fun at the end of an admittedly stressful week. I can’t look down without smiling.

Stripes Again


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§ 6 Responses to 22 July 2011 – A Little Bit Light-Hearted"

  1. The belly looks wonderful in stripes! =)

  2. sarah says:

    what’d your students think? i’d definitely give you cool-teacher points for that dress :)

  3. Jaclyn says:

    A couple last burning questions: will you reveal your real names now that the blog is ending? And if not, why did the chics decide not to reveal their first names? I still get confused who is “A”, “E”, “L” and “S” because it is hard for me to match a letter to a face, instead of a name. Just curious! I’ll miss you guys so much.

  4. EvaNadine says:

    i LOVE wonky stripes on your prego belly. loved them with the last go-around, and love them again this time.
    thanks to you, lady, whenever i am blessed enough, i will be sporting stripes over my bump!

  5. Terri says:

    Ha, I’ll bet the students were hypnotized by the end of that class.

  6. Jen says:

    That dress looks fantastic on you! :)

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