12 July 2011 – Three Cheers!

July 12th, 2011 § 8 comments

11 July 2011 - 3 Bests


  • Tank: Banana Republic
  • Skirt: BR Outlet
  • Belt: J. Crew
  • Shoes: Gap Outlet

I’m a little late in finishing up my Dress Your Best picks, and today I’m giving three cheers to my waist, my nose, and my shoulders. It probably comes as no surprise that I’d pick my waist as a “best” because of my obsession with belts and belting. However, I didn’t even know I had a waist until last year. I have always had a butt thanks to sports, but my waist didn’t whittle down until I was well into my 20s during a time when several factors caused my body shape and weight to completely change. I found that defining my waist took advantage of my new shape, and now of course I find it very hard NOT to belt things! As for my nose, it’s a perfect combination of my mom’s and my dad’s. Depending on which parent I’m with, people will often remark, “oh, this MUST be your daughter!” It’s pretty hard to “dress” for your nose, but since it is right in the middle of my face, I’d say I dress for it everyday.

11 July 2011 - 3 Bests

Finally my arms. They’ve always been strong and toned thanks to hours lifting weight for lacrosse and now thanks to hour spent running and cross-training. In fact, I’m the “friend” that A. was talking about last year in her post about her arms. I love showing them off when I can in the summer with tanks or halter tops.

11 July 2011 - Showing Off My Arms

I realized during the Dress Your Best challenge that I was already dressing to show off my best parts, and for some reason it makes me sound conceited to say that there are many more than five parts of myself that I love. I feel like I’m bragging by identifying myself as A.’s “super-armed” friend, but isn’t that what DYB is all about? I know that many blogs talk about the vicious circle of body-bashing that women can get in to, but why is it so hard to admit that I love my body? I always valued whatever it looked like because I knew it was allowing me to do things like play sports or climb mountains – Do I ever wish I had a bigger chest? Yes. Am I thankful that my chest is small and is easily contained in a sports bra? Yes. Do I sometimes wish my thighs were smaller? Certainly. Do I love seeing my quad muscles flex when I’m running or climbing or just walking up stairs? You betcha! I guess what I’ve learned from this exercise is that whether you struggle to find the parts you love or love all the parts you have, no one loves everything all the time BUT it’s not bragging to admit what you do love… that’s perfectly O.K too.

Dressing Up My Collarbone

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  1. Nikki says:

    I love your thoughts on bragging about your body. I feel the same way! Sometimes I love a part, sometimes I wish it were different. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!

  2. What an excellent post! It bears remembering that the self-fulfilling culture of body-hatred isn’t just about being told (and telling ourselves) what the ‘flaws’ of our bodies are, it’s also about shaming those who do vocalize their body-pride. This is exactly what I felt like when I did a DYB post about my face – I love my face, but boy if I didn’t feel utterly vain and conceited saying so!

    And your super-arms just might have talked me into taking up morning push-ups again. :)

  3. Peacock Princess says:

    I really LOVE what you’re wearing today!!! It looks like sometihng I would wear! Love the colour combination too!

  4. Eleanorjane says:

    I think a) we should all be allowed to brag but b) we’re especially allowed to brag if we’ve worked to get or enhance whatever feature i.e. good hair do, toned arms etc. You (and Michelle Obama) work hard for your toned arms so you get bragging rights. I don’t do a thing with my arms (except yoga once a week) so they’re a floppy mess, but that’s my own choice so I shouldn’t complain.

  5. Becky says:

    It is absolutely NOT conceited to like more than 5 parts of your body! If you like it, you can absolutely brag on it!

  6. Rita says:

    Agreed with all of the above :)

  7. You are amazingly toned and I would be interested to hear how you do that and what you eat! In the post you referenced where A talks about her “friend,” she says, “I joined her a couple times at a total toning class on campus and then we went to the gym and she laid out a training schedule for my arms…” Could you share that training schedule? I’m looking for a new regimen.

    I loved reading your thoughts on bragging about your body. I work with a number of women who are constantly dieting and are overweight. I often feel like I have to hide the fact that I work out and try to eat well because of their snide remarks. I shouldn’t have to feel bad about myself because I work hard at a healthy lifestyle.

  8. [...] the new slim body shape meant that my clothes were literally falling off me. I hinted at this in a Dress Your Best post, but why is it that I still feel bad telling you that I lost weight? We often find it much [...]

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