4 July 2011 – Hippie Mama

July 4th, 2011 § 10 comments

 Hippie Mama


Tank – Target Maternity
Skirt – free from clothing swap
Bangles – thrifted at various times
Necklace & Earrings – gifts


Happy 4th of July to our American readers!

This is what I wore to a ’4th of July party’ on the 2nd of July, the day that our founding fathers voted on the motion for independence. Our friends held a little backyard party and I pulled out my ‘hippie mama’ look for the occasion (not that hippie mama and independence day have any corelation).

I love the hippie mama look on pregnant women because it just looks so comfortable and relaxed and I love it on myself because it feels so comfortable and relaxed. E. has rocked this particular look while pregnant and it’s becoming my favorite way to dress up these days as my style choices are becoming increasingly limited.

 Hippie Mama 6 May 2011 - Drive 13 June 2011 - Crossed Buns 21 May 2009 - Hippie Mama

E. worked the hippie mama look with the use of maxi dresses, weather on their own or layered underneath or over other garments. I don’t have any stretchy long dresses but I do have this fabulous printed skirt that I scored at a clothing swap last fall.

36 week belly

I paired it with a teal maternity tank to pull out the blues in the pattern and added a variety of orange, red, and teal bangles to compliment to overall color scheme.

Have you embraced the boho-hippie aesthetic? And why is it that it’s so much easier to create this kind of look in the summer than in the winter? Do you have any tips for pulling off a cold-weather version of this kind of style? Please share your tips in the comments!


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  1. A lovely skirt like yours should not be put away for winter, unless we’re talking knee deep snow. Being from Scandinavia I have pleanty of winter dressing experience, and under a skirt like that you can hide all sorts of warm under garments. A warm coat in velvet to go with it, or maybe even sheepskin, with knitted scarves and mittens are classic. For bicycling there are patterned trousers with woollen tights underneath, or corduroy with tights for really cold days. Shorter skirts can also be worn with double layer tights, knee high socks and ankel boots. I hope to se you in the skirt this winter!

  2. Here’s my version of the hippie mama look; it really is perfect for me at the moment.


    Feminine and incredibly comfortable. It also fits my pregnancy style statement – the part about ‘being free to move’.

    You look fantastic, and I hope you and the wee one are feeling fit and well.

  3. Emily says:

    I’m so excited that the “hippie skirt” is coming back into style! I own several, and tried to rock ‘em in my college days…and they ended up hibernating in my closet for the last seven years or so. I do think that the diaphanous quality of the material that those particular skirts are made of seems more inherently suited to the spring/summer aesthetic. Also, I have yet to be successful in finding a professional way of styling the “hippie look” – another reason why I think this tends to be reserved for summer. However, I think the above suggestion of velvet certainly has definite promise. A juxtaposition of flow an something slightly more structured – a velvet “jacket” (but nothing too formal), an asymmetric sweater, a woven top – could perhaps transition the style to fall/winter. In this case, I think relationships of texture and flow vs. structure are key.

  4. Chelsea S. says:

    You look great in this hippy mama look! Also my partner will be ecstatic to hear about the July 2nd party, since she’s a US history buff and loves details like that. Perhaps we’ll plan a party like that next year :)

    I’ve loved the boho-hippie look since middle school, though admittedly never really knew how to pull it off until recently without looking costumey. Since its roots are in the 70s, for warmer weather I’d just look for warmer fabrics. Long corduroy coats or skirts, wool sweaters, leather boots…. lots of long layers would do the trick I think! But I do agree that warm weather begets the best boho looks…

  5. gina says:

    Great look! I agree with the first poster who said this look is good for winter too (as long as the skirt isn’t scraping the mucky ground) b/c you can layer very easily underneath the skirt. Switch out the sandals for boots. Leather jackets, swingy cardigans, and scarfs look great on top.

  6. Loryn says:

    Ive read this blog for quite a while now but this is my first comment, I just wanted to say you look stunning!

  7. Beautiful skirt! Everything matches so well. I love the hippie trend. You looked beautiful! :)

  8. Rosie says:

    Oh Honey, you are so very pregnant! Congratulations.
    For the Boho-Hippie winter wardrobe circa 1970… I wore a sweater-knit maxi skirt (had a black, a red and a taupe, wish I had saved them!) topped off with either a long sleeve tunic, a chunky fisherman’s sweater, or a crisp button-front/over turtleneck combo. Boots, chukkas, sneakers or moccasins… depending on weather. Beaded earrings and bangles. Had a big sheepskin jacket with quite a personality that had an odd smell when it rained :))
    Ah, the good old days

  9. Kitty says:

    I’m five months pregnant right now, and my hippie clothes have been a godsend. My mother actually just gifted me with a bunch of hippie apparel from when she was pregnant with me (some 30-odd years ago!) and I’m planning on wearing it all until my baby comes in December. I’ve not had the best of luck with waistbands (too itchy), but I’ve been belting Indian-print caftans above my bump to create a relaxed and comfy curve. For summer, I’ve been mixing up light Indian-print dresses with open-toe wedges and scarves or shawls. I’m planning on doing something similar for autumn and early winter (I live in the upper Great Lakes, so we’ll most likely have snow by November!): layering preggo leggings underneath my print dresses and skirts, keeping up with the shawls and adding open cardigans to the mix. I’m also considering getting a big alpaca-wool shawl instead of a coat for winter. Add some comfy closed-toe footwear (my first thought – Birkenstocks or clogs), and some peace-loving accessories, and I should be good to go! For the most part, I’ve been dressing the hippie look at work too (I’m a research administrator at a big university), and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my “maternity wardrobe.” :-) I see no reason to quit the hip once fall semester arrives!

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