One More DYB Post, Three More Bests

July 2nd, 2011 § 8 comments

One More DYB Post, Three More Bests


  • Tank – Banana Republic
  • Skirt – Gap
  • Necklace – Limited
  • Shoes – Banana Republic
  • Bangles – Gifts from S.
  • Earrings – Island Souvenir


I’m making this my last official DYB post, though I do plan to continue to think about my body in these terms and to periodically reflect on what I love about my own body.  So, since I only managed three posts before this, I needed to highlight two more of my five body parts and ended up picking three: my height, my muscular chest and shoulders, my eyes.

First, this outfit is all about the height.  I’m tall.  I’m 5’9 when standing in my bare (very flat) feet.  I’ve been this tall since 7th grade.  Over the past 15 + years  I’ve mostly loved my height.  I get it from my dad, it means I have long legs, I can reach most things others can’t.  I have many positive  height-related memories.  I was the second tallest student when I graduated 8th grade (second to another girl) which meant I got to bring up the back of the processional line.  As a lanky 13 year old, I thought that was pretty cool.

As an adult, I continue to be proud of my height and never shy away from fairly high heels (my love of flats is about comfort, not my own height).  When I saw this super high (4″) wedges on sale I had to have them.  I love them! But, the first time I wore them out about a month ago, I suddenly felt super self-conscious.  I was taller then everyone I was with (men and women) by quite a bit and several people noted it.  And, I got teased!  And, it stung!  I’m not sure why I bothered me, but it did.  I found myself slouching or leaning against walls and bars to appear shorter.  It kind of ruined my night.  Thinking about it a few days later, I felt silly for letting it bother me and vowed to wear my heels with pride!

I’m also celebrating my muscular chest and shoulders.  I love the way this tank top highlights both my shoulders and my the upper part of my chest.  I’ve talked about liking my very pronounced collar bone before, but the other day a friend pointed out that I have well defined, tight pectoral muscles. Hmm, who knew?  Well, now I can’t stop noticing them and I kind of love.  Random, I know.

Finally, I’m celebrating my eyes.  Since cutting my hair, I’ve been getting more and more compliments on my eyes.  I love the color of my eyes, which changes from slate, to sky blue, to turquoise depending on what I’m wearing, and I love my long thick lashes.

So, there you have it my list of 5 + a bonus: body shape, hair, hands, height, shoulders/pecs, and eyes.

I hope that all of you who have participated in DYB 2011 have found the experience as rewarding as I have.  Remember, it’s not too late to participate.  Right now, sit back and close your eyes and list 5 things about your body that you love.  Your list can be body parts, facial features, aspects of your build, skin or hair coloring.  Your list could recall conventional beauty, personal stories, or be totally random.  Just, please take the time to make the list for you!



One More DYB Post, Three More Bests

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§ 8 Responses to One More DYB Post, Three More Bests"

  1. Quest for Fashion Sense says:

    You look fabulous – and your hair looks great! I’ve enjoyed reading all of Academichic’s posts during this DYB series, and while I haven’t participated, I have reflected on the things about my body (and myself) that I love. Thank you for doing this series.

  2. Whitney says:

    I think you are absolutely beautiful. I love reading your posts because they inspire me to think about the qualities I love about myself.

    Thanks for being so candid and honest–and yet so confident and positive!

  3. Emily says:

    I love the DYB series, and these are some fantastic examples! It’s so easy to focus on the parts of us we don’t like and want to cover up when we dress – I love the thought of focusing on the good parts! The shoes are an especially lovely touch.

  4. Denise says:

    Oh, this totally resonates with me. I’m also 5’9″ and love me some tall wedges. And like you, I also get my share of comments. Honestly, sometimes it does get to me, but I’m starting to think that the teasers are just envious (and maybe even a little intimidated) that I’m taller than them. Haters gonna hate! Don’t let them get to you; you look beautiful in your outfit. Wear your heels with pride, and I’ll wear mine too!

  5. SH says:

    I’ve always thought that, as a matter of proportion, heels look good on tall women. That said, I’m 5’10″ and have found myself at many a cocktail party wearing heels and slouching just to be able to hear my shorter friends. Wear your wedges with pride. You look great.

  6. mars says:

    this outfit is lovely! and you are lovely! i especially love the way your toe nail color pops against the neutral of the wedges! wish i had your height, own it!

  7. Cat says:

    *love* the colour of that tank with your hair and eyes!

    I’ve really enjoyed participating in DYB – it’s been challenging at times, not to think of aspects of me that I like but to actually, well, say that I like them. But totally worthwhile. Thanks for an amazing idea, ladies!

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