28 June 2011 – Hello There

June 28th, 2011 § 16 comments

28 June 2011 - Hello There


T-shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: gift from husband
Skirt: test run from Megan Nielsen of an upcoming pattern for DIY Maternity!
Wedges: Naturalizer, via DSW

End Notes:

Today I’m celebrating a body part towards which I was quite ambivalent for many years: my butt, my tush, my rear, my okole. When I was a bony freshman in college, I realized that my jeans didn’t really fit the way that my hallmates’ did. Maybe it’s because I didn’t wear pants often enough as a teenager in Hawaii, but once I was on the mainland I suddenly became very self-conscious about my lack of a butt. I used to joke that I didn’t really have a butt per se, just an expanse of upper thigh.

Now, Internet, I’m letting you know that I have a butt.

28 June 2011 - Hello There

Somewhere through the past ten years of gaining weight, getting older, running a little, starting to bike, and doing endless squats to pick up little e…I got a butt. I haven’t thought a whole lot about if it’s “cute” or “shapely” or “mom-ish” or any of those things. But I do know that I love the way it looks in a pencil skirt with a good pair of wedges.

Gaining an okole — and being okay with it — as I’ve grown older has been a good reminder of how our bodies are not static. There is not some ideal form that we pass through from ages 18-24 to which we should continually aspire. Do I like every change my body has undergone in the last ten years? Not really. But I’m learning to be more graceful in accepting these shifts, acknowledging how my embodied experiences leave corporeal traces and how those traces can themselves change what I value and why.

28 June 2011 - Hello There

28 June 2011 - Hello There

P.S. In less than two years, I’ll probably really regret tying my shirt like this. But all the cool kids are doing it now and it gave me the silhouette I wanted for this outfit. I’m such a sucker for a good silhouette.


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  1. Bethany says:

    I love the silhouette too. I wonder if the magic of a big flower pin could dress up a casual knot.

  2. This outfit is super hot on you. I can only hope to be such a beautiful confident pregnant lady someday. I also predict a knotted T for myself today as well.

  3. That outfit is unbelievably stunning – it suits you and your current shape so well. I’m loving the black and white, too, with just the shoes to set it off.

  4. Mia says:

    I like the knot! This is so incredibly classy looking.

  5. m says:

    This is a brilliant silhouette for a pregnant woman because the bump in front dwarfs the posterior bump, no matter its size. In a month, when I’ve passed the 20 week mark and grown a discernible bump, I will need to try this! These kinds of curve-hugging styles are rare in maternity clothes, but they look fabulous!

  6. Allison says:

    Trendy or not, I love the knot! I even gasped a little when I saw the first photo. Very chic and striking!

  7. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE that skirt. I hope you post a link when she publishes the pattern.

  8. Michelle says:

    I’m not generally a huge fan of the knot, but I think you pull it off better than anyone I’ve seen (it’s a fantastic outfit)! You are one hot mama!

  9. Jocelyn says:

    I know this post is about celebrating your tush, but your red lipstick also looks fantastic! What kind is it? I’ve tried a few brands now and just can’t seem to pull it off.

  10. Jackie says:

    You look so adorable!

    My butt isn’t much to speak of. But I always get annoyed when my curvier friends say stuff like “oh you wouldn’t understand – you don’t have a butt.” I mean, yeah, it’s not big or shapely, but it’s there. It’s kinda mean just to tell people they are missing some curves! End rant.

  11. ajr says:

    Wow. That second pic in particular highlights your positively SMASHING preggo bod, my dear. Brought out my first comment on your blog in fact. I really like this feature you all are doing. But seriously, I pretty much always love your outfits, E., but this one is classy and oh-so sexy at the same time. Well done. :)

    My butt is one of my favorite features of mine, but I have always had one. I may be lacking in other areas, but I love my bum. Now just to keep it from flattening as I get older… :)

  12. Mona says:

    You could seriously bring the “fake bump” look of 15th century women back into fashion just by posting your awesome outfit.

  13. Cristy says:

    Gorgeous, classy, sexy! I LOVE the silhouette, I love the knot–it all looks fabulous!

    By the way, I assume “okole” is regional slang for butt, but from where? I’ve never heard the word before, and I’m from Virginia. Also, I have no idea how to pronounce it–I keep hearing “oak hole” in my brain, but something tells me that’s not quite right. ;)

    • admin says:

      Cristy — I should have offered a link :) “Okole” is Hawaii pidgin for “butt.” It’s pronounced oh-KOH-lay. It’s how I grew up referring to my derrière and it’s what I’ve taught little e., too.

  14. haha! congratulations on your…butt!
    i’ve always had a booty, so i have to giggle a little bit at your butt celebration.
    i’m quite petite and thin, so having a bubbly behind has always been a slight annoyance, as i feel it doesn’t really match the rest of me.
    since being pregnant (i’m 36 weeks, but this is my second and they’re 10 years apart), my butt has really blossomed. and in my opinion, not in an attractive “i’m going to put on a super slimming pencil skirt”…so i applaud you and i’m living vicariously through you! brava, lady!
    ps. just found you through megan’s blog. congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck!

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