Dressing My Best…Differently

June 25th, 2011 § 8 comments

24 June 2011 - Dressing my Best...Differently


  • Striped Tee – American Eagle
  • Black Ponte Pants – Ann Taylor
  • Studded Flats – Banana Republic
  • Necklace – gift from sister L.
  • Earrings – gift from S.
  • Bangles – gifts


For my first DYB contribution I celebrate my figure, my body shape.  I proudly dressed my wide hips, broad shoulders, and tiny waist.   However, after writing that post, I started to think about my laments about the J Crew models and the straight-line silhouette I couldn’t pull off.  And I remembered, this project is about celebrating the body you have. So, here you go, I might not look like Audry Hepburn, but I’ll be damned if that’s going to stop me from borrowing her silhouette!

24 June 2011 - Dressing my Best...Differently

I love belts and any other clothing trick that shows everyone that my waist is smaller than my butt/hips region.  But, I also like all-over stripes and stripes just can’t always be belted.  I think sometimes I convince myself I am celebrating my waist when really I am desperately trying to mitigate and hide my hips/butt/thighs.  I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong with using clothes to accentuate your best and in the process down play your “problem spots” and I will likely be back to belting tomorrow.  But, for today I am going belt-free and dressing my best differently.

24 June 2011 - Dressing my Best...Differently

I also want to give a shout-out to my hair.  As I’ve written before, a good hair-day can make my day and a compliment on my hair will make you my new best friend.  I put a fair amount of effort into my hair and if I get a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror, I’ll check my hair (rather than makeup, shifted necklines, etc).  I’ve been loving my new haircut, but it is much less predictable than my straight bob.  I have very little control over what it does.  So, today I am cerebrating a good hair-day that I couldn’t recreate if I spent all morning trying.  (Don’t you think it looks a bid edgier than usual?)  A.


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§ 8 Responses to Dressing My Best…Differently"

  1. Laura says:

    I think we have a similar body shape, so a lot of what you’re saying about dressing for your waist/thighs/butt rings true to me. I salute you for embracing the Audrey silhouette! You look fab in this outfit, and I LOVE the hair. I think short haircuts look so cute, but I worry that with my super-straight hair I’d never achieve the tousled edgy look that you are sporting here. Rock on!

  2. your hair looks fabulous today! I think the little extra length (since u had it cut) is showcasing your curls beautifully

  3. EE K says:

    I love your hair! And sometimes it’s nice to wear something because you like it, not because it necessarily “hides” any perceived figure flaws :)

  4. Sarah Rose says:

    Own it, lady! Confidence looks good on you.

  5. Eleanorjane says:

    I love the way your eyes are the same blue as the stripes in the last pic. :)

  6. Carolyn Baumgarten says:

    I LOVE your hair. Mine is about the same color and waviness, and I’m trying to convince myself to chop mine like yours. It’s currently just past my shoulders, and while I usually straighten it all winter, my flat iron is no match for the NC humidity, so I wear it natural during the summer. I often get mistaken for younger than I am (I’m 22), and think a short edgy haircut might fix that. Would love some closeups!!

  7. Katrina says:

    I recently bought a pair of ankle-length, very slim black pants. I am also, very much not a Audrey Hepburn body-type. However, as I was trying them on at home and asking my roommates if they looked okay, if they didn’t make my hips/thighs look SO BIG, one of my roommates turned to me and said, “They look hot. Do you think Beyonce would say that?” Good point. So now I wear them, and think, yeah, my thighs and hips and ass are visible in these pants. Awesome. :)

  8. LH says:

    I have the same issues with most fashion these days and also try this out every so often.

    Your hair is ah-mazing!

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