23 June 2011 – Dressing My Best

June 23rd, 2011 § 13 comments

Baby Shower Outfit at 34 weeks


Dress – thrifted
Earrings – made by me
Yellow flats – Target last summer

Maxi skirt – AE
Tank – Maternity, Target


For this take on Dress Your Best I am highlighting a body part that I would have never considered ‘my best’ in the past. In fact, I have written before about how my torso and midsection is what I tend to camouflage or visually alter through clever use of waistlines and belting. I do not have a naturally slender waistline and I spent many years feeling self-conscious about my midsection. But now that area has taken on new meaning as it’s been growing and housing a baby.

While dressing a pregnant body is not always as fun and ‘cute’ as the media and pop culture make it seem, it does offer a new way to approach getting dressed. Yes, clothes may not fit and finding something to wear may be somewhat of a challenge on most days, but the reason behind that are cause for celebration rather than mourning. So these past months, I’ve been embracing my midsection and celebrating my belly, not caring that it’s made my wardrobe shrink to a few viable dresses and tops at this point, nor that it obscures the view of my feet, nor that it causes endless challenges when looking for a comfortable position in bed. I love it for what it’s doing and what it represents to me now.

Dressing my Best

Of those few dresses that still fit me, I wore the one above to our baby shower this past weekend. It was a wonderful event and could have only been made better by having had more out of town guests able to attend. And notice those fun little tissue paper pompoms hanging from the tree? Long time readers may remember them from E’s baby shower with her first baby that A. and I co-threw with another friend. A. and I made those pompoms way back then and I was delighted to see them resurface in celebration of my upcoming baby (yes, they’re the very same ones, carefully saved and preserved by A.). If you want to see how we made them, check out our easy tutorial here.

There were many similarities between the shower we threw for E. and her husband N. two years ago and the one that was thrown for T. and I this past weekend. The main ingredients: a relaxed atmosphere, a co-ed group allowing us to celebrate with all of our friends and partners, easy but delicious backyard food, fresh flowers as decor, and small details that betayed the love and thought that went into the planning. If you want to read our tips on throwing a backyard baby shower, take a look at our post here.

Back Yard Baby Shower

Are you currently pregnant or have you been pregnant at one point? Would your belly have made it into a ‘Best Five’ list were you to Dress Your Best?

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  1. Mandy Ford says:

    You look adorable and I love that you are embracing your belly. :) I really enjoyed dressing when I was pregnant until the last few months (I had twins) and I was so big that I was wearing dresses for shirts. LOL :) Pregnancy is a very fun time!

  2. Cardinal says:

    Ha! I had twins too! Like you, I loved that freedom in being “allowed” to have a round belly, since I knew it was the only time in my life that it would be socially acceptable.

  3. HokieKate says:

    After years of being afraid that various shirts made me look pregnant, it is quite fun to find things to emphasize my belly now. I can totally commiserate with you about the shrinking wardrobe, though.

    Less than four weeks until my due date! :) Then I have to figure out how to love a postpartum body.

  4. Erin says:

    You look so lovely! I wondered if you were going to highlight your baby belly and I am happy that you did. When I was pregnant there was no way on Earth that I would have embraced my belly like you have. I look back now and still shudder at how huge I was and just how gross I felt. In pictures I don’t see a happy, vibrant pregnant woman; I just see a fat person. I kept trying to tell myself it was all for a miraculous fantastic purpose but I was never happy with my pregnant self. After seeing you (and E.) go through your pregnancies with such confidence and style (I dressed like a bag lady!) I have made a vow that next time I will try to follow your lead and embrace and proudly (and tastefully) show off my baby belly and maintain some sort of style.

  5. DM says:

    It is hard to be pregnant but wonderful to embrace the belly for once and a joy to embrace the new life inside. Postpartum bodies are something else entirely — but even with the knowledge that some things are changed forever, the baby also makes it easy to love and admire what our bodies can do! (6 weeks postpartum here, and trying to accept the new sags, lines, and lumps…the baby more than makes up for them).

  6. Rose says:

    I’m at 38 weeks now, and I love the pregnancy outfits you all have been showing off – you and E both look stunning. I didn’t quite attain that, but your posts were often just the inspiration I needed to put on some jewelry and a bright color and have a little fun with it.

    Pregnancy was surprisingly freeing in how I suddenly couldn’t dress to meet some of the fashion ideals that swirl around even the most confident woman – I’m not thin, I’m not attracting the same kind of male attention, and I definitely don’t blend in. So I felt a little more comfortable taking some risks and having a little more fun with what I wore, and I think I learned a lot about my own personal style. It’s been a learning experience on a lot of levels.

  7. Kayla says:

    You look so beautiful! How could you not embrace a belly when you have one that looks like that!

  8. LE says:

    I think I spent all of my pregnancies dressing for and around my belly, and certainly in the last trimester I was in love with its round fullness and active occupant, and considered it a “dress my best” feature.

    I also loved having a limited wardrobe in pregnancy.

  9. Ruth says:

    You look amazing! My best friend just whispered to me that she’s a few weeks along. I can’t wait to show her this!

  10. Lauren says:

    You look wonderful! What a beautiful pregnant belly. I am almost 4 weeks postpartum with my second, and while (most days) I enjoyed the challenges and joys of dressing a changing belly, I am finding it much harder to find my “best” with a post-baby body. I expect that with time things will go back to (kind of) normal, like they did after my son was born, but this in-between time is hard. Holding a sweet baby is definitely a good reminder that it’s all so very worth it :)

  11. Chelsea S. says:

    I absolutely adore your pregnancy style! And the way you dress and celebrate your bump is delightful. I work in the pregnancy field these days (and volunteer as a doula in my free time), and love seeing how women dress their changing bodies during this crazy transition. They, and you, look beautiful! And I hope the pregnancy is going just swimmingly :)

  12. You look resplendent, S.! I love how “you” your pregnancy style has felt, and this dress is a perfect example of it: joyful, exuberant and unexpected.

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