24 May 2011 – Flower Child

May 24th, 2011 § 13 comments

24 May 2011 - Flower Child


Dress – thrifted
Yellow bag – vintage Sears, $1 garage sale find
Yellow flats – Target last summer
Heart pendant – gift from husband
Bike (below) – 1969 Raleigh Sports


After a weekend spent mostly in shorts and a tank, it was glorious to see the sun come out, to don a summer dress, and to bike to the library yesterday. Over the weekend, my in-laws were in town to help celebrate my husband’s birthday and to help us paint and get the baby room ready. It was so much fun and I’m getting increasingly excited for the arrival of our daughter (I’m now 31 weeks), and am just trying to squeeze as much out for my dissertation as possible before July.

Blue and Yellow

As I noted the last time I wrote, for me being productive and getting a lot of writing and nesting done means not having to get dressed if I don’t feel like it. It means being able to spend half the day in sweats or days in a row wearing iterations of the same tank + shorts combo. But on the occasion that I do want to look a little more presentable, my favorite way to do so quickly is by throwing on a sundress and some flats and leaving it at that. Not only are sundresses super comfortable while still looking nice, they’re also very welcoming of a bourgeoning baby belly. I already had a good collection of empire waist sundresses before I got pregnant and I’ve added a couple more as I’ve come across them at the thrift store these past few months, this blue floral number being one of them.

24 May 2011 - Flower Child
Bike Commute

I’ve always had hippie-ish tendencies when getting dressed but not having to teach and being pregnant has really brought those out in me: just give me a loose floral dress, some Birkenstocks, and let me braid my hair, and I’m a happy camper.

Meanwhile, I so admire how put together and polished E. continues to look throughout her pregnancy. It just goes to show how different all of our styles are here on the site. The same can be said about our approach to getting dressed; while E. thrives under the structure of wardrobe challenges, such as her current 15-for-15, I thrive most when I’m given free reign and can make decisions on the go. Having a wardrobe challenge in addition to being busy sounds really stressful to me, but to E, it represents a fruitful downsizing of options that allows her to thrive under pressure.

What’s your personal stress/style preference? Do you like self-imposed wardrobe challenges or do they feel overwhelming to you? When tackling a multitude of projects, do you prefer to let your fashion choices fall by the wayside or is that when it seems althemore important to look polished in order to feel organized and on top of things? Do share your take on this!


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  1. Salazar says:

    Love this! Very spring-like!

    I’m actually doing a remix myself. I just found out that I have 33 pieces of unworn clothing and shoes in my closet, so I decided to do a 33×33 with them. It’s going to be tough, because the selection are so random (lots of skirts but only 2 tops?), but I’m excited to see how it turns out.

    14 Shades Of Grey

  2. Laura says:

    I find that some degree of wardrobe mindfulness is invigorating for me, especially when I’m at a point in my studies where lots of things are going awry with my research! If nothing else happens all day, at least I’ve put an outfit together and gotten a little bit of happiness and creative expression from it. To help encourage myself to stick with that level of mindful dressing I recently started my own little style blog! Academichic was a major inspiration. :-)

  3. Quest for Fashion Sense says:

    I love that blue and yellow combo. I tend to like having self imposed wardrobe challenges, but if I have a lot to do and don’t need to get dressed up, then fashion/getting dressed up will be the first thing to go.

  4. For me, it depends on the season. I’m pregnant right now, too, so I’m working with a sort of “capsule wardrobe” as a result of having a limited number of items that fit. I find myself thinking that if I had been pregnant over the winter, rather than over the summer, it might have been easier for me to maximize fewer items by mixing and matching. Winter weather calls for all kinds of layering that lead to a wider variety of looks. The mid-atlantic is so hot already, though, that I find myself siding with you– I throw on capris and a long tank or a cute empire waist dress and call it good. I’ve been trying to mix it up with necklaces and shoes, but even those options are limited when it gets really hot.

    You look adorable in this simple summer dress, and I love how the yellow bag and flats still add personality to an otherwise off-the-rack look!

  5. Erin says:

    I’m definitely a dress-up-and-get-down-to-business gal. I consider my “costume” part of my “game face,” if that makes sense.

  6. FutureLint says:

    The dress is so cute and the perfect cut to accommodate the baby belly!

  7. Joni says:

    I too found it easier to write my dissertation without worrying about my attire. I basically wore a uniform of jeans, tank, T, or long-sleeved T, (depending on the season…) and a well-worn cardigan or hoodie everyday. My mind was consumed by what I was writing and I enjoyed not needing to be as mindful of my appearance. I also appreciated dress-up “breaks” when I would meet friends or go to campus to TA or for a meeting. I feel like I had a wardrobe personality makeover after I graduated. I am just finishing my first year of full-time teaching and am hoping to work on some writing projects this summer (would love to get my dissertation revised and published!) I don’t know yet if I will revert to my student writing uniform this summer after dressing up all year. Happy dissertating to you! Are you distracted by you baby moving within and the impending birth as the weeks pass or are you able to compartmentalize and really zero in on your research and writing?

  8. Eleanorjane says:

    Reading blogs like yours challenge my style and encourage me to choose more colour and wear more skirts and pretty shoes. If I was slumping into a rut, I’d wear trousers every day ‘cos they’re so much comfier, but I look prettier and more polished in skirts, so I pull them out at least a couple of times a week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Nadine says:

    I usually have my outfits planned in advance. I often group the garments together so I can just grab a ‘pack’ and get dressed. I have work clothes (a), work clothes (b), exercise wear and civvies, each in summer/winter versions. I’m not an impulse shopper so i don’t have many ‘orphans’, and all the colours I wear go together. Good lord, I sound SO boring! ;)

  10. I am so glad that the weather is finally staying nice enough to wear sundresses and its awesome to see that they can be so versatile at all different stages of life.

  11. Laura says:

    I have a truly spectacular wardrobe of Teacher Clothes that I never actually wear. Probably because I don’t have a teacher job right now, and the paid work I’m doing gets pretty grimy, so jeans are a better option, and the unpaid work usually involves being around my monster puppies, who shed all over everything.

    It would be nice to say I dealt with the stress of entirely rewriting my Master’s thesis via dressing spectacularly in pencil skirts and blouses… But oversized sweatpants and tanktops, or jeans and t-shirts were really my go-to, depending on the time of day.

    There’s a register of formality to most outfits that seems looked down upon where I live. It’s a very salt of the earth kind of a place. I remember once wearing heeled sandals with jeans and a cute shirt, and my choice of footwear was met with, “What, you goin’ to prom or sumthin?” People looking at you like you’re an idiot for wearing a skirt instead of old jeans makes a lot of wardrobe choices seem more like a battle than I’m comfortable with. It seems like if everything I wear is going to ‘say’ something, I’d like to have something special to say, and since I don’t want to be a walking billboard to my region, I just blend in most days with casual clothes that are comfortable. I still get told I look ‘dressed up’ if I’m wearing heeled boots or cute sandals, or if my shirt has any detail, or if I wear accessories.

    Though I guess that choice still ‘says’ something about me… that I don’t feel like arguing or being the center of attention.

    I’m trying to decide of this constitutes limiting my wardrobe, or just dressing on the fly…

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