E.’s 15 for at Least 15: The List

May 22nd, 2011 § 9 comments

Just 15 garments? They go faster than you think…

Tops: (5)

4 May 2011 - Dear Posh Spice 20 May 2011 - One of Fifteen (or so) 27 April 2011 - Diaphanous

  • Olive t-shirt (thrifted)
  • White button-down tunic (thrifted)
  • Coral tank (Target)
  • Gray tank (Old Navy Maternity)
  • Striped tank (Target)

6 July 2009 10 March 2011 - Where's Waldo or, Geek Chic

Pants and Shorts: (2)

Work With What You've Got

  • Straight leg jeans (Old Navy Maternity)
  • Navy shorts (consignment store)

Skirts: (3)

13 May 2011 - Book By Its Cover 14 May 2009 14 September 2009 - Dressing Up Jersey

  • Purple jersey skirt (thrifted as a dress)
  • Denim pencil skirt (Old Navy Maternity)
  • Navy jersey skirt (Old Navy)

Dresses: (2)

6 July 2010

  • Gray jersey dress (Ann Taylor Loft)
  • To-be-determined…

Toppers: (3)

Soft with Structure 11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite 23 March 2009 - With Jacket

  • Mustard cropped cardigan (Target)
  • Coral cropped cardigan (Banana Republic Factory)
  • Cropped trench (Forever 21)

And we’re off…

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§ 9 Responses to E.’s 15 for at Least 15: The List"

  1. Patricia says:

    Your capsule wardrobes are the source of my inspiration on what to pack for a 2-month backpacking trip to Europe this summer. Thank you so much for sharing them!

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  7. Dieni says:

    this is really brilliant! I wonder could you provide essential style outfit for one year that could be fit in one luggage? I’m from tropical country and I will do my one year Erasmus master program in Europe which means that I travel to different countries each semester and this will be my first winter experience. thank you so much if you could help me.

  8. [...] any case, there you have it. Fifteen outfits from fifteen garments (plus free access to shoes and other accessories) and lots of stress-free dressing while I banged out a dissertation chapter draft. And while these [...]

  9. [...] I’m taking a cue from E. and testing out my skills at remixing a restricted wardrobe (not quite a capsule wardrobe).  [...]

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