Weekend Workshop: A Capsule Wardrobe

May 21st, 2011 § 3 comments


Sometimes the best moments of creativity come when you’re forced to make-do with limited resources. At various times the various contributors to academichic have experimented with capsule wardrobes.

And more loosely, we’ve outlined what we think to be our wardrobe essentials and our wardrobe workhorses:

There’s simply not a “right” way to create a capsule wardrobe and there are LOTS of Google-able resources out there for picking what you’ll need for various types of travel or for your lifestyle. Still, I (E.) think that there are a few considerations that are relevant no matter what your reason for living with a small closet.

  • Consider your lifestyle needs. For the next couple of months, before I begin teaching a summer course, I’ll be spending most days at home, either caring for little e. or writing a dissertation chapter. Thus, I don’t really need to worry about incorporating items like dress pants and multiple blazers into the mix.
  • Consider shape and silhouette. Things could get old fast if all select four skirts…that all happen to be pencil skirts. Try to include a range of silhouettes, not just the one that you love the most.
  • Consider color. Here I don’t necessarily mean that you should pick a color scheme (though you could). I do think, however, that it’s worth reconsidering that navy top if you’re already including navy shorts and a navy skirt. If one color is too dominant, you won’t have as much to mix.

Now I‘m embarking on a capsule wardrobe maternity challenge, making at least 15 outfits from 15 garments (not including shoes and accessories) in an effort to minimize “nothing fits anymore” closet angst and inspire creativity. Stay tuned for my list of 15 picks tomorrow…

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