11 May 2011 – Almost Not Quite

May 11th, 2011 § 8 comments

11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite


  • Coral cardigan: Banana Republic Factory (from last post-partum)
  • Striped tank: Target
  • Belt: thrifted
  • Skirt: Mimi Maternity, via eBay (from last pregnancy)
  • Orange pumps: Dolce Vita, via solestruck.com
  • Necklace: Figs and Ginger, Mother’s Day Gift from husband N. and little e.

End Notes:

There’s a lot of almost-not-quite sentiment wrapped up in this outfit. I wore it when proctoring my students’ final exam on Monday, meaning that my semester is almost-not-quite over as I’m currently wading my way through stacks of blue books. Then there’s the color combination of a coral cardigan and orange shoes, almost-not-quite matchy matchy or clashy clashy. (Incidentally, I like that I managed to wear the same shoes on both the first and last days of this academic year.)

Even this cardigan is an almost-not-quite. It almost-not-quite fits me when I’m a year post-partum. It’s too big on top and falls at an awkward length on my torso, meaning that I cycled it out of my rotation. But when I’m preggers or just-post-preggers, it hits just below my new, higher waist and provides adequate space for uh, newly ample bust. Behold:

19 August 2009 - Superhero Split 31 March 2010

Back to my theme. I am almost-not-quite halfway through a draft of the first chapter of my dissertation. I almost-not-quite have a new baby. And I definitely have some other big changes happening on the home front, and we’re currently in the almost-not-quite of those transitions. In the midst of all this, my husband and little e. gifted me with a sweet little necklace for Mothers’ Day this past Sunday, a reminder to cherish the right-now-very-definitely.

Figs and Ginger Bird Necklace

Husband N. found it at our local craft alliance, a silver necklace by Figs and Ginger, with three birds on a branch. As little e. tells me every time he sees the necklace: “Mama Bird, Dada Bird, and E-E bird!” It’s a precious, wearable encapsulation of our (now limited) time as a family of three, and as much as I am ecstatic to welcome a new baby into our home there will always be something beautifully special about little e. making me a mama for the first time.

Clearly, our clothes and jewelry can be so invested with memories and significance. What memories do you wear?

11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite

11 May 2011 - Almost Not Quite

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  1. EvaNadine says:

    today i am wearing my wedding shoes.
    i will forever have the memories of that beautiful day, and they are made even more vivid whenever i wear these shoes. i even still have the sixpence taped inside my right shoe, and i dont plan on ever taking it out.
    i love that clothing and jewelry can elicit memories of who gave them to you, where you were when you got them, what the world and your life were like at that time.

  2. anotherjen says:

    When my dad died in 2001 I inherited some of his clothes. Now he was tall, and I am short, he was a man and I am not, but I still wear his clothes sometimes. I wear his bathrobe often, and when it is really cold and blustery and I don’t have to look nice I wear his parka, which is huge on me but keeps me warm and dry. It kind of keeps me connect to him, to the shape of him, and how he once protected me.

  3. Mandy Ford says:

    Such a sweet necklace…so perfect. :) I have one that looks like a pea pod with two pearls in it that my husband bought for me for my first mother’s day (we have twins). I also have one with two little owls on it…both are very special reminders of motherhood.

  4. Amy says:

    I think almost every piece of jewelry I own has a memory attached–a trip, a birthday, a loved one, a holiday. It’s the most personal part of my closet, and my style.

    The birdie necklace is adorable, and perfect for this year of family liminality. Treasure it, and this time…

  5. Salazar says:

    Most of the clothes I brought over when I came to the US held memories for me, because they were bought for me either by my mom or my sister. Also, same as Amy, most of my jewelries are souvenirs from trips, so I always treasure them.

    That necklace is adorable. And I really like your skirt too!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  6. Christine says:

    I love your bird-family necklace! It reminds me of a necklace I have had since a childhood trip to the planetarium in the big city with my mother and grandmother. The necklace has three stars in a vertical row, representing my grandmother, my mother, and me, and that day of probably 25 years ago that we spent together looking at the stars.

  7. Jess says:

    That is so sweet. :-) I always love wearing things like my mom’s flannel shirts, the gloves my sister bought me in London, the shorts I wore to my first dance audition, or the jeans that are streaked with ink from printmaking classes. There are so many different ways that clothes can come to have sentimental value – I even remember the dress I was wearing the day I met my boyfriend!

  8. I inherited a lot of my grandmother’s jewelry when she passed away. I have one bracelet with her name engraved on it – a gift from a boyfriend, before my grandfather. I love wearing it and seeing her name, and thinking about what a heartbreaker she must have been. She was a model in her youth and a total fashionista her whole life. I love incorporating little bits of her wardrobe into mine.

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