5 May 2011 – Taking It Easy

May 5th, 2011 § 12 comments

5 May 2011 - Taking it Easy


Cardigan – Banana Republic
Dress worn as tunic – Target ages ago
Leggings – JC Penny
Plaid flats – Target
Necklace – lone earring turned pendant (see here for more jewelry repurposing ideas)
Bike Tote – J.Crew, gift from A.
Bike – Peugeot Mixte


This week has been my first week at home after the semester ended and it’s been wonderful. Although I’m still working out final grades and finishing up loose ends from home, it’s been so great to sleep in a little later, take breaks to walk my dog, meet friends for coffee, or ride my bike to the nearby park and simply sit and read for pleasure.

I gave myself a free pass to take it easy this week and not worry about dissertation stuff or deadlines and just enjoy a break from work. Starting next week, I plan on implementing a daily writing schedule that I aim to keep until the baby’s born (when things will change again) that will hopefully force me to make significant and regular progress.

And since this week has been all about taking it easy and not having to go to campus, my outfits have reflected that and I’ve been living in my favorite preggers uniform: dress turned tunic over leggings with flats. I picked up a couple of inexpensive leggings at JCPenny and I’m really happy with the quality and feel of them. They’re not maternity, just a size up from my usual, and worn rolled down beneath my belly. I’ve come to realize that I hate the feeling of a waist band on top of my belly so even my pregnancy items with a full panel I roll down and wear ‘below the bump’. Having the belly free of constraint and able to ‘breathe’ has been the most comfortable to me.

5 May 2011 - Taking it Easy 2 May 2011 - Layered Dresses

And you may have noticed that I am wearing the same gray jersey dress that I wore in my last post, but this time as a tunic under a cardigan. This simple gray dress is a perfect layering piece. It doesn’t look that great on its own but works wonders as a layering item (see here for more examples), all the more since it’s in such a versatile neutral color. What items in your wardrobe play that role of ‘jack of all trades’?

5 May 2011 - Taking it Easy

Oh, and I have to say a word about the accessories here… since I haven’t been carrying my laptop, lunch, books, etc around with me this week, I’ve left my sturdier bag behind and have taken to carrying my awesome new tote that A. sent me recently. She found this at J.Crew and thought of me as it contains all of my favorite things on it… a book, a bike, and running shoes. I love this bag and treasure it even more so since it comes from A., my long time running partner, with whom I often trade book tips, and who has recently purchased her own yellow mixte to start commuting to campus. Thus, these things not only represent hobbies of mine but also the many ways that A. and I have connected as friends over the years. Thanks, A! I love my new tote and the fact that you thought of me!

As for the necklace, it’s an earring who’s partner I lost and that has been repurposed as a pendant. I simply pushed the little ear loop ‘closed’ and ran the silver chain through it, and voila… (see more ways to creatively repurpose your jewelry here!).

Earring turned pendant

Bike Tote

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§ 12 Responses to 5 May 2011 – Taking It Easy"

  1. Dawn K. says:

    I never could get on board with maternity pants that went above my belly…just not comfortable for me!

    Are you currently reading ‘Free Range Kids?’ I loved it!

    • admin says:

      Dawn – yes, I am reading that. I checked it out from the library and it’s been a really enjoyable read, with a lot of ‘no duh’ moments. I definitely think I’ll be a ‘free ranger’ parent ;)

  2. it’s great to hear that you’re taking a break!! i really need one but i am still pretty overwhelmed with semester work.
    i love love love that tote! is it still available? it’s just perfect.

    • admin says:

      Tania – I don’t know that it’s still available, I think A got it a while back. But maybe online or Ebay?

      Good luck finishing your semester, hope you get to relax and take a little break soon as well!


  3. Sally says:

    What a darling tote! Perfect for you, S.

    • Julio says:

      This was the perfect cotsmue for my 2yr old son. Since we live in Florida, I thought that the cotsmue sold by Disney was impractical. I think it’s made of some type of plastic. That’s why I think this outfit fr Toysrus is so great. It’s a bodysuit made of cotton. At first my son was hesitant to put it on. Then again, he is in that stage where he wants to wear certain clothes that he picks out. Once it was on, we brought him to the mirror and the smile and gasps on his face was priceless. He was so amazed and kept saying Buzz . It made my husband’s and my day perfect!

  4. Carey says:

    Really cute outfit!! I’m with you – my pregnant belly needed freedom! :) I really disliked the feeling of having that tight extra layer on my belly – low rise with an elastic waistband was my friend (and those bottoms ended up being perfect for post partum).

  5. Licia says:

    Immediately after I had my last baby, leggings were everywhere! I wish I could have worn them throughout my pregnancies. I am happy to see you are taking it easy. Enjoy!

  6. Diana says:

    I love that tote! It’s so you!

  7. The BEST maternity uniform ever!

  8. Laura says:

    I think the closest thing I have to a jack of all trades clothing item is a basic white button up. I’ve worn it as a mostly hidden under layer, as itself, or as a makeshift cardigan. But if I can track down a decent (and by decent I mean actually functional) strapless bra (32DD), I’ve got a brown skirt that’s begging to become a flowy strapless top, belted at the waist.

    Do you ladies have any tips on bras? I mean, it’s pretty impossible to wear a lot of cute clothes if you can’t find reliable undergarments that work with them.

  9. annie says:

    Great idea on the lonely earring necklace! I’m totally stealing that idea!

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