Weekend Workshop: Fashion for the Rainy Season

April 16th, 2011 § 17 comments

April showers bring May flowers. Or so we hope. For now, if you’re also going through the rainy season, here are some tips to staying dry and stylish…

28 March 2009 - My Rainy Saturday

1) Get a trusty raincoat that can be your go-to cover up item for rainy days. A raincoat does not need to be sporty, shapeless, or boring. We love raincoats that have a trench coat style to them that is classic and timeless. This type of cut can be dressed down with jeans or look formal enough to go with a dress and pair of heels. We’re also fans of the boldly colored raincoat that adds that much needed dose of sunshine to an otherwise dreary rainy day.

2) If you’re more comfortable in neutrals and softer colors, find a raincoat in a subdued hue that will go with most anything you layer underneath. (And you can always use your umbrella for that fun pop of color).

31 March 2009 - Let it rain!

3) Aquire a quality pair of waterproof boots, aka, ‘wellies’. While S. loves her fun doggie-adorned J.Crew wellies, she does limit her wear of them to casual outfits and non-teaching days.

28 March 2009 - Rainy Saturday
Rainy days

A., however, makes her elegant black and brown Banana Republic wellies function with casual looks as well as dressier, work-appropriate ensembles.

18 January 2010
4 January 2010

E., too, has figured out how to make her Hunter wellies function perfectly with skirts and embellished cardigans.

8 February 2010
Hunter Wellies

4) Lastly, carry an umbrella. As Murphy’s Law dictates, it will rain if you don’t have one on you but will not rain if you’re bregudgingly carrying an umbrella in your bag or purse.

16 June 2009 - Rainy day bike ride

What are your rainy day tips? Any favorites for the rainy season that you’d like to share with our readers? Thank you and stay dry out there!

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    This is a fun post. I moved to Oregon last fall (from the midwest) and it rains all the time. I was told by a friend that, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” And it’s (mostly) true. I’ve acquired lots of rainy day clothing items similar to what you all listed! I don’t have too much to add, except that it’s often nice to have a hooded rain coat for more casual days, running, etc.

  2. I so want to find a stylish raincoat. But here’s my problem — the hood issue. I often simply don’t have a free umbrella hand. And the stylish raincoats just don’t seem to come with hoods, in my experience. Do you think a hood inherently undermines the stylishness of a raincoat?

    • admin says:

      Not at all, Anne! I would love a jacket with a hood because it seems so practical for when you can’t carry an umbrella. I just haven’t found a good jacket like that yet. Anyone know of any good brands that make nice looking rain coats with hoods built in?


  3. Oregon really pushes the limits of all these rules by raining continuously for roughly eight months of the year, but nonetheless everything you say is spot on. After a few years of rainy OR experience, here’s the only little things I’d add: when it’s really pouring and you’re going someplace that wellies just aren’t appropriate for, there’s nothing wrong with carrying your heels in a bag and changing into them in your office before you walk downstairs to teach. Also, the tops of my wellies try to eat my tights a lot and were freezer boxes in the winter until I got a pair of liners for them; they are now beyond perfect. Finally, I’d also add that there are a lot of really great leather boots out there that are waterproof (or can be waterproofed) and can work really well as rain boots and cold weather boots and stylish boots, all at once!

  4. Jenna S. says:

    I love all of those fun raincoats! And those printed wellies are adorable.

    Anne: Here’s the hooded raincoat I’ve been eying–http://www.eddiebauer.com/catalog/product.jsp?ensembleId=38957&&categoryId=23269&categoryName=WATER-RESISTANT-OUTERWEAR–JACKETS&pCategoryId=27301&pCategoryName=WOMENS-OUTERWEAR&gpCategoryId=1&gpCategoryName=EB&catPath=~~categoryId=23269~~categoryName=WATER-RESISTANT-OUTERWEAR–JACKETS~~pCategoryId=27301~~pCategoryName=WOMENS-OUTERWEAR~~gpCategoryId=1~~gpCategoryName=EB&viewAll=y&pg=

  5. jentine says:

    All I do when it rains is jam a hat on my head and pray it is enough to prevent the hair from turning into one big pouf.
    I am thinking I need some wellies nopw though…especially after the cute doggie ones!

  6. KateR says:

    I bought a red raincoat with a matching red, wide-brimmed hat at Banana Republic years ago – and I still prefer a rain hat to an umbrella, especially if there’s wind -and when is there not wind? One hand does get wet holding the hat brim though!

  7. SE says:

    I am so in love with those black/brown Banana Republic wellies on A.! Perfection!

  8. deanna says:

    i can not sing the praises of my hunter wellies enough! as a NYer who needs to traipse through the rain and snow on a regular basis (people underestimate the importance of city dwellers without cars needing proper cold/wet weather to to get/from the train!) my wellies have saved my feet and pants on more occasions than i care to remember. i opted for the somewhat silly bright yellow ones, but i absolutely LOVE them and find the sunny pop of color actually helps to lift my spirits on even the dullest of days. also, surprisingly, the color coordinates with more of my wardrobe than i ever thought. the fleece lines turn them into warm winter boots, too.

    i also swear by raincoats with hoods. im always leaving my umbrellas somewhere or suffering from the dreaded “blowout” rendering them useless. i currently have a lululemon jacket from a couple years ago that is waterproof, has a fleece lining and the “piece de resistance”…thumb holes with cuffins that roll down and turn into attached mittens. so fantastic. there stuff is always high quality and they pay real attention to fit that flatters a woman’s body in addition to function, if a bit on the sporty/athletic side. well worth the investment.

  9. Eleanorjane says:

    Wow, I hope you guys are counting your blessings at having access to such gorgeous raincoats and ‘wellies’. Your basic New Zealand gumboot looks like this: http://www.bata.net.nz/Bata%20Industrials_nz_nongum_worker.htm

    A cute black and pink floral pair that I found at a cheap chain store would still not do for anything but the garden or very casual days. Plus, they cut into my calves…

  10. laura says:

    Great tips! I am totally going to be looking for a stylish raincoat and cute wellies!

  11. Lucy says:

    I wonder … about umbrellas … are they supposed to match? I pretty much DON’T & enjoy carrying one with all the colors of the rainbow.

  12. Michelle says:

    I’ve been thinking about wellies for a while now as we are having a wetter than usual autumn here in Australia. However, my husband says they are uncomfortable to walk in. Can you offer some advice? Perhaps some brands are more comfy than others?

    Thanks heaps!

  13. Frenchy says:

    Here is my problem…I don’t see people wearing rain boots in Utah. LOL…Should i start a trend…So Country !
    Loving your site ! Fun FUn !

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