25 March 2011 – Dear Winter, I’m Ignoring You

March 25th, 2011 § 9 comments

25 March 2011 – Dear Winter, I’m Ignoring You, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Tunic: Tucker for Target
  • Belt: Gap Outlet
  • Skirt: Anthropologie
  • Leggings: Gap
  • Wellies: Banana Republic

End Notes:

This wasn’t quite how I envisioned this outfit going. I was thinking bare legs and cognac boots, maybe tights and sandals if things went just right. But, alas, I woke up to snow this morning and so it was thick leggings and two-tone wellies in deference to winter’s lingering hold.

And this is how I feel about that:

For whatever reason, in the mirror I wasn’t getting so much of an angled, shirt tail hem with the tunic, and I’m not sure if I like it that much over the full but stiff-ish skirt below. But, I of course love the color pairing, and I can definitely imagine revising this outfit with the skirt over the tunic. That will have to wait, however, until I have a little less going on in front.

(Contrary to what yesterday’s photos suggest, the belly is still here.)

There’s something about patterned garments that make me feel emboldened to take more style risks over all, whether in proportions or color pairings or pattern mixing. So while I might not be in love with this remix overall, I have to admit that I’m proud of myself for wearing this tunic in three significantly different ways this week. And, to reader Sara, I believe that you’ll see this with my floaty white skirt in the near future…

25 March 2011 - Dear Winter, I'm Ignoring You 23 March 2011 - For Play 23 March 2011 - For Work

P.S. Did you see Tania and Kelsey offer up even more remixes a couple of days ago?

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§ 9 Responses to 25 March 2011 – Dear Winter, I’m Ignoring You"

  1. Cool wellies :-) Sucks that you still have winter. I sympathize!

    Relatable Style

  2. I just bought this dress about 30 minutes ago. I used my classic rule for pieces that are a bit too expensive for what they’re made of– tried it on, didn’t buy, waited to see if it stuck in my head. Well, it did, and outfits like this are why! You winterized this look fantastically.

  3. Allison says:

    I just bought this dress last night. I love the print, which was surprising since I’m not often drawn to prints other than plaid. When I saw you blog it, well, I went out and snapped it up. Interesting note: for some reason the dress is longer on me than both the target picture and every picture I’ve seen on the web. I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually wear this as a dress.

  4. Lucy says:

    You said you’re ambivalent, but I *love* what you did with this! I think it’s my favorite outfit that I’ve seen you wear. I guess that says something about how we all have a personal style, whatever its mysterious origins (I think mine may have been influenced by growing up in New England – I do love “wellies”!).

    Also, this is a perfect outfit for the ambivalent month of March. It hints at Spring, but it’s practical to the core. Love it!

  5. academichic says:

    I LOVE this iteration of the tunic/dress remix. This one’s my favorite, shirt tails out and everything. I think the color and proportions look fabulous!

    And yay for the growing bump!

    - S.

  6. AJ says:

    Yay for defiance against winter! I woke up to snow this morning as well. Your second picture captures my mood perfectly, but I decided to rebel by making origami flowers until the real ones appear. :)

    And I second the yay for the growing bump!

  7. Shea says:

    I have the top in the same print, and the ways you’ve remixed the tunic have given me lots of ideas for the blouse! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. Clare says:

    Dude, seriously. Spring better get here real quick!

    Though you seem to have figured out the way to look absolutely awesome in this miserable weather. :)

  9. Laura says:

    E, dahling, I blame you completely. Guess what I just added to my wardrobe? Grellow stripes! I’ve been coveting some of your outfits and realized I owned exactly no yellow. Not even anything with a subtle yellow print. No yellow scarves, no yellow shoes… Closest I had to yellow was a khaki skirt. Obviously this wouldn’t do, and you’ve been saying all along that we need to ignore those preconceived color notions. Mine has always been, “I’m Irish. I can’t wear yellow.” Well you know what? Eff that. The shirt’s adorable!

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