23 March 2011 – For Work and For Play

March 23rd, 2011 § 18 comments

23 March 2011 – For Play, originally uploaded by academichic.

23 March 2011 – For Work, originally uploaded by academichic.


In both:

  • Dress/tunic: Tucker for Target
  • Riding pants: Target

For play:

  • Belt: Gap Outlet
  • Scarf: Target, gift from mother-in-law
  • Bag: Banana Republic, gift from mother-in-law
  • Riding pants: Target
  • Shoes: DSW

For work:

  • Tank: Target
  • Belt: thrifted
  • Shoes: Steve Madden

End Notes:

I, too, succumbed to the siren call that is this magenta Tucker for Target posy frock, among the dresses reissued a week and a half ago. I really think that approximately one-fifth of the style blogging world owns this dress now…but that’s all the more reason to remix it, right?

I’m uncertain how many precious inches of skirt length my pregnancy curves are taking up right now, but it’s quite possible that I will never quite manage to wear this as a “dress,” per se. Still, the bright colors, delightful print, easy shape, and full button up front make this a great piece to wear through pregnancy and into a post-partum fall, even though it may only ever exist as a tunic in my book.

Over the weekend, N., little e., my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I all biked to a historic Italian neighborhood and spent the morning sampling bakery goods and poking our heads into cooking and soap shops. For our excursion, I chose warming pieces — a thin cardigan and scarf — that could easily be stripped off for biking and then put back on for meandering. These wallabee wedges provided a comfortable and sturdy base, and my new spacious green bag (thanks, mom-in-law!) carried the usual wallet, phone, and keys, plus little e.’s diaper changing paraphernalia, snacks, cup, and spare owl. (Yes, we keep a spare owl blanket around for little e.) The best thing is that I got to wear most of my favorite colors ALL AT ONCE. Whee!

I liked the color pairing of this top with the olive riding pants, so I decided to tweak things a bit to make it more appropriate for a teaching day. A navy tank served as a “vest” and I punched up the colors even more with turquoise suede pumps. In case you haven’t noticed, I sorely missed my colored pumps during the colder months and I’m so happy to have them back in outfit rotation.

I’m betting this tunic will make one more appearance during my self-imposed week of florals, and I welcome remixing or color palette suggestions. I’m thinking I could perhaps tuck it into a full skirt and have it serve as a blouse?

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§ 18 Responses to 23 March 2011 – For Work and For Play"

  1. Mojca says:

    Absolutely gorgeous colours! And I loooove the bag!

  2. Jessica says:

    That tunic is such a beautiful red, I’d love to see it remixed with something gray.

  3. Nadine says:

    All those colours make me so happy! :)

  4. yes, i am among the hordes who owns (and really likes) this dress. it’s a little different than the other stuff in my closet (it’s bright, it’s flowy, and it’s patterned) but i find it wears and remixes easily. i love the idea of layering it over pants, as you’ve done.

  5. Penny says:

    love the tunic!i usually pair them with pants…especially for busy days in university or running errands!
    your outfit is perfect for spring! :)

  6. NotaBene says:

    When I first saw this dress in the store, I didn’t think I could wear it in a professional on-campus setting, so I didn’t buy it . . . I’m determined not to buy things for awhile that I can’t wear to work. But, your styling of the dress here has changed my mind and I just purchased it on-line. Thanks for styling this to wear to work!

  7. I love the way you’ve remixed the tunic here! A question for you, though: when I tried it on in the store, I was struck by how, for lack of a better word, static-y it seemed, and I was particularly concerned about it in light of a comment Kyla made a few weeks ago about how she’s been struggling with a piece from this fall’s Tucker for Target line because of similar issues. Has it just been less of an issue with pants, or are you rocking some extra-special E. brand of anti-cling magic in these fabulous looks?

    PS: your sunglasses are adorable, and I also find it incredibly difficult to resist the temptation to wear all my favorite colors all at once! ;)

    • admin says:

      S., I haven’t had static issues (yet) with either of my Tucker for Target pieces, but with polyester static cling can be the name of the game, yes? As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a devoted believer in skirt slips, and I wear a really short one — that hits at my natural waist and goes several inches below my bum — whenever I wear flowy tunics over pants or dresses/skirts over tights. I’m wearing it in both of these outfits, resulting in more flow, less cling!

      - E

  8. Licia says:

    I wore this tunic to work today with a mustard blazer, chocolate brown tights and shoes, and gold accessories. I love how it looks with navy and will most definitely try it.

  9. It is such a pretty piece! I actually think both renditions are quite work appropriate.

  10. kelsey says:

    I love love love how you’ve styled this! Especially for play. You are a layering genius!

  11. laura says:

    i love the color and print of that tunic! and you really showed how versatile it could be! I really think you sport the vested look really well :)

  12. Ruth says:

    I love the outfit.

    One general comment: I’m a little disheartened at how frequently Target shows up here. I had a deep, years-long love affair with their clothes, but the company’s on-going habit of donating money to anti-equality politicians has forced me to stop shopping there. I fully support using pieces already in one’s closet or thrifted pieces, but I’m surprised that you’re still buying from a business that is actively donating to anti-LGBT causes.

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your comment. I think that issues of companies donating to politicians –whose personhood and agendas can rarely be distilled into a single line — are complex and that while something like Target’s donation to Emmer get a lot of publicity, there are a multitude of other, less-public factors that make a company supportive of equality. I found this February 2011 interview with Daniel Duty, a gay, high-level Target employee to be interesting on that point: http://www.queerty.com/lets-hear-a-homosexual-executive-at-target-defend-the-companys-reputation-with-the-gays-20110215/

      This is my personal position, and the other chics may disagree with it. We know that we have saavy readers, like you, who make their own informed decisions about what criteria determines where they will and will not shop and we’re grateful for comments like yours that keep us re-evaluating our choices!

      - E

      • Ruth says:

        Thanks for this article!

        My own decisions to stop supporting Target–and I’m still in mourning for the tights and dresses, mind you–did start with their donations to Emmer. But when it came out that the company kept donating to a variety of anti-equality politicians even after the brouhaha over Emmer, I just couldn’t go back. (http://www.theawl.com/2010/12/the-anti-gay-donations-that-target-apologized-for-they-never-stopped). I agree with you about personhood being too complex to distill into a single line, but I’m uncomfortable thinking that some of my money, however statistically improbable it might be, could be used to keep queer couples from marrying, adopting, or enjoying job protection.

        Thanks for making such a great forum for academics passionate about fashion and discussion! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you, and all the other chics, do here!

  13. Grace says:

    I love the ways you styled this dress!!


  14. Sara says:

    I’d love to see you style this with the mustard anthro skirt, or even the floaty, full white skirt you wear so well! You are tempting me to get this piece as I am also pregnant and now I see the versatility it offers!!

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