January 29th, 2011 § 11 comments

Patterns and colors


  • Cardigan – Anthropologie, gift
  • Green tank – BR Outlet
  • Tiered blouse – BR, hand-me-down
  • Grey skinnies – ON Maternity
  • Boots – Banana Republic
  • Necklaces – thrifted


The fun thing about fashion is that it’s dynamic. It’s always changing. I think that personal style should be the same way – free to change, develop, contradict itself, and surprise. Sometimes change comes on its own, unprompted and unmediated. Other times, it happens in a deliberate and self-imposed manner. Lately, I’ve decided to self-impose some style challenges that appeal to me right now – work more pattern mixing into my outfits and make more frequent use of bold, bright jewelry to ‘spice’ up my looks.

{images: Anthropologie}

Whenever I need a visual aid in either of those matters, I turn to the Anthropologie catalogues, which execute both pattern mixing and bold statement pieces beautifully. I wish I could afford more of their pieces, especially their beautiful jewelry, but since they’re a bit out of my price range, I try to find similar items at my local thrift stores. These two necklaces were recent thrift store finds in my attempt to bring more bold statement pieces (in terms of jewelry) into my wardrobe.

At first I thought I’d wear either one or the other necklace with this top and cardigan. I held up one to my neck and then the other and compared the results. Then I realized that I could layer both and truly embrace my new style resolution. What do you think?

Happy weekend, everyone! And stay tuned for the first Weekend Workshop later today! ~ S.


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  1. I love this whole look on you! The jewelry makes a great pop of color/texture (not to mention the clothes!) and you look wonderful!

  2. A-C says:

    S., I really like the way you’ve executed your challenge to yourself. The mix of bright solid colors pulled from the bold pattern of the cardigan works really well. I’m also a fan of doing all that over a tried and true classic of skinny jeans tucked in to boots. Also, if you want to expand your bright bold jewelry without spending a lot, my uncle has a whole bunch that I think you would like. Shoot me an email if you would like to see some of his pieces.

  3. The 2 necklaces are the perfect finish to the outfit–and great with that awesome cardigan!

  4. laura says:

    That blouse is so pretty, and the necklace layering works!

  5. Haley says:

    What a great outfit! I agree that the two necklaces together really work well, and I like that they both echo colors from your new cardigan. Also, that tiered blouse is really lovely. It’s nice to hear about how you go about evolving your style. I often think of different looks I’d like to incorporate into my own style, and then keep that in mind when I put together my own outfits. Now, I want to try creating a style challenge and using some concrete images to guide me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Mojca says:

    Great outfit! I love ‘layering’ necklaces!

  7. Luinae says:

    This whole look is really nice- it’s just bold enough, and it screams style!

  8. Kelsey says:

    I often get shy about layering necklaces, especially large or bold ones. But seeing you wear them here reminds me how stylish it always ends up looking. Your outfit looks finished and appropriately bright, because the necklaces pull the look together.

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  10. Clare says:

    I love how you’ve channeled the Anthropologie catalog. I adore the bright color of the cardigan! :)

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