Shabby Apple “Ingrid” Dress Giveaway!

January 28th, 2011 § 579 comments

Friday Study Breaks have returned to Academichic!

Today, we’re happy to be giving away the “Ingrid” dress from Shabby Apple, an online boutique of vintage-inspired women’s dresses. The Ingrid combines creamy ruffles up top with a sleek black sheath on the bottom, perfect for flattering an hourglass figure but without the muss and fuss of worrying over keeping your blouse tucked in! And wouldn’t it look fantastic with some red pumps?

To enter to win this dress, check out Shabby Apple’s selection of women’s dresses and then leave a comment letting us know which one of their dresses is your favorite. For a second chance to win, “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook — and get access to special promotions and discounts — and leave a separate comment telling us that you did so.

The contest is open until Midnight US Central Time on Sunday, January 30, 2011. We will randomly choose a winner to announce on Monday.

Even if you don’t win, you can still take advantage of a special Academichic discount! Just enter academichicdiscount at check out. (This code expires March 31, 2011.)

§ 579 Responses to Shabby Apple “Ingrid” Dress Giveaway!"

  1. The Sheep Meadow striped dress is awfully fun….

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh, I just love the white cape cod shirt dress called “bonheur”. Maybe summer is on my mind with all this now, but I also know I look great in casual white things, and have wanted to incorporate some more white into my wardrobe.

  3. Ms.Cleaver says:

    Wow – what a bunch of great dresses – my favorites are j. muir and red fox, I also quite like cider. I have a feeling discovering this site is going to be bad on my wallet!!

  4. Emily says:

    I love the ‘some like it hot’ dress. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  5. Ness says:

    Oooh. It’s a tough call between West Coast Swing and Bugle Boy.

  6. Ness says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  7. I love this store! I really like the La Tour Eifel Dress. This is a fantastic giveaway. Thanks for offering it!

  8. Catherine says:

    Ah, I think I like the Ingrid dress the most – so I really hope I win! Have a great weekend, everyone…

  9. Ellie says:

    What beautiful dresses! I actually think the Ingrid is my favorite, but it’s tied with La Seine.

  10. Rachael says:

    I love the blue, ruffly Ribbon Falls! And pretty much every other dress they make.

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  12. Emma says:

    Oh, I’ve loved Shabby Apple for a long time! So many gorgeous dresses.

    I have to say though, I think my favourite right now is: Belle and the Beast (

    I’ve also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook (though I think your link doesn’t work? I had to search for them in any case.)

    Happy Friday!

  13. Adrienna says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  14. Hannah says:

    I really love the “Jack and Jill” dress. It has such a classic cut, and it looks like it’d make the perfect little black dress for any occasion.

  15. Lauren says:

    I love the Le Seine dress! All their dresses are amazing.. this is a great giveaway!

  16. Renee says:

    In conjunction with this, there is a daily deal on Eversave now for Shabby Apple. $25 for a $55 gift certificate!

    I have a big crush on the Bon Voyage dress!

  17. Hannah says:

    I also “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  18. Tara says:

    I have fallen in love with the Cider Dress. Such a rich, gorgeous orange!

  19. MindLess says:

    I love the “Ingrid” dress! I would take it any second, if they offered it to me!

  20. Tara says:

    Also, I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook. :)

  21. Dasha says:

    Well it was hard to narrow down, but I decided to go with 5th Avenue…. or Tanglewood! I will certainly do more shopping there, love love love these clothes!

  22. Adrienna says:

    I like so many of the dresses! The Liz and Darcy is a good, versatile dress — and quite flattering (I think it’s way more versatile than a bridesmaid’s dress!). I also adore the Red Fox – I imagine I’d feel sassy every time I wore it.

  23. Keri says:

    All of the dresses are amazing, but my favorite it Champs Elysees!

  24. Sonja says:

    “Ain’t She Sweet” from the All That Jazz Boutique is fabulous! Thanks for the contest!

  25. Sonja says:

    ….and I like them on Facebook!

  26. D'Rae says:

    My favorite dress is/was the bugle boy. It was a dark gray skirt with white top attached and a big flower in front. It was adorable!

  27. D'Rae says:

    I follow them on facebook!

  28. Jackie says:

    My faves are Shakespeare Garden and Penelope & Odysseus!

  29. seradela says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  30. Jackie says:

    … and I like them on Facebook too!

  31. Rachel Whitt says:

    My fave is the L’artiste. I love casual dresses; this would be perfect for spring!

  32. Cynthia says:

    I’ve actually had my eye on this dress. My favorite Shabby Apple dress was the Kuna Crest, but then I ordered it and it was cut very narrow in the hips (while fitting on top) and so I had to return it. I also like the G. Cooper.

  33. Bella says:

    Jacob’s Pillow. I’ve been wanting a polka dot dress since I saw Pretty Woman for the first time!:)

  34. Beth says:

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  35. Annalese says:

    I liked the Midtown dress, but I think I’ll have to make some purchases in the near future. At least the dresses are by and large less expensive than I feared they’d be!

  36. Beth says:

    Sheep Meadow! ADORABLE!

  37. Lindsey says:

    I really love the Champs Elysees dress, but it’s hard to pick a favorite out of so many lovely dresses!

  38. alaina says:

    I love the five to nine dresses. Just love them!

  39. Amy M says:

    I adore the Champs Elysees!

  40. Amy says:

    I like the shabby apple and the cider

  41. Erin Holden says:

    I love love love Sequoia and Le Soleil! They are amazing! If I had to pick a sure-fire favorite, it would be Le Soleil.

  42. Grace says:

    I really like the Atlantic Fog dress. I like how while it is simple it has nice details and it’s made from jersey. I’m loving jersey dresses these days. :)

  43. Jen Bohle says:

    I love the Jody Maxman, among others. I can see this one being perfect all year round, and for multiple occasions.

  44. Linnea says:

    I like the Up and Away dress. Simple and very pretty.

  45. Erin H says:

    I liked you on Facebook!

  46. Jen Bohle says:

    …And I actually already liked them on facebook a few weeks ago :)

  47. Shana says:

    I love the Fork-Tailed Devil dress!

  48. Rebecca says:

    How am I supposed to pick a favorite?! They are all so cute! Ok if I have to narrow it down, I’d say probably Bon Voyage.

  49. Lujan says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook. I discovered them through this blog and I love them!

  50. Cati says:

    Love Sheep Meadow!

  51. I’ve had my eye on the Champs Elysees for awhile now but the Bijou is very pretty as well…

  52. Julie Walker says:

    Love the Kuna Crest dress! Really, so many are favs!

  53. Lujan says:

    I think Bethesda Fountain is my favorite. Not only I love the color, but I also think it could be very versatile with the right accessories.

  54. Andrea says:

    What a fantastic site! Like the commenter above, I also love the Champs Elysees and also the Nantucket – I’m a sucker for a full, flouncy skirt!

  55. Rebecca says:

    I’ve also liked them on facebook!

  56. I am seriously swooning over the Ingrid, but I also love the Champs Elysees–that color and cut is just to die for!

  57. Marjie Stewart says:

    Kuna Crest — but it was a really tough choice. they’re all fabulous!

  58. JD says:

    Sheep Meadow!

  59. Also commenting to say I “liked” the Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  60. Andrea says:

    I also just “liked” them on Facebook.

  61. Mandy H says:

    I love all of their vintage inspired dresses, but Cider is my favorite!

  62. Emily CC says:

    I love a lot of their dresses, but the Liz and Darcy is especially appealing (maybe because it makes me think of Colin Firth….)

  63. Mandy H says:

    I liked them on Facebook.

  64. Laura says:

    I’m loving Bon Voyage. It looks like it would flatter my figure (skinny… boobs…) and be comfortable, AND adorable.

  65. Sira says:

    I love the Cider dress in the Berkshires collection! I never wear that color, but I would make an exception for that neckline.

  66. Natalie says:

    LOVE the Champs Elysees! But there are so many beautiful dresses to ogle.

  67. Meghan R says:

    Awesome! I love two dresses: “le seine” and “shanghai”

  68. Cathie says:

    La Seine is my fave though there are many other gorgeous dresses. Thanks for the link.

  69. I adore El Capitan dress. I am following on FB now.

  70. Natalie says:

    Also, just “liked” Shabby Apple on fb.

  71. Kristi says:

    J’adore La Tour Eiffel!

  72. Kristi says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  73. Leigh says:

    I love the Aspen! I think I would pull that cowl neck up around my head when I got chilly :)

  74. Angela says:

    I liked the shabby apple!

  75. Meenoo says:

    While I love all the teal dresses, I am especially drawn to the Cider dress. Such a gorgeous color!

  76. Sharon says:

    Bon Voyage is so pretty, and I like the simple elegance of Shanghai.

  77. Sharon says:

    Just liked Shabby Apple on fb!

  78. Alta says:

    I love the Champs Elysees dress!

  79. Raquel Ybanez says:

    I love the Cider dress. There is simplicity in the design, but boldness in the color!

  80. Alta says:

    I also liked Shabby apple on facebook!

  81. Raquel Ybanez says:

    Just “liked” on FB too!

  82. Angela says:

    I also love the Desert Blossom dress from their site

  83. Cathy says:

    I love Champs Elysees! Bonheur comes in a close second. Thank you for sharing this- I had never heard of Shabby Apple. Now I love it!

  84. jen. says:

    I love the Ramble dress, but it’s hard to choose. I’ve “almost” bought from Shabby Apple, but then at the last minute, I can’t decide which dress I want because I want them all!

  85. jen. says:

    I liked them on fb, too!

  86. Cathy says:

    And now I’ve “liked” them on Facebook. Consider me addicted.

  87. C says:

    The “Azure coast” dress is my favorite!

  88. Katharine says:

    Ooooh, maybe it’s the color or maybe the ruffles, but… CIDER!!!

  89. Lindsey says:

    i really like the Champs Elysees dress! i love bottom portion.

  90. Lindsey says:

    i like shabby apple on fbook. hollla

  91. Lindsey P. says:

    I LOVE the cider dress! The bright pop of orange and the lovely ruffled neckline are just beautiful!

  92. Cher says:

    Love love love the Ingrid & the Nantucket

  93. Amanda says:

    I’ve been looking for a twist-on-a-classic shirtdress, and I immediately fell in love with the Carnival dress! Lovely!

  94. Katrina says:

    So many I love! I think my top three this morning are the Liz and Darcy, Le Seine, and El Capitan. Love Shabby Apple!

  95. Amanda says:

    I Liked Shabby Apple on FB, as well! Thanks so much!

  96. Courtney says:

    When I am not pregnant I think I would choose the glacier but I also love the black rose maternity dress

  97. Megan says:

    I’m a sucker for horizontal stripes so I love the Sheep Meadow dress!

  98. Haley says:

    I would love to get the B 17 Bombshell dress. I actually love lots of the “up and away” dresses, but that one would be so versatile and flattering.

  99. Courtney says:

    I “like” shabby apple on facebook

  100. Kelly K says:

    Ooh, how fun! I like l’Ete. I need a dress for a summer wedding, great ideas here. Will be sure to like them on Facebook!

  101. What a great giveaway! I like the Cider dress – such an unexpected color and the ruffle detail is too cute.

  102. Kelly K says:

    I liked them on Facebook.

  103. Rebecca says:

    Great giveaway!
    Love the Ballerina dress – such a great style for us tall ladies with long legs who want to look professional

  104. Robin says:

    I really like the Champs Elysees dress!

  105. Robin says:

    Just liked them on Facebook- looking forward to updates from them!

  106. Krissydawn16 says:

    I love the whole 1943 collection (bows and pearls and ruffles, eek!!!) but my favorite, other than the giveaway one, is the Bette D. Found here:

    PS: Thanks for introducing this site… just in time for my birthday next week!!!

  107. Meredith says:

    So many lovely dresses (and swimsuits!), I’m hooked. The G. Cooper is definitely the best fit for my style and shape, but there are a ridiculous number of great choices.

  108. HokieKate says:

    I love the purple ballerina dress. It looks so comfy, yet polished!

  109. Meredith says:

    Now I’ve “liked” them on FB and look forward to getting sale notices!

  110. Mandy Higgins says:

    AMAZING dress. So excited about this giveaway and the beautiful botique

  111. Sarah says:

    Such gorgeous dresses … I love them, but have never managed to be quite willing to spend the money! My favorites are the La Tour Eiffel and the Sheep Meadow.

  112. AW says:

    I couldn’t pick just one as my favorite. I like Ferris Wheel & Trapeze. Both have really cute prints with nice classic lines & detailing. I think I have a new obsession.

  113. Cara says:

    Oooh! The Cider dress! I may have fallen in love with it, and now may have to buy it. Hmm… now where did I hide my credit card the last time I had an urge like this?

  114. Lizzy says:

    The “Glacier” dress on their website is my favorite!

  115. Erin B. says:

    Love that you have a giveaway for such a a fabulous company! I would wear the Ingrid in a heartbeat but also adore Ming. A dress that looks like separates? Perfect!

  116. Maria says:

    I love the cider dress. (And the app that helps you figure out what dresses might suit your body is pure genius).

  117. Fellow A says:

    I love the simplicity of Mt. Greylock and how it still seems to be something that would turn heads all day!

  118. Mary says:

    I love their “find your perfect fit” feature! So helpful :)

    As far as dresses, I loved Cider! I love the neckline.

  119. Tamara says:

    So many beautiful dresses! Thank you for introducing me. I LOVE the Aspen brown cowl neck sweater dress! I can already picture it with all sorts of tights/boots combinations. It looks so toasty warm, so it would be perfect for my commute and in front of the class.

  120. Tamara says:

    I like Shabby Apple on facebook!

  121. Sarah says:

    Just liked them on facebook too!

  122. Emmilee says:

    I would be perfectly delighted to have any one of the Shabby Apple dresses! “The Boss” black sheath dress would be especially versatile.

  123. Emmilee says:

    I am a facebook fan of Shabby Apple as well.

  124. Fellow A says:

    I just like them on Facebook, too!

  125. Oh, I love this dress. My favorite though is El Capitan.

  126. Grace B. says:

    Really loving the La Noche Negra dress!

  127. Grace B. says:

    Just liked them on Facebook!

  128. Alisha says:

    I love the Mandarin Plum dress!

  129. Kalee says:

    I love the Shanghai purple silk dress!

  130. Kalee says:

    And I “like” them on facebook of course!

  131. Cara says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

  132. Bethany D says:

    I’m completely in love with the Ponderosa.

  133. Ecochic says:

    They have so many beautiful dresses in gorgeous shapes and styles! I am particular towards the Truman and Jitterbug dresses.

  134. Ecochic says:

    I just liked them on FB!

  135. NEM says:

    The Champs Elysees dress would be perfect for spring! Navy blue and white is always a classic.

  136. Diana says:

    Ilove the simple Nantucket.

  137. Krissydawn16 says:

    Just liked them on facebook (and made a HUGE wishlist on their website!!)

  138. Rebecca says:

    I really want the Madison Ave dress.

  139. Vee says:

    I love the Bethesda Fountain dress!

  140. Vee says:

    I also liked them on facebook.

  141. Abbie says:

    Liking complete.

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  143. Suzanne says:

    I think La Tour Eiffel is so cute. I am waiting for my size to get back in stock.

  144. I love the Billie, Upper East Side, and the Bon Voyage dresses.

  145. I’m following on Facebook too!

  146. Abbie says:

    La Tour Eiffel — cute!

  147. Phuong says:

    I like this dress:

    That shape always flatters my figure. Thanks Chics!

  148. Jessie says:

    I love the Frida K. Thanks!

  149. Phuong says:

    I also liked Shabby Apple on FB!

  150. Cheryl says:

    I simply adore the Cleopatra dress!

  151. Jessie Kathleen Finch says:

    The “Carnival” dress is my favorite. Much like the Ingrid, they have a classic clean look that makes any girl feel pretty!

  152. I liked Shabby Apple on FB, too!!

  153. Alison says:

    Liked them on Facebook. Your link in the post isn’t working, by the way.

  154. Alison says:

    Oh, forgot to say which dress was my favorite. How could I choose?! I love the Bon Voyage, though!

  155. Jacqueline says:

    Definitely a fan of the Champs Elysee dress. Great giveaway!

    Love Shabby Apple!

  156. Jacqueline says:

    Just followed Shabby Apple on Facebook too!

  157. Calllie says:

    I love “sheep meadow” and “cider”!

  158. Calllie says:

    I like them on FB (Callie Alley)

  159. Christina says:

    I used the “shop by body type” feature which includes a short quiz to determine your figure (I’m an apple). I loved all the recommended dresses for that shape, especially the Martha’s Vineyard.

  160. Jen says:

    I love the “Champs Elysees.” So lovely!

  161. Christina says:

    I also liked them on facebook but FYI the link you posted didn’t work. I just searched for Shabby Apple.

  162. Ris says:

    I love the “Billie” dress–it’s gorgeous!

  163. Weathering says:

    My favourite is the Lincoln Center black canvas dress, I think (though part of me wants to like the brightly-coloured dresses more).

  164. Weathering says:

    And I ‘liked’ Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  165. Martina says:

    Oh my oh my … I am hard-pressed to pick just one favorite. They all have such good construction, beautiful colors, and timeless shapes; I feel like I could teach, study, and defend my dissertation in any one of them!

    But okay, my very favorite, the one that most makes my heart leap, is the Cider dress. With the ruffled, scoop collar and perfect color, I think I might be in love!

  166. Martina says:

    I also definitely just liked Shabby Apple on FB. What a store!

  167. Bettina says:

    I love “Upper East Side” – colour, shape, everything about it is perfect!

  168. Jennifer says:

    I love the G. Cooper dress!

  169. Jennifer says:

    And I also liked them on facebook!

  170. BrieCS says:

    I <3 Espina Bonita. Simple, fit for my body type. I'm also mad in love with Skymaster and Top Gun.

  171. BrieCS says:

    I’ve liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  172. Megan Gaughan says:

    So funny, I first checked out Shabby Apple when they offered an Eversave coupon yesterday! I love the El Capitan dress!

  173. lauralou says:

    i love the Kenya! work appropriate AND cute – that never happens!

  174. Megan Gaughan says:

    And now I’ve liked them on Facebook!

  175. Sabrina says:

    I love the Cayenne dress. I have always wanted a bold red dress and their handy widget tells me it will be flattering to my build as well!

  176. Emily says:

    I love the Carnival; I’ve become a sucker for the double-breasted effect lately, and the color is gorgeous.

  177. Sabrina says:

    And, I’ve liked them on Facebook :)

  178. Jen says:

    Love the Jade dress.

  179. lauralou says:

    like on facebook = done.

  180. Jen says:

    Also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  181. Elise says:

    The ingrid dress is very pretty! And I have that lipstick too, so I’d be able to complete the look.

    I also really like the Mandarian Plum, Shanghai and Alto Sax styles.

  182. gina says:

    oh my goodness… how to choose just one favorite… I could take the entire All That Jazz, 1943 and Skyscraper collections.

    I would love to win the Ingrid dress! I didn’t remember that Shabby Apple carried bathing suits. I will have check back as bathing suit season is closer.

  183. Angelique says:

    Ooh, I like l’ete! The stripes are fun, but the shape is still classic. Love it!

  184. Angelique says:

    Also, I like them on Facebook! :-)

  185. Jackie says:

    I love the Red Fir dress! But frankly, choosing just one favorite is too hard…all of their stuff is lovely!

  186. Jackie says:

    Aaaand I’ve just liked Shabby Apple on Facebook. :)

  187. Emily says:

    And I just liked them on Facebook. Sigh, now I will be looking at pretty dresses all the time…

  188. Elizabeth says:

    I love the “Cider” dress in the Berkshire Collection. Gorgeous color and classic fit!

  189. Elizabeth says:

    Just liked Shabby Apple on FB… could be dangerous.

  190. Emily says:

    I really love the Penelope & Odysseus dress in the Golden Gate collection. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  191. Denise says:

    I have always loved the “Cider” dress. I love the bright orange color!

  192. Denise says:

    I liked them on FB! :)

  193. Bethany D says:

    Also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  194. Jennifer G says:

    I actually love the Ingrid dress the most :)

  195. Catherine says:

    So many great ones to choose from! Cider might be my favorite though, with it’s awesome color and detailing around the neck. Great giveaway!

  196. Lisa says:

    I really like the Ballerina dress!

  197. Camie says:

    It’s a tie between the Cider (that color!) and the Bon Voyage dress. Hmm, my birthday is in a few months. . .

  198. Catherine says:

    Just liked them on FB too!

  199. Amberly says:

    Beuatiful dress! I loved the Le Tour Eiffel dress too…

  200. Amberly says:

    Just became a fan on Facebook…

  201. J.Gale says:

    The Tuskegee dress is to die for! It reminds me of a dress my grandmother wore in her engagement photos.

  202. J.Gale says:

    I am a fan of Shabby Apple on FB.

  203. Julia says:

    I like Bon Voyage

  204. Rachel says:

    Loved the This Side of Paradise dress!

  205. Jennifer says:

    It’s so hard to choose one but the Marco Polo would be a perfect winter dress!

  206. Andrea says:

    The shanghai dress is my fave! Along with this beauty, of course.

  207. Anna says:

    The Samarkand dress. Beautiful rich blue color – I’d wear it a golden afternoon by a river.

  208. Jessica R says:

    I would go for “the ramble”- the pleats look so fun!

  209. Anna says:

    Also, liked Shabby Apple on FB; done!

  210. Rachel says:

    I also Liked them on Facebook

  211. Jessica Temple says:

    The “Sheep Meadow”Green and White Striped Dress is awesome!

  212. Jessica R says:

    and I liked them on FB! Thanks for putting this together, academichics.

  213. Jenny says:

    I love the Navy ‘Bon Voyage’ dress!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. Jessica Temple says:

    I liked Shaggy Apple on Facebook too.

  215. Jessica says:

    I have been wanting to buy a shabby apple dress for a long time now! My favorite (although not necessarily something I would wear to teach in) is The Boss, with Manager Director in a close second.

  216. Cat says:

    I love the Frida K, that tied neck blouse look always does it for me.

  217. Jessica says:

    Liked them on FB, too!

  218. Stephanie Lord says:

    became a facebook fan!

  219. mariah says:

    I love them all but the “Cider” dress from the Berkshires collection is my favorite!

  220. Pamela says:

    The Ballerina dress is perfect. It looks as comfortable as pajamas, but with really elegant lines – looks like a great all-day or travel dress.

  221. Hilary says:

    I liked them on Fb!

  222. mariah says:

    I like shabby apple on FB :)

  223. helene says:

    the red fox dress is my favorite. I mean it has ruffles!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway :).

  224. Michelle says:

    I love that dress!! And I also love the Le Soleil dress:

  225. Michelle says:

    I also liked them on FB!

  226. Hilary says:

    I love that they let you search by body shape! My favorite dress is the Champs Elysees… And the Bugle Boy is adorable.

  227. Nisha V. says:

    The B/W dress is beautiful — my favorite on the site was the La Seine dress — the print is lovely.

    Thanks for the contest!

  228. Ashley K says:

    I loooove that Gray Fox dress! It’s so gorgeous!

  229. Nisha V. says:

    I liked them on Facebook too!

  230. Allison says:

    I love the Bonheur dress

  231. Pretty! My favorite, for some time, has been the houndstooth Madison Ave dress. Droooool.

  232. Allison says:

    I liked Shabby apple on facebook.

  233. Leah says:

    I love their Jacob’s Pillow dress!

  234. Steph says:

    I love the Shanghai!

  235. Alisha Street says:

    I love the Ingrid dress! It’s gorgeous!

  236. Alisha Street says:

    I “liked” on Facebook!

  237. Stephanie Lord says:

    The Kuna Crest–I love the varied brown tones.

  238. Denise says:

    I like Bon Voyage!

  239. Diana says:

    I love the Trapeze dress! Such a pretty print!

  240. Allegra says:

    The Upper East Side dress from the Manhattan collection is my favorite — so Mad Men!

  241. Allegra says:

    Also, just liked them on FB!

  242. Karissa says:

    Love “Le Seine” for its silkiness and gorgeous print!

  243. Karissa says:

    Sadly, I can’t say I “like” anything on Facebook because I refuse to join and be part of the privacy piracy. (I quit in 2008 after being a college-only, founding member in 2005.) Hopefully you won’t hold that against me. I’d still love, love, love to win that dress. :-)

  244. Jennifer A. says:

    I love Forbidden City, all the dresses are great.

  245. April says:

    I liked SB on fbook.

  246. I love the Dot To Dot dress.

  247. April says:

    I also really like their Soleil dress.

  248. Diana Zylow says:

    I LOVE the Champs Elysess dress!

  249. Isa says:

    Of all the beautiful dresses on their site, I think my favorite is the very simple “Gypsy”

  250. Diana Zylow says:

    I “like” them on Facebook.

  251. Allison says:

    I love Shabby Apple! I have a wedding of one of my best friends coming up, & this dress is beautiful! My favorite would be the “l’Opera”, it’s so bright & the details are amazing! :)

  252. Lucy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the La Tour Eiffel dress!

  253. Lucy says:

    I also liked them on Facebook. :)

  254. Allison says:

    I also liked on FB ;)

  255. Angela says:

    I have loved the Cleopatra dress for about a year now, but I’d have to do too many alterations to make it work on my frame – so I admire it from afar. :)

  256. Christianna says:

    Oh wow. I’d love to win this adorable dress.

  257. Emily says:

    I love so many of their dresses it’s hard to choose. But I especially like the Giverny.

  258. Christianna says:

    196th person to “like”, no, “love” this dress and Shabby Apple on FB.

  259. Emily says:

    … and I facebook liked them.

  260. Emily says:

    It’s so hard to choose! I love the champs elysees dress though.

  261. Jenny E. says:

    I love the Bon Voyage dress–the pleats are adorable.

  262. Jessica says:

    I LOVE the Le Soleil dress! In fact, I am currently looking for a yellow dress to get married in – it might just be a contender!

  263. Jessica says:

    I also “Liked” them on facebook!

  264. Jessie says:

    Ah! I love the Black Oak. Reminds me how badly I need a new LBD, haha!

  265. Ms.Cleaver says:

    Liked them on Facebook too!

  266. Libby Kamen says:

    I’ve loved Shabby Apple for a whiiile now. I love the Ingrid! Definitely my #1 want!

  267. Libby Kamen says:

    Liked them on facebook as well! YAY!

  268. A-C says:

    I love tanglewood.

  269. Amanda says:

    Are your contests open to Canadian residents? If so, it was really hard to choose a favourite dress but at the moment the one I covet the most is the Manager Director although the Ramble comes in a close second.

  270. Natasha says:

    I’m such a fan of Shabby Apple. The new Tuskegee dress is my favourite to drool over.

  271. A-C says:

    I “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  272. MissJillO says:

    “V.P.” from the Skyscraper collection is my favorite. A very cute LBD!

  273. Catherine says:

    Oh my goodness. I love the Le Soleil dress so much!

  274. MissJillO says:

    Just “liked” Shabby Apple on FB. :)

  275. Lucy says:

    Love so many of their dresses! I’d be happy with the one involved, as well jacobs pillow and champs elysees :)

  276. Christy says:

    I love the martha’s vineyard dress. It’s beautiful!

  277. Surinder says:

    i love the Upper East Side Dress! But there are really so many beautiful ones!

  278. kate.d. says:

    i love the Upper East Side dress.

  279. Surinder says:

    FB Love!

  280. Courtney says:

    I love the Atlantic Fog for winter wear or the Champ Eylsees for summer!

  281. Amy says:

    I love it – gorgeous! Shabby Apple has really spectacular dresses, so it’s hard to choose a favorite, but my current favorite is the Marseilles dress.

  282. Amy says:

    Also, I “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook. :)

  283. Sierra says:

    I really like the Champs Elysees dress!

  284. Mrs.M in MI says:

    Love the Bethesda Fountain dress, though I do like the Ingrid very much, too!

  285. Sierra says:

    And I “liked” Shabby Apple on facebook

  286. Kristin says:

    I love the Bonheur dress; it’s definitely my favorite at the moment.

  287. Kristin says:

    I also “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  288. EBONY says:

    wow! I’d never heard of this site…and how fabulous to know they exist since I was actually on Etsy this morning looking for cute vintage pieces!
    Here are the great things that I love about the site:
    1. You can shop by body type!!!!
    2. the selection.
    3. the products are great (or seem to be great) for taller women such as myself! I’m 5’10″ and often have a hard time trying to look like a lady, without dresses being incredibly short!

    one only disappointment….seemed to take 4EVER to load on my page…may be due to my internet connection, though. but well worth my wait! :)

    Ok so with so many great options out there, I’ll have to say of the favorites that I have, I’d LOVE to add “VP” to my collection!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  289. Fallon says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite! My favorite is actually Ingrid, followed by Billie.

  290. “Cider” the orange ruffled scoop neck dress! I {adore} the one Shabby Apple dress hanging in my closet!

  291. Fallon says:

    I also “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  292. Jamie says:

    I love all their dresses, but I think the Ming is my favorite!

  293. EBONY says:

    I also “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook. :)

  294. Jamie says:

    I also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  295. SK says:

    Love red fir!

  296. Abby says:

    Yorkshire is my fave.

  297. Swati says:

    I love the Partner dress!

  298. Swati says:

    I like them on Facebook

  299. Theresa says:

    Polka dots and an adorable vintage cut?! I want the Jacob’s Pillow dress in my closet!

  300. Tara says:

    Love the Ballerina dress.

  301. Beth Ellen says:

    Definitely the Bon Voyage dress!

  302. Tara says:

    like Shabby Apple on facebook

  303. Maggie says:

    I love the Sierra Nevada dress. Love the detailing.

  304. Maggie says:

    I also “liked” them on Facebook. hooray!

  305. Dianna says:

    As someone who’s 9 months along, All Wrapped Up looks lovely! But afterwards, Marco Polo is just the thing for me :)

  306. Sarah V. says:

    Champs Elysees!

  307. Julia says:

    I have liked them on facebook and will leave a reply with my favourite of their dresses.

  308. I like Shabby Apple on Facebook!!

  309. Julia says:

    I absolutely love love love the G. Cooper dress–it would look also look great with a pair of coloured pumps and a chic little updo. :)

  310. Katie says:

    I love the Sheep Meadow dress… great for spring and summer fun!

  311. katrina says:

    I love the Champs Elysees dress. Such a classic and retro shape, but the colors give it whimsy.

  312. katrina says:

    Also, “Liked” them on facbook. I wish facebook had a “Love” button, because I would so click it!

  313. Hannah T. says:

    I love the El Capitan dress. The silhouette is gorgeous and you just can’t go wrong with that deep navy!

  314. Hannah T. says:

    Also, I liked them on Facebook :)

  315. Jessica says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

  316. Jessica says:

    Honestly…I like this dress the best! I’m getting my MLIS, and this just screams librarian to me!

  317. Katie says:

    I liked them on facebook

  318. Pam says:

    These dresses are so fabulous! I love the vintage look. I adore so many of them…Sheep Meadow has stripes, a flirty full skirt and great color! I just got a new job and this would be a perfect outfit!

  319. Jessica says:

    I loved the black oak dress! Really pretty.

  320. Pam says:

    I liked them on Facebook too!

  321. Chaia says:

    I love the Carnival dress.

  322. margaret says:

    I like L’ARTISTE the best.

  323. Allison says:

    I love the L’Artiste dress! Great giveaway!

  324. Christina says:

    I’m loving their new Crouching Tiger dress!

  325. Amanda says:

    I love the desert blossom dress. What a great site!

  326. Amy K says:

    I LOVE the Casablanca dress. So much drama but so simple.

  327. Kate says:

    Top Gun is my pick!

  328. SM says:

    They’re all great, but the Ingrid dress is still my favorite!

  329. Lee says:

    L’Artiste is my favorite!

  330. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited to see this giveaway; Shabby Apple makes such beautiful dresses! Plus, they make sure all their dresses are complete packages — that is, you don’t need to buy a slip or any other special add-ons to make the dress work. I think my favorite is the Champs Elysees. Thank you!

  331. Shannon says:

    I think “Carnival” could be the not-quite-wrap dress I’ve been looking for.

  332. Shannon says:

    …and Shannon likes Shabby Apple!

  333. Lee says:

    FYI the coupon code says that it is expired already.

  334. Marci says:

    I like the 2300 & 38 inches dress would be perfect for these cold winter days.

  335. Upper east side dress is great.

  336. Ada says:

    I love the “L’Opera” dress. The frills are so pretty and the color is dreamy.
    Thanks for the fab giveaway! I love Shabby Apple.

  337. Camille says:

    I like the El Mar (teal dress with ruffle sleeves).

  338. Stephanie says:

    I love the Atlantic Fog. Looks good for chasing kids in.

  339. I love the La Tour Eiffel dress! So cute.

  340. Stephanie says:

    I liked the Shabby Apple on FB

  341. Camille says:

    I like the El Mar (teal dress with ruffle sleeves).

  342. Rose says:

    My favorite is the Sierra Nevada dress.

  343. Holly says:

    I ::heart:: the L’artiste dress!

  344. Angeline says:

    Totally in love with the Forbidden City dress right now!

  345. Angeline says:

    And I “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook. :)

  346. christy says:

    Wow, love the 2300 and 38 inches dress!

  347. Aubrey says:

    I love the azure coast dress! What a lovely shade of blue. Though the Ingrid dress that you are giving away is one of my favorites as well. Its so perfect for styling classically for the classroom!

  348. christy says:

    And a “Like” on facebook.

  349. Annmarie says:

    I have been coveting the CHAMPS ELYSEES dress. So gorgeous!

  350. Annmarie says:

    And I liked them on Facebook!

  351. Evelyn says:


  352. Kinsey says:

    I love love love the Skymaster dress!

  353. Mojca says:

    My favourite is Mary Jane Watson!

  354. Elisabeth says:

    I love the L’Artiste and Tuxedo IV dresses! How beautiful!

  355. Mojca says:

    And I ‘like’Shabby Apple’on FB!

  356. Raimy says:

    I love the L’Opera dress. To bad they are out of size mediums.

  357. Stephanie says:

    I love the “Ming” dress in the Silk Road collection.

  358. Susan says:

    I love the Forbidden City dress.

  359. Catalina says:

    My favorite is the G. Cooper. Lovely dresses!

  360. Kate says:

    As someone who grew up near the area, I absolutely adore the Berkshire collection, especially the Jacob’s pillow dress.

  361. Kate says:

    and I liked it on Facebook!

  362. Portia says:

    the Top Gun. Would be an awesome winter outfit with tights and boots.

  363. Samantha says:

    Despite the ominous-sounding name of the “Fork-Tailed Devil” dress, I think it’s very sweet and its gorgeous burgundy color would integrate beautifully into my wardrobe. If I weren’t on a student budget I’d definitely pick it up!

  364. Samantha says:

    Also, I “liked” Shabby Apple on fb!

  365. Mary says:

    I love the CHAMPS ELYSEES dress – the color is so beautiful, and the cut of the dress really accentuates an hourglass figure.

  366. PSUCoCo says:

    I love the Champs Elysees dress – it is great by itself- but I could imagine adding some layers this winter!!

  367. Vive Griffith says:

    I’m totally tickled by their dresses — great find! I love the Ingrid, would also go for Azure Coast and Gypsy.

  368. Vive says:

    Liked on Facebook as well.

  369. Ryane says:

    Love their dresses– I’m drawn to their Rhythm Dancer dress these days.

  370. Ryane says:

    I’m also a “like” on facebook.

  371. Sarah says:

    The champs elysees dress is amazing.

  372. Ms. T says:

    I love the Champs Elysees dress. I’m a sucker for pleats. :)

  373. Miriam says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite with so many beautiful dresses to choose from! I think I’ll say Mt Greylock.

  374. notacomputeruser says:

    love the Boogie Woogie dress!!

  375. lala says:

    My favorite is the Le Seine from Shabby Apple.

  376. lala says:

    I “like” Shabby Apple on FB!

  377. Shauna says:

    I am going to say i like the “5 to 9″ dress or the “moss and ivy” dress. Both are lovely.

  378. Olga says:

    I really like the Forbidden City dress!

  379. Cristy says:

    Wow, gorgeous! I wanted to take home 75% of the dresses in the “Flirty” section. I think a few of my favorites were the Bon Voyage (crisp, clean, elegant), the Cider dress (such a lovely fall dress!) and Black Oak. Thanks for alerting us to this great shop, ladies!

  380. Casey says:

    I love the L’Opera dress. It looks so pretty in a jewel tone purple.

  381. Sally says:

    My favorite would have to be West Coast Swing, but there are many, many delightful dresses there!

  382. Sally says:

    Also, I “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  383. Kelly says:

    I love the “Scarlett Raven” dress. It is so classy and elegant.

  384. Kelly says:

    And comment number two for liking Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  385. JustMe says:

    i love the “red fir” . beautiful!

  386. Nodakademic says:

    I love the Aspen dress!

  387. Amanda says:

    I really like this dress! I’m a future librarian and this would be great all up in the stacks with some pretty patterned tights!

  388. Amanda says:

    I’m getting “Page not found” when I try to like the Facebook page as well! :-(

  389. Marci says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on facebook :)

  390. Catherine says:

    I am am P.E. teacher :) I am envious of the tres chic ladies out there :) I only get to play dress up on the weekend, but that is more fun, eh? If I could BE a dress on the weekends…it would be “L’Opera”.

  391. Rita says:

    I adore the appalachia dress!

  392. Rita says:

    I couldn’t access them on FB through your link, but I managed to find them and liked them!

  393. Elizabeth says:

    Love the Upper East Side AND the Ingrid! I’ve always admired Shabby Apple dresses but have not yet pulled the trigger and bought one myself…

  394. Elizabeth says:

    Also, I “like” Shabby Apple on facebook!

  395. Melissa Lvanglue says:

    I favor the Ingrid dress.
    Love your blog!

  396. Laurie says:

    I love the Kuna Crest dress. Classy and tailored fun!

  397. Sare says:

    French Quarter. That is gorgeous!

  398. Laurie says:

    Also Liked on Facebook.

  399. Sare says:

    and liked on facebook

  400. Joni says:

    Loving the glacier dress–so versatile!

  401. Katie Vale says:

    I LOVE that website! My favorite dress is the green and white stripped called Sheep Meadow.

  402. Katie Vale says:

    Just liked on facebook! : )

  403. Ena says:

    I love love love this shop! And I adore the Ingrid dress. I just started teaching, and it would be so perfect for class!

  404. Gienah Ghurab says:

    Oh, I love Shabby Apple! (Not that I’ve been able to afford any of their clothes as of yet.)

    I particularly like the Red Fir dress.

  405. Tina Z says:

    I like the “10/10 Cloud Cover” dress quite a bit, thanks!

  406. Margaret says:

    I like the bon voyage dress! the pleats are great!

  407. Rebecca says:

    Bethesda Fountain is just my style. Thanks for the giveaway!

  408. Margaret says:

    and just liked them on facebook!

  409. Alexis says:

    I want the entire 1943 collection, but especially the G. Cooper. But the Madison Ave. in the Manhattan collection also makes me feel a little funny inside, in a good way.

  410. Heidi says:

    I love the Carnival dress.

    Well, I love them all, really. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    Thanks so much!

  411. Fei-fei says:

    I love the Midtown dress. It’s so classy.

  412. Meagan says:

    I love the Trapeze dress! So chic and definitely a statement!

  413. Sarah says:

    I love the purple Giverny dress! I also love that it’s called “Giverny” – what a beautiful place!

  414. Kelly says:

    I liked them on facebook!

  415. Kelly says:

    I love the looks of the Bonheur dress. It is simple and yet so elegant. I would wear this constantly in the summer.

  416. Mimi says:

    I love little black dresses, so I love the Aristocrat!

  417. Carmen T says:

    Think I’ll stick with Ingrid as my fave. So many pretty options!

  418. Mimi says:

    I also liked them on Facebook!

  419. Shannon Smith says:

    I love the Ingrid and the Bugle Boy. Thanks for bringing this company to my attention!

  420. Corrie says:

    I HAD to go w/something from the “Yosemite” collection, since I climbed Half Dome at age 15. :) I love the “Chickaree” dress!

  421. panda says:

    My favorite dress is the Jacob’s Pillow dress :)

  422. Corrie says:

    I “liked” Shabby Apple on FB.

  423. Megan says:

    Wow sure is hard to pick. I think I like up and away the most.

  424. Bekah says:

    I love the amethyst dress – I’m a sucker for the wrap and the color is beautiful!

  425. Michele P. says:

    I like the Rosarita dress from the Baja collection!

  426. Michele P. says:

    I like Shabby Apple on FB

  427. Sara V says:

    Oh, so hard to choose only one… But the “Ingrid” dress is for sure my favorite. It’s a classic, timeless dress…

  428. Aimee says:

    I really like the West Coast Swing!

  429. Sara V says:

    I like it on fb too!

  430. Aimee says:

    I also liked them on FB.

  431. Jaclyn says:

    Love the MING dress! So classy!

  432. Nora Offen says:

    Oh my god, what a wonderful website you have here. (Waist-defining belts AND Judith Butler? What more do I need, seriously.) And conveniently enough, the Ingrid is easily my favorite. :)

  433. Sarah says:

    I LOVE THIS INGRID DRESS. (Also, the Eiffel Tower dress, so classic and cute!).

    You’re the best, Academichic (if my comments post more then once, by the way, and have similar content, its due to internet issues)…

  434. Sarah says:

    I just liked the Shabby Apple facebook page!

    (and hoorah for my internet connection behaving itself!)

  435. Patricia says:

    I love a million of their dresses, but I think my FAVE is the “Ming” dress. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  436. Erica says:

    I love the cider dress!

  437. Erica says:

    I am also a fan of Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  438. Samantha says:

    I love the Cleo and Anthony dress! Thank you!

  439. That Fifth Avenue Dress. It is just STUNNING. I love the print, the style…!!

  440. I’ve also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  441. Christine says:

    I was *this* close to buying the Ingrid dress for my staff Christmas party a couple of months ago! I also really really like De Lovely.

  442. estie says:

    i’m afraid i’m a sucker for polka dots, so it is ‘jacob’s pillow’ — its subtle frills, fitted form, a little black dress with a kick — that has caught my attention. thanks!

  443. Kathleen says:

    Ooooh I love the Nantucket dress, and this one you are giving away is gorgeous too.

  444. Bhav says:

    Wow…they have so much more variety then the last time I visited their website. Love the Ink Brush!
    bvbabybv at gmail dot com

  445. Bhav says:

    I “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook. Jo Sue

    bvbabybv at gmail dot com

  446. Nettle Rose says:

    Love the fork-tailed devil and the kuna crest is gorgeous too!

  447. Nettle Rose says:

    And liked on Facebook too.

  448. jeanne says:

    Oooh, I want the “Five to Nine” dress. Gorgeous.

  449. Farah says:

    how to decide! I love Alto sax, El Capitan, red fox, black oak and even Ingrid. gorgeous dresses.

  450. Heidi says:

    the yorkshire dress is lovely! what a great giveaway, chics!

  451. Carissa says:

    Julie & Romeo is my favorite :)

  452. So many are pretty, but the Tuileries dress would be ideal for Spring:

  453. Haley says:

    I often consider purchasing a Shabby Apple dress but never can quite justify it without trying on first.
    That’s my problem with online shopping in general though.

  454. Sunci says:

    My fave Shabby Apple dress is Cider!

  455. Sunci says:

    Also, I “like” Shabby Apple on fb

  456. Ashley says:

    Love the Champs Elysees! So classic and elegant…and flirty and fun. Hard combo to find!

    Also the nipped waist is so flattering and chic!

  457. Ashley says:

    Also I “like” Shabby Apple!

  458. Megan says:

    My favorite is the Up and Away dress!

  459. LaMahaut says:

    The Ingrid, sans hésitation… So lovely.

  460. Karen says:

    Wow! I don’t know how to pick a favorite, but I’ll try my best. Okay, after looking at all the pictures, the one that really stayed with me was Carnival because I really want to know whether or not it would flatter me because I really love it and kept going back to it. If only I could justify spending $93 on a dress that I haven’t tried on yet!

    But I also love Jade–and that one is on sale!

  461. Katie says:

    I really like the Red Fox dress, so flirty and fun!
    I <3 this blog!

  462. Miranda says:

    To choose? How?
    Any of the Manhattan dresses, which are so Mad Men I want to cry with joy.

  463. Shelby says:

    It’s hard to pick one, but I’d say Martha’s Vineyard!

  464. Breanne S. says:

    GREAT giveaway! I’m torn between the Tuileries dress and the Tres Jolie dress.

  465. Breanne S. says:

    And I like Shabby Apple on Facebook now!!

  466. That dress is gorgeous! I really love the Daisy dress, too!

  467. Emily says:

    The dress called “Shanghai” is beautiful, in both cut & color!

  468. Annelien says:

    this one:
    La Tour Eiffel! so prettyyyy

  469. Annelien says:

    I also liked it on Facebook :)

  470. Hannah says:

    I love the Oh La La — stripes *and* pockets!

  471. S.E.Minegar says:

    I really like the Paris collection. Especially Le Soleil dress.

    Great giveaway!

  472. Nicole says:

    I can’t decide between the Champs Elysees, Sheep Meadow and the Red Scallop Tiered! Love them all!!

  473. Nicole says:

    Also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  474. Jackie says:

    I love the entire Manhattan collection, but Lower East Side is my favorite.
    Thanks for hosting this!

  475. Jackie says:

    Also, I “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  476. Jaclyn says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB. They’re great and so creative!

  477. beccak says:

    Love the Champs Elysees dress!

  478. Lindsay says:

    I think my favorite is the La Tour Eiffel dress!

  479. Megan says:

    I love the Upper East Side!

  480. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the Scarlet Dragon.

  481. Sarah says:

    And I “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  482. Melissa says:

    I think my favorite is the Bethesda Fountain dress. A little impractical, but still gorgeous!

  483. Evie says:

    It’s a toss up between Cotton Candy and Ferris Wheel…I absolutely love the patterns with the solid collar, cuff, and belt!

  484. Amanda B. says:

    I LOVE the classic cut and pretty color of the Ain’t She Sweet dress. I’m a sucker for a good vintage-inspired shape. The Ingrid would be perfect with some red pumps at work. Or at grad school interviews? Eeps.


  485. Cindy says:

    I love the ballerina dress, pretty color and looks very flattering.

  486. Kate says:

    I loved Cider!! The neckline is beautiful!

    As Ned Flanders once said, “If it’s clear and yella, you’ve got juice, there, fella; if it’s tangy and brown, you’re in Cider Town.”

  487. Kate says:

    I also “liked” Shabby Apple Facebook’s page.

  488. jetblackwings says:

    I also “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  489. Jessie says:

    It’s so hard to choose! But I think the “Cider” dress is my fave… love the burnt orange color.

  490. Hannah says:

    I love the “Sheep Meadow”!

    Thanks so much for the contest :)

  491. Hannah says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  492. Alicia says:

    I’ve actually had Ingrid bookmarked for a couple months as a dress that I wanted to get. I saw it on this post and swooned for it all over again. I adore it.

  493. Jennifer says:

    I have been in love with the Sheep Meadow dress for too long. It is no longer in my size, and I do my best to refrain from crying myself to sleep most nights.

  494. Jennifer says:

    I “like” shabby apple!

  495. Jess says:

    I really love how simple and smooth the “Up and Away” dress looks–but it’s really hard to pick, there’s so many great ones!

  496. Secret Squirrel says:

    Shanghai is my favourite. What a great competition, thanks guys x

  497. devon says:

    I just liked them on facebook!

  498. Jen says:

    Black oak is my favorite!

  499. Sarah says:

    I purchased this dress over the summer and returned it immediately. The stitching was uneven and made the hems and neckline look strange, the fabric was very cheap feeling (the top was itchy and paper-y, the bottom was very coarse), and overall it was not cut well. The top is easy to see through. It wasn’t worth the 90 bucks I paid — it was easy to see that one trip through the wash would have bent the dress out of shape. The ruffly neckline looked horrible.

    Academichic, I’m really not sure why you keep pushing Shabby Apple. I get that they do “modest” in a cute way, but their dresses are on-par in quality with the Old Navy clearance rack and the prices are extraordinarily expensive for what you actually get — Talbots pricing, Old Navy quality.

    I purchased the dress shown in the picture above hoping that I could wear it for law school functions, and I cannot imagine showing up in something that looked as poorly made as that dress from Shabby Apple. It was itchy and not 100% cotton.

  500. Valerie says:

    Very hard to choose! But I love the French Quarter dress and kept going back to it.

  501. Valerie says:

    I also “liked” them on facebook.

  502. Jenny G says:

    I love the Ingrid dress! I spotted it a while ago and thought it was the perfect balance of polish and pretty.

  503. Tema says:

    I really dig the Pont Neuf – looks like it’d make a perfect dress for a casual summer wedding!

  504. Tema says:

    Oh… and I definitely “liked” them on Facebook.

  505. Courtney says:

    Couldn’t help giving it a chance…I love Shabby Apple since I saw it featured on this website, and have told my husband that I now dream to own a dress from the Berkshire collection, preferably “cider.” Here’s to a shot in the dark!

  506. Courtney says:

    Also “liked” them on Facebook. ; )

  507. Bekah says:

    “liked” shabby apple

  508. Jessica says:

    Carousel is my favorite. What cute dresses!

  509. malkatz says:

    I love the Champs Elysees dress! :)

  510. malkatz says:

    “Liked” on Facebook!

  511. Olivia says:

    I dream sweet dreams of the “Red Fir” dress. Very very Joan Holloway/Harris.

  512. Olivia says:

    And I liked them on Facebook!

  513. rosa p says:

    love the red lipstick!

  514. rosa p says:

    La Tour Eiffel is so adorable!

  515. Andrea says:

    I love the Yosemite series and especially like the Gray Fox dress! Very nice!

  516. Andrea says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on FACEBOOK too!

  517. Elissa says:

    There are a lot of great dresses on that site–making it very hard to choose a favorite (the Ingrid dress looks fabulous, btw). I think I’d have to go with La Tour Eiffel… and I may use the 10% discount to get that one!

  518. Elissa says:

    And I liked them on Facebook.

    (By the way, the “shop by body type” feature is pretty cool.)

  519. Georgie says:

    Here’s hoping: I LOVE the Bon Voyage.

  520. Kayla says:

    I love Carnival! It would be hard to not wear it everyday! :)

  521. Helen says:

    The Cider is a gorgeous color!

  522. aj says:

    Such a difficult choice! I really like the Cider and the Kuna Crest.

  523. mdjD11 says:

    I think I’m going to have to go with “Antiquated.” I just love a black dress.

  524. notacomputeruser says:

    I also liked them on FB!

  525. Alison says:

    Just One?! I Could only narrow it down to my top two: Chickaree. I think the bottom of the dress is amazing and half sleeves are so flattering. The other would be Sequoia. I love the detail and the structure of the dress.

  526. Emily says:

    I love the Ingrid dress as well as Cider. Such lovely body-conscious designs!

  527. Marcy says:

    I love L’Artiste!

  528. Marcy says:

    Just liked them on Facebook, too.

  529. L says:

    I love the Kuna Crest dress!

  530. L says:

    … and a “like” on facebook :)

  531. Kaitlyn says:

    I love Le Soleil. And the Cider.

  532. Erika says:

    I quite like Forbidden City. I’m glad Shabby Apple has started carrying silk dresses. I wish their colorful bridesmaid dresses came in silk as well.

  533. Alisa says:

    J’aime le bonheur!

  534. RB says:

    My favorite is the Carnival!

  535. Amy says:

    I have to say, the G Cooper might have just made it on my list. I can see that getting a LOT of wear.

  536. Meg says:

    I’d have to go for “Le Soleil”, but “Shanghai” and “Bonheur” were not far behind. So many pretty dresses!

  537. Lisa says:

    I love the baja dress -the stripes are intriguing, and it would be so fun to mix and match with cardigans, belts, and textured tights.

  538. devon says:

    I love Champs Elysees. The street and the dress!

  539. Tina Cheung says:

    I like the Bijou dress. I like the print and how casual it is.

  540. cpt says:

    I love the deep blue of the Gray Fox dress, and it looks like an elegant way to show off curves. Thanks for the inspiration!

  541. cpt says:

    I added a like on facebook too!

  542. Lisa says:

    I love the Ingrid dress, but I also love the Cider and La Tour Eiffel dresses, too.

  543. Lisa says:

    I can’t decide whether the Ingrid or the Madison Ave is my favorite. So many great styles! I lust.

  544. Lisa says:

    I also ‘liked’ Shabby Apple on the Facebooks.

  545. Lisa says:

    I might have changed my mind… “Partner” in the Skyscraper collection is lovely and elegant. I’m a bit concerned that all their dresses would swamp petite 5’1″ me, though.

  546. Elizabeth Ann says:

    The Ingrid dress has long been a favorite of mine so I would love to win this giveaway. Thanks for hosting it!

  547. April says:

    That is such a cute dress! I have yearned for their Yorkshire dress for ages. One day I’ll buy it.

  548. Traci says:

    I lovee the “Red Fir” dress.

  549. Kelley says:

    I like either the Red Fox or the Ingrid dress best!

  550. Kelley says:

    I liked shabby apple on facebook :)

  551. Gina Figs says:

    I very much like the Bonheur Cape Cod White shirtdress; perfect for spring/summer!

  552. Gina Figs says:

    I also “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  553. Christina says:

    I also “liked” Shabby Apple’s FB page! Their dresses are adorable :)

  554. Beth says:

    I like Shabby Apple of Facebook!

  555. Beth says:

    While I love all the dresses, I think the J. Muir is the best!

  556. Shannon says:

    I love the Champ Elysees dress!!!

  557. Shannon says:

    Also, I liked Shabby Apple on FB!

  558. YG says:

    I absolutely love that Shabby Apple categorizes clothing by body type, and I’m a fan of the Storm style dress. Would love to add that one to my teaching wardrobe.

  559. YG says:

    I have also “liked” Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  560. Meghan says:

    oooh, i am so in love with the champs elysees dress on shabby apple. but, i think the ingrid dress is perfect for conferences and such when i need to be a bit more dressy!

  561. Amberley says:

    My favorite dress was the Boogie Woogie in the All That Jazz collection. Thanks for the introduction to some fabulous dresses!

  562. Amberley says:

    I also liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  563. Ann says:

    Champs Elysees, for sure!

  564. Bethany says:

    I adore the Pont Neuf, although it was hard to narrow it down!

  565. Bethany says:

    Also liked on Facebook :-)

  566. sylvia says:

    i love shabby apple’s dresses and style – but the vast majority have a neckline which is unflattering on a larger bust. christina hendricks may be able to pull off that look on mad men, but i feel like i have a giant expanse of chest when i try it!

  567. Ashley says:

    I love the Marco Polo dress


  568. i love The Fitzgerald. Thank you!!

  569. The Ingrid dress is by far my favorite, but I love all of the dresses in the 1943 collection.

  570. I think Shabby Apple may have deleted their Facebook page, cuz everytime I click the link you provided, it says “page not found…”


  571. [...] on Academic Chic, they’re hosing a giveaway of this dress from Shabby [...]

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