27 January 2011

January 27th, 2011 § 7 comments

27 January 2011, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Navy Sweater – Gap
  • Grey Skirt – Banana Republic
  • Purple Tights – BR Factory Store
  • Scarf – Old Navy, gift
  • Olive Pumps – Urban Outfitters


Today was one of those days when I pulled half my wardrobe out before deciding on this rather simple outfit (yes, it is still strewn across my bed and floor).  I knew I wanted to take advantage of our small heat wave (high of 40 degrees today) and wear heels instead of boots.  Once I had picked my shoes  I decided to pull a bold scarf and then build a simple outfit around that.  I ended up wearing my purple tights only because I couldn’t find my navy ones, but I think I like the bold mix of fuschia, olive, and purple grounded with navy and grey.

27 January 2011, originally uploaded by academichic.

27 January 2011, originally uploaded by academichic.

I think this last-minute and rather fortuitous color combination worked much better than Tuesday’s outfit, which was though out the night before…

Pop of Colbalt Blue, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Cardigan – Banana Republic Factory Store
  • Scarf – Gap, gift
  • Skirt – J Crew
  • Boots – Steve Madden Intyce, via ebay
I like the top half mix of argyle with over-sized plaid all in the same tones (putty, grey, and cream) and I also like how that ties in with my boots.  I’m just not convinced the colbalt blue was the right choice. I was reminded, however, how much I love this skirt, so you can expect to see it again soon.


Pop of Colbalt Blue, originally uploaded by academichic.

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  1. A-C says:

    ooo! the purple tights are just perfect with the top outfit. As for the cobalt skirt, it is a tad bit bright for so many creamy neutrals. Apart from that, it looks like a great skirt.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I actually like the cobalt and light neutral mix, but I think the tights are too dark… Maybe pale grey tights? But then again, maybe not. I love cobalt as a color and have bought a few items in that hue… and they tend to live in my closet. I look forward to being inspired by your cobalt outfits! I also wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired me to try pencil skirts. I never thought they would work for my runner’s legs, but you look stunning in them!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Elisabeth! It makes me so excited to hear that you have been inspired by me to try pencil skirts. As, you can probably tell, I love them!

      I agree about the tights, but when I tried grey tights they looked funny against my putty-colored boots. Eh, some days just don’t work…


  3. Funny how last minute outfits are sometimes the best. I love how you’ve paired navy, plum, and grey.

    I believe you have an orange skirt which might have looked nice with the cream/putty/earthy tones, in a very fall color sort of way.

    • admin says:

      Yes, I’ve actually worn the orange skirt with this sweater, which is exactly why I tried the blue… I think next time it will be back to the orange :)

  4. laura says:

    I’m really digging the purple tights/ green heels combo. I’ve always thought that that color combination was meant only for comic book villains, but if the green is an olive green, it looks super chic.

  5. Jessie says:

    Purple and olive green is slowly becoming my favorite color combo. I’ve always liked purple with brighter greens, even chatreuse-y or limey ones. But olive green is so great! Those olive pumps of yours are surprisingly versatile. Are they comfy? I’d love a pair like them!

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