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January 25th, 2011 § 3 comments

Academichic Sponsorship version 2
We are excited to announce that academichic will now be accepting sponsors! If you are a small business or fashion company who might be of interest to our readers, contact us for advertising opportunities. We’re looking for like-minded businesses who represent style, creativity, ethical practices, and quality products. Contact us now for February rates or for our special introductory bundle package!

~ The Chics

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  1. MrsWinC says:

    Not related to this post but a question to E & S:

    I work full time but am considering doing Masters this year (in Australia) online. No biggie there. But I am planning my first child for this year. I need to make my decision very quickly (I found out yesterday about the course and have until the 30th to apply!) So, question: how do you juggle working, studying and bubby? (or how does S plan to juggle it?) Noting that I don’t work in an academic field, I work as a pharmacy assistant :P I am feeling very torn about keeping things the way they are or doing my Masters part time.

    Cheers for any thoughts!

    • admin says:

      Hi MrsWinC,

      I will let E. reply with her own take on this, but here is my response:

      I don’t know what will happen after the baby, but for now, while being pregnant, things are not that different. I had major pregnancy fatigue during the first trimester for a few weeks but now in the second trimester, I feel just like my old self and am tackling my largest teaching load yet. So I’m putting in a lot of hours at work and being pregnant hasn’t really affected that (yet).

      I try to keep my work day productive and with only minimal breaks here and there. My husband and I have dinner together every night and on weekends. But we both still work from home on weekends and in the evenings, so it’s ok that I have to bring work home because he does as well. I think a lot of this will change when the baby arrives since we’ll want to take much more time for our family.

      I guess I don’t really know what to tell you other than your pregnancy should hopefully still be a time during which you can be productive and have a schedule you’re used to from pre-pregnancy.(But every pregnancy is different, so this is just my experience!) After the baby arrives, adjustments will have to be made. My family and baby will come first and I will try to keep making forward progress in my career, but I’m not really worrying about what that means now. Just taking it one ‘life stage’ at a time.

      Good luck with everything on your plate and congratulations on so many exciting things on the horizon!


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