23 November 2010 – Heavy Metal

November 23rd, 2010 § 11 comments

Green and Gold, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Camisole: BR Outlet
  • Skirt: BR
  • Belt: J. Crew
  • Fishnets: Ralph Lauren
  • Shoes: Tahari via Endless.com

This outfit was a haptic fantasy for me. The soft silk crepe of the shirt and the lacy camisole, the slightly itchy wool of the skirt, my new favorite fishnet stockings and finally, and my heavy metal and leather belt presented a smörgåsbord of textures both visually and sensually. I’ve had this shirt for about a million years (real time, since the late 90s) and I think I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn it. But, it’s silk, and nice, and “grown up,” and blousy, so it keeps coming with me from apartment to apartment, through jobs and grad school and jobs. Finally pairing it with a pencil skirt might have saved it from the Goodwill pile for good.

Green and Gold profile, originally uploaded by academichic.

I love the structured skirt with the flowy blouse and the belt added a little more hard-core edge to really push this outfit over the top for me. The combination of olive green and metal also tapped into the military trend from this fall. The belt was an impulse purchase at J. Crew. It was on sale for $10 and I figured that I’ve been wanting a gold-colored belt, so why not try this one? I love how the metal of the belt picked up the more subtle metal chain across the shoes too. I wrapped the leather ends around in back and then double knotted them at the front so that the metal and the leather were both visible at first glance.

Textures, originally uploaded by academichic.

I was especially proud of this outfit because I managed to pull it together on the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break. Like I’ve admitted to you all several times, dressing up helps me get my head in the game rather than the opposite, which I think is what others might initially think when they see a person who cares about appearance. Style doesn’t take me away from my “life of the mind” it actually brings me closer to it, and strangely, it challenges me to consider many of the cultural, artistic and intellectual fields I’ve studied. I wish I could put that on a billboard above my head as I walk around school. Oh well, one day at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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§ 11 Responses to 23 November 2010 – Heavy Metal"

  1. MONKEYFACE says:

    Love it. The neutrals and metals together are simply elegant. I would definitely continue to keep that blouse around awhile longer, if I were you! :)

  2. m says:

    This looks like a great combo, L, and a wonderful way to add edge to a neutral, “grown up” shirt. May I request a different location for your outfit photographs? I often have trouble distinguishing your color combinations and miss the interesting details in the indoor light. I know that on a school campus you probably don’t have the luxury of photographing outside, but perhaps adjusting the location in your room enough so that the natural light is hitting you from the side? I don’t want to be a whiny reader – just want to see your outfits in all their glory!

  3. Beth Ellen says:

    I love this outfit, it might be one of my favorites for you. That blouse should never go on the goodwill pile, it’s such a gorgeous classic color! I love it when you look all fancy and put together because I never have to.

  4. Linda says:

    Hi! I haven’t commented on any of your outfits before, but I had to say that this is my favorite of anything I’ve seen you in. I guess it’s just more my style – the neutrals, and military hardware. I think it would also look good with darker shoes, or boots.

  5. Shira says:

    LOVE this outfit!!!

  6. Cara says:

    I almost didn’t recognize you with your hair straightened – I love it!

    Hopefully you’ve got a lot of pencil skirts so you can use that shirt more! Would it work belted with skinny jeans as well?

  7. Izabela says:

    I have the same belt and I’ve been trying to come up with ways to wear it. I love the way you wrapped it around the skirt, I might have to copy this look! This looks great on you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. B says:

    I have to smile as I have the exact blouse and for some reason, I’ve also only worn mine a few times! Thanks for reminding me of it. Time to pull it out and try a few remixes:)

  9. Angeline says:

    I feel ya–getting dressed up helps my state of mind at work as well. I love how you worked that blouse! I could see how blousy silk could be hard to style, but I think you did a great job.

  10. Jen says:

    This is a fabulous outfit & the shirt is a definite keeper. Love the color, the fit, the drape… definitely a sophisticated and professional outfit for you. This is my first comment on any of your posts, but I wanted to save that shirt from the Goodwill pile (unless you live in my town, in which case, by all means, drop it off!).

    Since I’m commenting, I’ll also chime in that I agree with PP that another location for your pics might do your outfits justice. Trust me, I know that may be an impossibility, given that it’s winter in New England & daylight hours are limited, but if you can…

  11. [...] and a hematite necklace my sister gave me when I saw her in March. I’ve done this kind of texture mixing before when I paired a fine wool pencil skirt with a flowy silk shirt, lace edge cami, and chunky [...]

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