22 November 2010

November 22nd, 2010 § 10 comments

22 November 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Sweater – Target
  • Scarf – Nordstrom
  • Tank – Ann Taylor Loft
  • Belt – Old Navy
  • Skinny Cords – Gap Outlet
  • Boots – Banana Republic, via ebay


I was worried that with the limited color palette of my 30 for 30 list, I might miss other fun color parings.  But then I remembered my scarf and belt collections!

Grey and brown are of course a favorite color combo and I’m glad this set of pictures finally captured the true chocolate brown of my skinny cords.

And, the pop of purple certainly would have sufficed.  But, the mix of deep purple, midnight blue, and teal layered over the brown and grey just takes this otherwise simple weekend outfit to the next level.

22 November 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

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§ 10 Responses to 22 November 2010"

  1. Terri says:

    I need to give this scarf trick a try before the Challenge is over.

  2. Linda says:

    You ladies always look so put together! I love how much thought you put into the color choices you use.
    The Auspicious Life

  3. Angeline says:

    I agree–the colors are great as a simple outfit, but the layering of more like-toned colors really adds a ton of visual and textural interest! Great outfit, and it still looks unfussy and super comfy!

  4. Sarah says:

    Nice haircut!

  5. love the belted scarf – you were my first inspiration for this, and it’s coming in handy to mix up the outfits in the 30for30 :)

  6. Elena says:

    Hi! First comment here, although I’m reading you, girls, from several month now. You’re amazing!
    Love this outfit. It made me think seriously in give a try to this way to belt a scarf. It looks so stylish!

  7. I love the analogous colors here — the combination of layers and textures really takes this casual outfit to the next level. I love how you’ve “stepped up” such a casual look without destroying the laid-back vibe.

  8. Fei-fei says:

    I love the belted scarf look. I definitely have to try it. Thanks for the styling inspiration.

  9. [...] I feel like this outfit was based on a very A. kind of palette…. Or E.… or S., but for the most part purple plays only an accessory role in [...]

  10. [...] scarf-tucked-into-the-belt look is one that A sports frequently and I’ve attempted it before, but never with any success. The key for me was finding a scarf that [...]

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