29 October 2010

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29 October 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Scarf: gift from sister-in-law
  • Leather jacket: gift from father-in-law, from Argentina
  • Olive top: Target
  • Skinnies: Ann Taylor
  • Pumps: Madden Girl, via DSW

End Notes:

My father-in-law purchased this leather jacket while on a business trip in Argentina and then gave it to me as a Christmas gift several years ago. I think we were all surprised when I opened it. I was surprised because owning a leather jacket had never really crossed my mind at that point, but I was all kinds of enamored with the buttery texture and cropped fit. My sisters-in-law were surprised that their dad had even purchased such a thing. And my father-in-law was surprised that he had scored a purchasing win.

InStyle Trends: Leather Jackets, originally uploaded by academichic.

Sometimes I’m still surprised that I own a leather jacket. But, now that leather moto jackets are again everywhere for fall (behold, InStyle’s fall trend page above), I’m making that trend work for me by pairing sleek and sexy with drapey and autumnal. It’s equal parts biker and hippie, and since I’m neither it all works out.

29 October 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

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29 October 2010 – Why Pink?

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Pops of Pink, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Sweater: Theory via Off 5th
  • Shirt (not pictured): Splendid via Filene’s Basement
  • Scarf: vintage Christian Dior
  • Belt: Banana Republic Outlet
  • Pin-striped Slacks: J. Crew
  • Shoes: Ciao Bella via DSW

For the last day of our Pink Week and Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness, my pink is a little more subtle than my previous outfits. I thought that the bright yellow and red (and pink and orange!) flowers on this fantastic scarf along with the orange-red belt helped to offset what was a very dark outfit.

Granny’s Scarf, originally uploaded by academichic.

I don’t want to seem preachy, but I wanted to share a little about my personal reasons for participating in events raising money to fight cancer. This scarf was my grandmother’s, and she is the first person in my life who was claimed by cancer (in her case, lung cancer). Every time I do the Relay for Life, I think of her. She was much too young to have died, and she is the reason that fighting ALL types of cancer is so important for me. Participating in events like RFL and Breast Cancer Awareness Month makes me feel empowered.

We each have our own reasons for taking up the causes we do, and no matter what that cause is, it is nice to know that we can each make a difference.



BreastCancerAwearness, originally uploaded by academichic.

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Fall Trend: Minimalism (and pink!)

October 28th, 2010 § 17 comments §

Minimalism – Pink Stripes, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Silk knit tank top: Banana Republic
  • Belt: Betsey Johnson via Filene’s Basement
  • Skirt: gift via London Fashion Week-end
  • Wedges: L’Autre Chose via London Fashion Week-end

This outfit is my first attempt at the fall trend of “Minimalism.” Strangely, when E., A., and I read that Minimalism was “in” for the fall, the three of us, who are all trained in art history, wondered what exactly Minimalism in the context of style meant? For some reason it just didn’t make sense. The definition of Minimalism we had come to know was closer to the Encyclopedia Britannica version which states that Minimalism is:

Chiefly an American movement in the visual arts and music originating in New York City in the late 1960s and characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach… Use of the hard edge, the simple form, and the linear rather than painterly approach was intended to emphasize two-dimensionality and to allow the viewer an immediate, purely visual response. They turned for inspiration to the impassive, quiet works of Barnett Newman and Ad Reinhardt, exponents of the color-field branch of Abstract Expressionist painting.

Canto XIV, Barnett Newman, 1964, originally uploaded by academichic.

True to this definition Stylebakery.com defined Minimalism as having “clean lines, sleek silhouettes, a lack of embellishment… these are the hallmarks of this season’s minimalism trend. With looks so understated, perfect tailoring and quality fabrics are a must.”

Minimalism by InStyle, originally uploaded by academichic.

I decided I needed to take the plunge with Minimalism. I wanted to include pink for day 4 of Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness, but I tried to keep the outfit as simple as possible. Similar to E’s note that her potential interview outfit was influenced by a Marc Rothko painting, the double lines in this skirt have always reminded me of Barnett Newman paintings (one pictured above). I feel so confident when wearing this skirt that it was actually what I wore to a very important grad school interview in NYC. Maybe it’s because my sister bought it for me at London Fashion Week-end (a perk of having a sister who lives full time in London!), but I feel more sophisticated and fashionable when I put this skirt on. To complete the “Minimalist” look I decided on a simple silk knit top, and matching wide patent leather belt and wedges. I think wearing the belt officially disqualifies me from being 100% on trend, but I’m not the one walking down the catwalk, so I styled this outfit for me.

Black Wedges, originally uploaded by academichic.

I didn’t wear this to school, but I did wear it out on the town for one of my rare nights off. Where I am in private secondary school-land, we just finished up Parents’ Weekend, so I took the opportunity to go out to a nice dinner with some friends and eschew the dinning hall food for a night. I liked this look and will definitely make another more daytime appropriate attempt at Minimalism. I’m already envisioning my nude fishnets, nude leather shoes, and grey sheath dress…. with no belt!

Minimalism, originally uploaded by academichic.

Remember it is still Breast Cancer Awareness month. Please see the links below and remember to do a self-exam and encourage the women in your life to do so as well. Prevention and early detection are key!



BreastCancerAwearness, originally uploaded by academichic.

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27 October 2010 – Pink E.

October 27th, 2010 § 7 comments §

27 October 2010 – Pink E., originally uploaded by academichic.

Top: Banana Republic Factory
Tank as vest: Target
Skirt: Target
Belt: thrifted
Wedges: thrifted

End Notes:

(I’m sorry I’m wrinkly. Sitting in lecture and a library does that to you.)

Ever since I met L. I’ve been inspired and appreciative of her dedication to supporting breast cancer awareness and research, and I’m so glad that she prompted us to participate in this breast cancer aWEARness initiative!

I don’t wear pink — “real” pink — on a regular basis at all. I own some pretty kicking magenta heels and some red-violet cardigans that might, on a generous day, be considered pink, but my closet is fairly bereft of pinky pink. Notably, this meant that when I did bust out a pink top today I received several comments from colleagues, wondering what prompted this color choice. And that meant an opportunity to remind them that it is still breast cancer awareness month and to high-five our department admin who is herself a breast cancer survivor.

It is a lot of pink for me, though, and so when I first put on this top I was trying to figure out how to break it up while still letting the pink take center stage. I settled on wearing a navy tank as a kind of non-sweater sweater vest of sorts, and I like how the overall impression of the outfit is fairly preppy, but with irreverent little twists in color and shape.


BreastCancerAwearness, originally uploaded by academichic.

27 October 2010 – Pink E., originally uploaded by academichic.

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27 October 2010 – Pink and a Jumper

October 27th, 2010 § 1 comment §

Pink and a Jumper, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Dress: Evan via Off 5th
  • Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Shoes: Coach
  • Belt: BR Outlet

Day 3 of Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness! Now that the weather has cooled, I’m trying to stretch my summer dresses into the fall. I thought this jersey might look good as a jumper of sorts, and I wanted to change things up from the customary black pencil skirt I have paired with this shirt before. It worked pretty well, and I quickly got over my childhood flashbacks of jumpers – something I haven’t worn since my mom used to put me in Talbot’s from head to toe. The pink shoes were a gift from my mom – she found them on super sale somewhere and knowing my love of pink, thought they would be perfect for me. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of use out of them, but they are fun on occasion, and boy are they pink!

  • Please click to Give a Free Mammogram!
  • More information and support can be found at The American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • width="300"""

    BreastCancerAwearness, originally uploaded by academichic.

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    26 October 2010 – PINK

    October 26th, 2010 § 6 comments §

    I started today out incredibly inspired by L.’s two great posts about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and A Working Mom’s Closet’s “Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness” project.  I was inspired to build today’s outfit around some pink item in my closet, but even before I had finished my morning coffee, I knew I would not be photographing an outfit today.  I’m in the midst of grant writing, preparing for a prospectus defense, and proposing a summer course (on top of my regular teaching, advising, and professional service activities), so a jeans and a tee is all I can manage today.

    Not wanting to let this great project pass me by, I decided I could sort-of participate by posting some of my favorite pink-based ensembles from the past year and a half I have been blogging.  I was surprised to see how much pink there actually is in my closet – from dresses, to sweaters, to a whole host of accessories.

    Now, I know this is a pretty lame way to participate, so I promise the following:

    • I will wear a pink-based ensemble to teach in on Thursday
    • I will mention breast cancer awareness month in class on Thursday
    • I will do a self-exam
    • I will choose my pink sweatshirt over all others all week!


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    26 October 2010 – Pink Sweater

    October 26th, 2010 § 4 comments §

    Pink Sweater, originally uploaded by academichic.


    • Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet
    • T-shirt (not pictured): Merona for Target
    • Scarf: Filene’s Basement
    • Skirt: Anne Taylor
    • Shoes: Banana Republic

    Sweater with a slight ruffle at the edge + woolly herringbone skirt with pockets + turquoise scarf = fabulous! Now let’s beat Breast Cancer!

  • Please click to Give a Free Mammogram!
  • More information and support can be found at The American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • Harringbone Skirt with Pockets, originally uploaded by academichic.


    BreastCancerAwearness, originally uploaded by academichic.

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    25 October 2010 – Dress Pink!

    October 24th, 2010 § 16 comments §

    Pink Dress, originally uploaded by academichic.


    • Dress: Fashion Spy
    • Sweater: Cable & Gauge via Marshall’s
    • Shoes (Bronze): Giuseppe Zanotti Design via Filene’s Basement
    • Shoes (Grey): Madden Girl via DSW
    • Necklace: Accessorize (gift)

    As I hope all of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and thanks to A Working Mom’s Closet there are three dozen fashion and style bloggers (including the lovely La Historiadora de Moda from Fashionable Academics) participating in what Mom’s Closet has dubbed “Blogging for Breast Cancer aWEARness”. I have lost very dear friends and family members to this horrible disease as well as watched loved ones triumph over cancer. I know that cancer is something that touches each of our lives, and many of you have your own reasons for fighting for this cause. I’m doing this for Granny, Aunt Wiggy, Annette, and Candy.

    We here at Academichic will be participating this week by wearing pink items and providing links for donations (Give a Free Mammogram!), information, and support ( The American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation). Finding a cure for cancer is a cause very close to my heart, and I participate in the Relay for Life every year.

    Pink Dress and Grey Shoes, originally uploaded by academichic.

    This pink dress is very special to me because it is what I wore during my thesis defense and under my robes for the commencement ceremony last spring when I received my Masters. Pink is one of my favorite colors and this dress fits like a glove and has both silver-grey and bronze details, which makes accessorizing very flexible. I can wear grey shoes or bronze, gold jewelry or silver. Ultimately, this is one of my favorite dresses and associated with many happy (albeit stressful) occasions.

    Pink, Silver, and Gold, originally uploaded by academichic.

    I hope that you all have joined the fight against cancer this month and continue the fight until we find a cure! Have you been wearing pink? What events do you like to participate in to help fight cancer? Thanks for your help!

    ~ L.

    BreastCancerAwearness, originally uploaded by academichic.

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    22 October 2010

    October 22nd, 2010 § 11 comments §

    22 October 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


    Cardigan: H&M, via Plato’s Closet
    Tank: Target, embellished by me
    Skirt: Gap
    Tights: We Love Colors
    Oxford booties: Civico10, via DSW

    End Notes:

    I would not term myself a “trendy” person, but when fall and spring roll around and magazines and style sites are full of “top trends” I do kind of perk up and take notice. Part of it is an aesthetic curiosity of sorts. As an art historian interested in how visual production is shaped by encounters and exchanges, the very notion of a fashion trend — a recurring theme across designers — is fascinating to me on a nerdy level. On a practical level, I like to see what retailers will be offering in a given season and imagine how I might participate in (or eschew) a trend. Ironically, for someone who studies contemporary art, it usually takes me a little while — several seasons, even — for my aesthetic to shift or expand sufficiently to adopt certain trends. I was late to the skinny jeans, oxford booties, and, as you can see here, the “military-inspired” parties.

    Digression: Remember that gold cardigan that I “edited” about a month ago? Well the removed rosettes turned out to be the exact same shade of mustardy-yellow as tank from Target that I already owned. A few dots of liquid thread later and I had an embellished tank and just the right amount of frou on two separate items of clothes. (Not that you can really see the tank in these photos, but I thought you should know in case you were worried about where those mustard rosettes ended up.)

    In any case, I think my “military chic” maybe ended up more quirky than serious, thanks to the crinkled grosgrain skirt and oxfords. But here at academichic we’re all about figuring out how to make trends work for us, not against us. So I’m loving the combination of goldenrod, navy, and olive, and it hits just the right balance of being current while still being “me.” Even better, it feels like a real fall outfit.

    That deserves a leaf throw.

    22 October 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

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    22 October 2010

    October 22nd, 2010 § 21 comments §


    • Dress – Banana Republic
    • Belt – Old Navy
    • Blazer – Ann Taylor Loft
    • Shoes – Banana Republic


    These pictures were actually taken a couple weeks ago, when a sleeveless dress and open-toed shoes were still a viable combination.  I hesitated posting this outfit because of the horrible quality of these photos. In the end, I decided I loved this color combination and silhouette too much to not share the outfit (plus I was having a good hair day!).  It can be hard to pair what I have come to think of as this raisin-colored dress with accessories.  I knew I liked how it looked with teal, because the last time I wore it, I sported my teal pumps and a blue-green scarf as a belt.  This time around, I was going for something more teaching appropriate so I added my navy blazer and grey suede pumps, and was rather pleased with the complex mix of neutrals and jewel-toned pop.

    I think sometimes, it’s hard to remember that this whole style-blogging thing is just a hobby, especially when there are so many fabulous bloggers out there with professional-quality photographs, major sponsors, and what seems like a bottomless fashion-forward wardrobe.  I find this happen in many aspects of my life.  It’s hard when running in the park on Saturday morning to remember that while I am training for my fifth marathon, I am not a professional runner, I don’t have sponsors, a trainer, or always the time to adequately stretch.  What I am, is  a professional student!  So, please excuse my short post and crappy-quality pictures, but I have a dissertation (for which I am “sponsored” and have a “trainer”) to get back to!


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