E.’s Black and White Week

September 27th, 2010 § 8 comments

E.’s Black and White Week, originally uploaded by academichic.

I (E.) have a couple of really intense academic weeks coming up, so I decided that this week I would go minimal in both my wardrobe and my posts (and thus will not currently be commenting on the conversation L. started about dress codes, modesty, and high schoolers). I thought that the best strategy for getting dressed this week would be limiting my options. And, because I do my best work under pressure, I figured that I might as well get around to experimenting with the creative possibilities of black and white clothes, a palette that I don’t wear that often.

I picked five black and white garments that (mostly) had some kind of visual or textural interest:

  • A white blouse with a ruffled hem and lace neckline, from Forever 21
  • A thrifted pleated pencil skirt, with a black on black abstracted floral pattern
  • Slim black pointe pants from Ann Taylor (my one real “basic” in the mix)
  • A mini-tweed three-button blazer from Ann Taylor
  • A striped tee from Old Navy
  • A black cardigan with pearl buttons, originally from Banana Republic, but obtained through a free clothes swap

I’m sure that colorful shoes will show up this week, but mostly it will probably end up being enforced pattern mixing. My hope is to post text-free for the week, simply showing you what combinations I end up. I don’t think I’m going to blow your mind with super-fantastic combinations, nor is this as ambitious as Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenges but it might keep me a little more sane this week. (But don’t despair, colorphiles. We have a fun surprise post this week in which my deep love of saturated color is on full display.)

Black on Black Pattern, originally uploaded by academichic.

Blazer Detail, originally uploaded by academichic.


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  3. kelly k says:

    I love black and white seperates, patterns, and as an entire outfit! Its actually a default comfort zone, because I feel like a good black top, or black and white floral skirt never really go out of style, and you can always add a scarf for color if needed. In fact, my wardrobe is divided into to sections: black and white, colors. The colors are layered over each other in new combos, but dont often play nice with the black and white (with the exception of a basic black pant or cardi)… hmm.. I might have to play mix and match in my closet tonight…

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