27 August 2010 – Flower Power

August 27th, 2010 § 27 comments

2010 Academichic – 27 August, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Shirt: Merona via Target
  • Belt: American Apparel
  • Skirt: White Rice
  • Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny via Macy’s
  • Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Slip (below): Lord & Taylor

I’ve been busy this week trying to figure out what I can wear to my first round of faculty meetings next week. Like E noted, it can be tricky to strike the proper balance between formal and casual in this liminal space between summer and fall, vacation and school, student and faculty. I want to look like an adult, but in this setting I would look silly wearing my version of the traditional power-suit, a well tailored button down with a pencil skirt. The “dress code” only specifies “summer attire” but my standard summer attire of shorts and tanks is a little less formal than I’d like to be when I meet ALL of my new colleagues. This skirt is a recent boutique purchase and the bright busy print stands out in my wardrobe. I love the different fabric around the bottom and creamy lace edging.

Edging, originally uploaded by academichic.

This touch reminds me of E’s fantastic DIY grey skirt to which she added a similar bottom edge of a bright yellow fabric. A downside of this skirt is how very sheer it is, but I am a dedicated fan of slips and wear them often.

Slip!, originally uploaded by academichic.

If you don’t already own a slip in a nude color and in black, invest now. My slips have saved me from embarrassing accidental flashes, showy underwear lines, and several skirt-sticking-to-tights-and-riding-up situations. I wanted to finish off this outfit with flat sandals of some kind since I’m sure that my new faculty orientation will involve at least a few campus tours. This is another example of my use of metallics as neutrals. These are my first and only foray into the gladiator fad, and I have to say I like the look of them.

Gold and Silver Glads, originally uploaded by academichic.

The gold and silver together also allows for other accessories in either color. I’ve chosen not to wear necklaces or bracelets in order to keep this less formal and also because I think the bold print and shoes need the most attention in this get-up. What tricks to you have to make an outfit more casual?

2010 Academichic – 27 August, originally uploaded by academichic.

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§ 27 Responses to 27 August 2010 – Flower Power"

  1. Kathleen says:

    L., those gladiator flats are awesome. I like the flowers on them–I’ve never seen that element on gladiators before–nice combo of hard and soft.

  2. MONKEYFACE says:

    You know I didn’t even notice you had skipped jewelry until you said something, b/c you’re right, your flowers (esp. the shiny shoes!) accesorize themselves. I tend to gravitate toward shoes dictating the formality of my outfit; I love to wear sneaks with skirts to dress down an ensemble.

  3. LindenLincoln says:

    Thanks for mentioning the saving powers of slips. They are an often overlooked wardrobe essential.

  4. EmilyKennedy says:

    Adorable! This is a great skirt that works quite well with your look!

  5. Those gladiators are seriously awesome, so I agree that the other accessories should be kept to a minimum.

    I have to admit that this outfit reads on a pretty youthful and girly register to me. I’m curious if any of your colleagues have mistaken you for a student around campus.

  6. Diana says:

    Love the skirt (very liberty of london!) and really love the shoes! I am a big fan of slips too – a fun alternative is wear a second (thin) skirt under the first and let it peep out.

  7. S. says:

    L – I LOVE those sandals, what a great find! You look lovely!


  8. Brittany says:

    Those sandals are awesome!!

  9. I liked the series of posts you guys ran on the vexing relationship women have with florals. Just this week, Katie of SSG wrote about her attraction to the print and the ways in which it complicates her notion of feminity:


    It sounds like your event was pretty casual, and you definitely look great. Still, I’m wondering if you could say a bit more about your choice of a floral print for an academic setting. For me, this would be a bold choice. You seem to have pulled it off well!


  10. [...] outfit as I am wearing a slip underneath. L. over at academichic just posted on the importance of slips in order to avoid embarrassing mishaps. I only own one since not too many of my outfits require [...]

  11. Carey says:

    I’m with you slips are ESSENTIAL!!! I don’t get why so many women don’t use them – I don’t want to see through people’s skirts! Plus, like you said, great for wind gust protection and it just smooths everything out.

  12. Slips are so beyond important for modesty and comfort! Love this gorgeous skirt.

  13. sibel says:

    Lovely skirt! The sandals are gorgeous. They actually remind me of this persona bead.

  14. Laura says:

    Looks cute, although I agree with another commenter that it reads fairly young and co-ed-y. I think the belt is too heavy and wide for the rest of the look, just imo. The colors are great and the shoes are adorable, though.

    Welcome to the AC team, BTW!

  15. Jodie says:

    You have a very nice blog!

    Sensacional work – I think that fashion, for us, the fashion’s little word outsiders (as we say in Brazil), must be didactic!



  16. A. says:

    This outfit is really cute, and the colors make you look alive and enthusiastic, as well as approachable! Several posters have raised an interesting question about the appropriateness of this outfit for the event. I, for one, wouldn’t hesitate to wear a version of this outfit around campus in my capacity as a non-teaching writer/researcher, but I would not wear it in my capacity as faculty/administrator. Not that I wouldn’t wear florals, far from it: in fact, rarely do I go without a flower (or many), ruffle, bow, scarf or other embellishment or bling. That is what makes dressing as a girl so much fun! But, I always try to make sure its professional. Its a fine line, and I wonder sometimes where the line falls, or what defines it, exactly? What was it, specifically, that made some of us question the choice here? Was it the dictates of geography (a UCSB/UCSC vs. east coast heritage?), age, type of institution or personality? Or, was it something intrinsic to the fabrics and the pairings, the lines of the outfit? That is a lot to sort through when getting dressed in the morning, I admit. Regardless, you looked super cute and I’m sure you’ll knock ‘em dead in your new position!

  17. Kristen says:

    That skirt is really pretty. I like the bottom of it.

  18. Love the skirt! It’s casual, but it falls just within the realm of professional respectability. I have a similar one, and I usually save it for low key days.
    Acessories definitely make or break the formality of an outfit. If you were wearing, say, flats, dangling earrings, and a cardigan, this would be a dressier outfit.

  19. Those are the cutest sandals that I’ve ever seen. :)

  20. GingerB says:

    I like the skirt and agree that a slip underneath is an essential item.

    I think something with a collar or lapel -jacket, over-blouse, sweater – adds to your authority in professional situations. You can take it off when you leave the event, it’s mostly for show.

    It’s not a hard rule and may seem silly when all the men in your group appear in sports shirts with no ties, but as a woman in computing I’ve always thought a little extra polish on my part keeps the ol’boys at bay.

  21. Vanessa says:

    Loooove your sandals!

  22. meegiemoo says:

    I love slips. You can get them very inexpensively at thrift stores. I tell people, never underestimate the value of proper undergarments.

  23. Becky says:

    I love your flowery skirt. I’m a frilly girl and have been so happy to see all the flower prints show up this year. I hope your day was successful.

    Also, my Anthropologist heart skips a beat at your use of the word liminal.

  24. [...] I’ve scaled down the accessorizing to a minimum). In fact, I didn’t even end up wearing the floral skirt I showed last week because, as many of you commented, it was a little too youthful for my first impression at a new [...]

  25. soha says:


    im browsing for color for my skirt i found ur website..really really nice website …i found many combinations for my dress..

    but i still have one question…i bought one brown skirt but i dont know which color do i need to choose…could you please help me on my problem…if you wish i can post a picture so that it will easy for you…


  26. [...] belt is another staple that spends more time on me then it does hanging in my closet. I have a purple belt that is the same as this magenta one. I also have a grey stretchy belt that gets a lot of business. [...]

  27. Lucy says:

    I love your blog, and I think so many teachers can relate! I am back on this post because of your sunglasses! Do you know if glasses like this are available as sunglasses reading glasses ? They’d be perfect for days spent outside reading :)

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