23 August 2010 – Rainy Days and Mondays

August 23rd, 2010 § 18 comments

23 August 2010 – Rainy Days and Mondays, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • T-shirt: American Apparel
  • Skirt: Calvin Klein Outlet
  • Belt: Old Navy Outlet
  • Shoes: Madden Girl via DSW

One final post regarding our color wheel challenge. Since I had been putting this outfit together in my head for days, I wanted to share my monochrome blue-green ensemble. This outfit is very simple, but with the addition of a belt and heeled shoes it manages to look polished despite the easy T and skirt combo. This is another one of my super girl-y feeling skirts because it moves so well. It is surprisingly heavy since the pleating hides where several panels of material are added and you can’t see the many inner layers that help give it such a swishing motion. I was determined to get a picture of this skirt in mid-twirl, and I seriously almost fell over from dizziness at the end of this photo series! Oh, the things we do for Academichic.

23 August 2010 – Twirl!, originally uploaded by academichic.

23 August 2010 – Twirl!, originally uploaded by academichic.

23 August 2010 – Twirl!, originally uploaded by academichic.

The belt you might recognize as the same as E’s and A’s (although hers is teal) and it is one of the workhorses of my wardrobe. I wear a lot of grey and grey goes with everything, so the purchase of a stretchy grey belt was a necessity for me. I used to be very wary of mixing neutrals including metallics, so the brass buckle made me a little anxious. However, thanks to my co-bloggers I’ve realized that things like that don’t matter very much and I can still wear silver jewelry despite the color of my buckle. These shoes were also a major addition to my wardrobe this year and have proven very useful. I like the small heel because they are comfy enough that I can wear them all day, but give me a little height and my legs a little length.

23 August 2010 – Grey, originally uploaded by academichic.

It has taken some adjustment, but I’m getting used to how delightfully cool the weather can be in New England even in summer – I’ve taken to carrying a light cardigan with me and don’t have to wear tanks all the time. Lately it’s not only been cool, but also quite rainy, which somewhat inspired this marine blue pairing. If I’d had my whole wardrobe at my disposal, I would have tossed on my grey cardi or my navy blazer from Ann Taylor Loft (not the same as A’s, but similar!). As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve just moved into my new apartment, but I’m still bouncing around New England visiting relatives and friends, and hence, I don’t have access to my whole closet all the time. I have really enjoyed color wheeling for the last four weeks, and I do think it will make me think more about my options when it comes to colors and combinations. However, I’m looking forward to school starting so I can share my daily teaching outfits with you all. This week I’ll be deciding what to wear for my first day of faculty meetings – exciting!

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  1. elbee says:

    What a lovely skirt! I really like the detailing around the waist. You have some awesome accessories as well. I too have a gray belt that I wear with outfits that are neither predominantly black or brown. It gets a lot of use too :P

  2. Clare says:

    Woah, that is a fabulously twirly skirt!! And yes, the dizziness from twirly pictures is just part and parcel of this whole blogging thing. :)

  3. MONKEYFACE says:

    My favorite outfit of yours so far! I am a huge sucker for monochrome, casual/feminine ensembles..

  4. Sarah Jane says:

    Definitely my favorite outfit you’ve shared so far — the overall simplicity really lets the lovely color of your top and the beautiful texture/shape of your skirt stand out. And I love that it’s feminine without being remotely fussy.

  5. Sally says:

    What a lovely take on a monochrome mix!

  6. Kate says:

    I love the skirt, but I was excited when I saw your shoes – I have those same ones in black and they are fantastic. Comfy and classy with just enough heel. You look great!

  7. [...] Like L., I failed to get my last color-challenge outfit in last week, but here it is – a split complimentary using two shades of orange!  I really wanted to push myself with this go at the Fashion 101 on color mixing.  I already tried out this red-orange shade in my monochromatic look, but this time I took it  a bit further by incorporating it into a split complimentary.  As E. explained quite well last week,  a split complimentary has you start with a color on the color wheel (in my case blue) find its compliment (orange) and then the two colors on either side of that compliment (red-orange and yellow-orange).  If orange is a daring color choice for me, yellow-orange is flat out radical!  This fabric flower brooch from Blue Onion Marketplace is the only yellow-orange thing I own, and in the past I have only used it to adorn a summer bag or clutch. Today, I took a cue from S. and pined it up near my face. [...]

  8. eli says:

    I’m with the other ladies – fave outfit of yours so far :)

    You look beautiful! Those cool colors just make your red hair pop!

  9. Love this flirty skirt!

  10. Cubicle Chic says:

    I really like this outfit! Like Eli said above, redheads tend to look really great in blue and greens. The flirty skirt is so much fun, and I love how the belt just makes the outfit look nice and polished. Go redheads!

    - Meredith

  11. [...] A. and L., I had to let our color challenge spill over into the following week. I just wasn’t feeling a [...]

  12. Alexandra says:

    What a beautiful outfit!

  13. Terri says:

    A wonderful skirt!

  14. Suzanne says:

    I really like this outfit on you. The blues and greens are very flattering and the skirt is lovely and flowing. A very fun piece.

  15. [...] does hanging in my closet. I have a purple belt that is the same as this magenta one. I also have a grey stretchy belt that gets a lot of business. For this outfit I wanted to look polished, but also show some of my [...]

  16. [...] like the spring rain and dull roots and don blue and grey. This is basically another version of a monochrome outfit I put together last summer for our Color Wheel Challenge. As for memory and desire, well, the [...]

  17. [...] I believe that one of the most fun things in life is twirling around while wearing a very full skirt. This skirt lends itself to playful swishing, swooshing, and all out spins. I had wanted to wear [...]

  18. [...] never looked back. I have pink belts, custom made belts, wide belts, skinny belts, obi belts, stretchy belts, scarf belts, metallic belts, and belts that are literally made out of metal. I have worn belts to [...]

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