19 August 2010 – Monochrome and a Farewell Note

August 19th, 2010 § 100 comments

19 August 2010 - Monochrome


  • Blue-green top – Target
  • Green-gray skirt – H&M in Austria years ago
  • Silver flats – Target
  • Necklace – Big Lots years ago
  • Puzzle piece bracelet – gift from cousin in Romania


So I did get my act together and compose one outfit for our color module this week: monochromatic green. While I couldn’t for the life of me make one work on Tuesday, this combination just jumped out at me on Wednesday morning. I paired a teal (blue-green) top with a green-gray skirt and used silver for my remaining items. Silver flats; silver bracelet; silver necklace. Although I’m dressed head-to-toe in shades of green, I think this works because they’re variations of the crayon box green that are more subtle and soft. I think there is no right or wrong way to do monochrome; use as much and as bold of a color as suits your style and aesthetic. While some may feel more comfortable mixing in a good dose of neutrals, others may revel in a full-on color explosion. To me, the queen of fabulous and bold monochromatic outfits is the lovely Katie of What Katie Wore in the UK:

How bold do you go when you go monochromatic?

Silver Accessories

Silver flats

That much on colors and my outfit for today.

The other thing that needs to be addressed (and I’ve been putting it off because it’s no pleasant post to write) is my coming departure from academichic for a while. As I alluded to in my last post, I’ve been struggling with dressing for myself vs. dressing for others for a while now. On some days it’s less pronounced than on others; but it’s a feeling that’s been consistently there for a while now. To explain – when I first began blogging on academichic, I knew nothing of color theory, I was still finding my style as a young academic professional, and I was blown away by the plethora of awesome blogs and fashion resources on the internet. I discovered Flickr, wardrobe_remix, style blogs, the awesome Sal of Already Pretty, feminist fashionistas, and other academics on the same style quest as me. And I found the inflow of inspiration and feedback from other bloggers and readers to be astounding and tremendously rewarding.

I blogged through a semester of teaching, I blogged about planning a small wedding on a small budget, and I blogged during an entire year of living abroad and – more or less – out of two suitcases. I blogged about my packing plan for that capsule wardrobe and, to my surprise, was contacted by a former (and much beloved) student who had found my packing posts while she was researching how to pack for a year abroad herself. I gained so much from other bloggers and my co-bloggers that it was wonderful to hear of my posts being of use to someone else. This example encapsulates what I’ve found to be the much rewarding essence of blogging – the free and voluntary sharing of information, support, creativity, and inspiration.

While I would love to continue being a weekly presence on academichic, life changes have shifted my focus and I now feel content leaving the style blogging to others. I feel like I have answered some of those initial questions I had about how to present myself professionally and I have explored pattern, color, functionality, and professionalism to the extent that I feel pretty comfortable with how I present my academic persona at this point.

As I have alluded to, I have left my graduate institution to live with my husband (if you read regularly, you know that we were long distance for a long time) and to finish my dissertation away from campus. I was extremely fortunate to find a position as a lecturer at my husband’s university so I am now – somewhat unexpectedly and much sooner than anticipated – beginning my career as faculty.

This recent move in my professional and personal life has led me to reassess my time commitments and has forced me to pare down my calendar of activities. I love to take on more than I can handle, but I’m forcing myself to be realistic and do less but do it well. This all to try to articulate why I will be stepping down as a regular contributor to academichic and will be leaving the regular posts to my wonderful co-bloggers. I might still pop in and say hello when I can and I will always be on the watch for great fodder for fashion/feminism/academia posts, but I will be turning my primary attention to my teaching commitments, my dissertation, and my husband for now.

I will still be present on the interwebs over on Simply Bike, which allows me to lurk far more behind the camera and to explore more in text than in pictures what advocacy, healthy living, and bike commuting means to me. If you miss me terribly, you can always stop on by and say hello.

I cannot express enough how much your comments and readership has meant to me. And I will now assume the role of regular reader and commenter myself as I continue to draw inspiration from A., E., and L. I’m sorry this turned into such a long post but as I started writing, the words began pouring out, and I felt like I was writing a mournful goodbye letter to a long loved friend. This is how much I’ve cared about this project and have appreciated all of you who have been part of it, however vocal or silent. So this is goodbye for now and a big huge Thank You!

19 August 2010 - Monochrome


§ 100 Responses to 19 August 2010 – Monochrome and a Farewell Note"

  1. Tizzle-T says:

    Good luck teaching, it was great reading your posts! We will miss you!

  2. the spanish lady says:

    We will miss you a lot S! All the best for your new project, and thanks for all your great posts & outfits along the way!

  3. EE K says:

    Great news on the new job! You will be missed but it sounds like you’ve got a wonderful new journey ahead of you :)

  4. Sara says:

    I will definitely miss you on academichic. I have so loved the photography and thoughts on Simply Bike, so I’ll certainly be following you there. Good luck and thank you so much for sharing your fashion and personal style with us!

  5. G says:

    S. I’m going to miss reading your wonderful posts (and I might need to stop by at “simply bike” more often now… :) Best of luck with your new position—I’m sure you’ll excel at it as well!

  6. kjlangford says:

    sad! But understood. best of luck in this new phase of your life!

  7. Oh, S! I will miss your daily doses of style, but I definitely understand what it means to take on too much and then reevaluate your commitments and priorities. I’m glad you’re going to keep Simply Bike going – I’ve enjoyed it so much, and I’m glad I can continue to follow your adventures there.

    Congrats on all the life changes, and good luck at your new position!

  8. Katharine says:

    Thank you so much for your contributions and best wishes to you!

  9. Adrienne Strange says:

    That is a darling picture of you. I love the play between colors, the composition, and the look on your face. Good luck in your new role.

  10. Sally says:

    Oh lady, how I’ll miss your presence on this blog! But I completely understand the need to shift priorities. PLEASE let me know if you ever want to make the trip into the Twin Cities – I’d be just delighted to meet you in person. Hugs to ya, S.

  11. I’ll miss you and your musings on fashion and academia. Your entries have been incredibly helpful especially the ones about dressing for your body type. I wish you luck in all that you do and I’ll continue to read your bike blog. :)

  12. Sarah says:

    Enjoy your new post and spending some more time with you husband. Long distance can be so hard. Good luck!

  13. Tina Z says:

    Let me say that as someone who did exactly the same thing for the previous two years, it’s harder than you think. And I say that with the nicest intentions. I highly recommend staying as connected as possible to your graduate institution. Take trips back and chat with your committee and fellow grad students as much as possible. Once you are out of sight, it’s easy for them to forget you! Someone that interviewed at my school had done the same thing and warned us it was a struggle professionally and they were right, to some extent. But you know what? It was also the best decision I made for my personal life and in the end you need your decisions to work for you both personally and professionally to be happy. I had to work much harder on the full-time job market (went to more conferences, was more active in professional groups outside my institution) because I was awol from my home institution but it ended up working out just fine. In fact, dare I say I ended up being better prepared by broadening my network through taking those extra steps. But if you don’t constantly put yourself out there professionally, it will be a lonely few years.

    Good luck!!!

  14. Monica says:

    What a sweet and heartfelt post. You are a class act (pun intended!). Thank you for your contributions to this blog and best of luck in this next chapter of your life.

  15. M says:

    Oh, S. I’ve never commented before, but your posts have always been my favorite. I’m starting grad school in a week exactly and yesterday I was outright panicking about what to wear because I want to look like a chic, professional version of myself, since I’m a lot younger than most of the people in my cohort/program. I also recently stopped living with my 4 close friends from undergrad as we all went our separate ways, and as such have lost the unofficial outfit-deciding committee that I relied on for so long! Academichic definitely helped me through some of those moments when I have felt in need of a style inspiration, but your posts always resonated the most.

    I’m genuinely sad to see you go and hope that your new job and life are fantastic. Thank you so much for all of your posts here.

  16. admin says:

    Thank you all for such sweet comments, it means a lot to hear your good luck wishes and your nice words about my work here. It does make it harder to leave though :)

    Tina Z – thanks for your advice! I share many of those thoughts; I too worry about being out of sight at my home institution and am worried about both impressing my new department and assuring my previous one that I’m still around and part of their dept. since I much value my advisors there. I think it will be a delicate balancing act and that’s also a main reason why I had to let go of other projects for the time being. Thanks for saying that it can be done and that it will work :)


  17. T. says:

    Oh, this makes me sad. Your style on this blog most closely matches my own style, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your outfits. Good luck with your new adventures!

  18. CS says:

    I’m usually just a lurker, but I want to say that I am REALLY going to miss your posts! I totally understand your need to pare down your activities, as I should probably be doing the same. Best of luck in your new position!

  19. m says:

    Best wishes, S., on your new endeavors and life adventures. You have done much to inspire me, and I am thankful for your willingness to jump into this blog when you did. I look forward to keeping up with you on Simply Bike.

  20. Ania says:

    S – best of luck with your future endeavors! I will miss your posts and your awesome style.

  21. V. says:

    Oh, this makes me sad, even though I completely understand why you have to do it. Best of luck for the future!

  22. Carey says:

    You will be very missed! I have loved the style voice that you bring to this group, but wish you the best!!

  23. Brandy says:

    Congrats on getting to live with your husband – with a job, no less! I hope I get so lucky.

  24. Sally says:

    Best of luck to you! I just bought a used mint-green Huffy cruiser yesterday and thought of you and Mojito!

  25. Diana says:

    Love the outfit today!
    I’ll miss you posts and your sense of style, but I’m glad to hear of all the exciting new things happening in your life. Best of luck with the new job!

  26. MONKEYFACE says:

    Well it’s tragic for the fashion interwebs, but sounds like a wise and brave decision for you. Honestly it’s very difficult to imagine Academichic without you, but I’ve always marveled at all you ladies balancing your stacked schedules with the quality and quantity of these posts, so it’s nice to see a human need to reprioritize. Thanks so much for all of your graceful/functional inspiration, and best of luck to you on your new adventures!

  27. hlcs says:

    Goodbye, S! I have really enjoyed reading your posts over the past year and a half. Best of luck as you begin your career!

  28. BMB says:

    Good luck with both the new job and the dissertation! I’ve really enjoyed reading your contributions to academichic over the (little less than a) year I’ve been reading, but I’m happy to hear you’re in a position to have so many other good and exciting things to devote your time and attention to.

  29. S@sha says:

    Good luck with your new endeavors! While all the Academichic bloggers put together nice outfits, your choices have steadily become my favorites over the last year or two as you’ve incorporated vintage, embraced the shorts with tights trend, played with braiding your hair and letting it go curly. You will be missed!

  30. Jackie says:

    Just de-lurking for a moment to thank you! Your posts have always delighted me, and have been a big help as I explore possibilities for my own burgeoning academic wardrobe. Best wishes!

  31. Lauren says:

    S, I’m sad to see you go, but completely understand why. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, thoughtful musings, and openness on this blog about feminist issues, professionalism, self-presentation, etc. I’m sure you have great things in store for you. Best wishes!

  32. Oh, S, you’ll be missed! However, it sounds like you have big things ahead and I wish you all the luck in the world. Visit often!

  33. Anne says:

    I will miss your posts, S. I loved reading them, especially the ones about your wedding and your experiences in Germany. Thanks and best of luck to you!!

  34. admin says:

    Thanks, everyone! You’re all so nice with your well wishes :) They’re a delight to read. S.

  35. S., I realize I’m just repeating everyone else, but I’m really going to miss your posts! Since I began reading academichic, I have really appreciated your willingness to be honest about your journey instead of pretending as though you have all the answers. It was fun to read your “overview” here of what you see yourself having accomplished from this project and I hope it serves you well in the future.

    I commend you for recognizing the limits of your time and shifting your priorities accordingly. I don’t mean to suggest that this applies to everyone, but so often the “type” of person drawn to graduate study also seems to be the “type” who devotes so much attention to school that she burns brightly but also burns herself out before she reaches her full potential. My wish for you that you’ll find (as I have) that living with your spouse while thinking and working and teaching gives you the stable foundation you need to keep burning bright and strong for as long as you wish to do so.

    And, finally, thanks for the link. : )

  36. I’ll miss your regular posts! GOod luck to you in your future endeavors

  37. Amanda says:

    I’m going to miss your posts and your great outfits – you’ve given me some great ideas since I discovered your blog!

    Butreally, good for you – it’s a brave and wise decision to give yourself what you need for the year ahead. Like Tina Z, I also wrote my dissertation through my first year as a new faculty member, and I agreed with all of her thoughts and advice for you. Personally, I had no idea how much I’d miss the energy of my department and the positive peer pressure of my cohort. It was tough, I spent a lot of evenings and weekends working instead of exploring my new city, but I got it done. And you will too – and you’ll look great doing it. I hope you’ll pop back around Academichic to tell us when you defend and graduate, until then, we’ll be cheering you on!

  38. SE says:

    Oh dear- I have always enjoyed your posts so much! But good for you for setting limits and recognizing there are only so many hours in the day. I have to say, though, I do hope you pop in often with wardrobe ideas-I found your creativity and style so inspiring!

  39. RB says:

    I really admire your style, honesty, opinions and views, writing style and sense of humor in your posts and will miss them. Good luck with the new changes in your life.

  40. Linda says:

    I will miss your contributions too, S. All the best with your teaching and dissertation!

  41. Kats says:

    It’s a lovely outfit. I as well have really liked your posts and will definitely miss them. I wish you all the best for your teaching and hope to read you regularly as guest blogger :)!

  42. Sara says:

    Good luck on your dissertation and with the new gig!! Moments like this should be celebrated instead of mourned, and so I hope everything works out well and am glad to hear that it’s been a good thing for you. I sort of love the idea of the bloggers here on AC can change over time… not because I don’t appreciate each of you individually, but it’s a unique thing to have a dynamic group of gals who go through “fashion school” of sorts and then “graduate” onto other things! Very neat indeed.

  43. oh, S.!!!! I’ll miss you a lot around here. Academichic and you in particular were wonderful implicit encouragement for me to challenge myself in terms of style and were a big part of my inspiration in starting a blog myself. You will be sorely missed around here, especially because I feel you are my biggest stylistic kindred spirit on the internets. if you ever come to illinois, let me know! there is always a place for you to stay with another bike riding, dress-wearing academic! xoxoxoxo.

  44. kelly says:

    We will miss your unique style and all of your posts, but best wishes in the future!

  45. Another Lauren says:

    The first Lauren (comment #31) said pretty much exactly what I wanted to say, so I won’t repeat it, apart from sending you many more wishes for all good things as you start this new adventure!

  46. Lisa J. says:

    It is a gray day! Good luck to you with all of your new endeavors!!

  47. jesse.anne.o says:

    No offense to the other bloggers but you’ve been my main reason for reading here. I am so bummed but glad for you doing what you need to do and I wish you a wonderful time!

  48. Kelly says:

    You will be missed!

  49. Congratulations on the new job and finally getting to live with your man! I’ll miss your posts, especially your colorful and romantic sense of style. Thanks for sharing such an honest assessment of your priorities – it’s encouraging to see another grad student maintaining relationships and hobbies beyond the library. I’ll definitely check in on Simply Bike now and then. Best of luck.

  50. Love this final outfit! You will be missed on academichic, for sure. Congrats on the job and new direction!

  51. Patricia says:

    Dear S., what a sweet post, but a sad one too. I discovered academichic a little while before you left for Germany and it always gives me something to think about (I’m not a very imaginative dresser). I never knew anything about colour theory before and it’s so interesting. I’ll miss your posts but I’ll continue to look in on Simply Bike. I’d venture to say that your colleagues, A, E and L, will miss you terribly too – you seem to have an such an easy and supportive friendship with them. Best of luck to you and your husband!

  52. Jackie says:

    I’m sorry to see you go! I’m always inspired by your style, especially your color choices. However, I totally understand making choices for family. I’m living away from my hubs (work-related) this year as well. It’s hard. Sad to see you go; enjoy teaching and married life together!

  53. N says:

    I will miss your posts. Your style is close to mine and you’ve given me inspiration to try new things as you try them. But I’m happy for you and the exciting changes in your life! Good luck, and please let us in on the good news when you finish your dissertation and get those extra letters after your name.

  54. Dear S., I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors be they stylistic or academic. I’ll continue to follow you on Simply Bike, but I’ll miss your playful sense of style and your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts here.

  55. Diana says:

    We will miss you over here, but I definitely understand your decision. I’m glad things are going so well in your life, and I’ll keep up with you over on Simply Bike.

  56. R says:

    I will miss you terribly because your style and love for patterns and colors always pleased me and is very close to my own love for patterns and colors. You were always my favorite. :)

    I wish you all the best in life and work, and may all your dreams become reality!

    Take care!

  57. Katharine says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with your new job. We’ll miss you!

  58. Dee says:

    Thanks for all of your wonderful posts and outfit inspiration! Good luck with writing up and with your new job!

  59. Terri says:

    My BEST to you.

  60. Erin says:

    You will be missed! Of the three (now four) of you, I identify most with your style and thoughts on wardrobe choices. I rarely comment, but I’ve been reading your posts through my last year as an undergrad, and your advice has helped me over this summer to build a grad student look I am excited to perfect when I return for my MA in art history next month. Good luck with your new job, finishing your dissertation, and as newlyweds finally living together. :)

  61. Debbie says:

    I have really enjoyed and will miss your posts. Good luck in this new phase of your life!

  62. SAM says:

    Farewell! Thanks for inspiring so many of us.

  63. aj says:

    Thanks for being a style inspiration and a thoughtful commentator on so many subjects. I’m packing for a year in Europe doing dissertation research and I hope to be able to create as much style from a 2-suitcase wardrobe. Very best of luck completing your dissertation and enjoy!

  64. Vix says:

    I too will miss your posts; you — like all the Academichic women — post such thoughtful essays. Best of luck with all your new endeavors!

  65. Edith says:

    Good luck!! I’ll totally miss you :(

  66. admin says:

    Thank you everyone, all your really nice comments have made my day! What a send-off! S.

  67. Beth says:

    Best Wishes! You will be missed!

  68. Kathleen says:

    S., I’ll miss your posts! I loved reading about your time abroad this past year and seeing all your great thrift finds (like that eyelet top you altered). Best of luck at your new post.

  69. Angeline says:

    As much as I’ll miss your posts on this blog, I am so excited for you as you move on! It might sound weird, but I totally understand (my husband and I were long distance for years before we married, and he is on the job market now and finishing up his dissertation).

  70. E says:

    Oh no! You’re leaving. Congrats on the new job and moving in with your husband. I really enjoyed your posts and hope you don’t leave entirely.

  71. AcademicUnchic says:

    I’m going to miss your posts here! But guess what, my Academichic induced style evolution has progressed to my few times a week bike commute (skirt+heeled-but-rubber-soled sandals?!) – so I’ll just follow you on Simply Bike!
    Good luck with teaching and the dissertation!

  72. madam0wl says:

    I can relate to that “shift of focus”… from moving from dressing mostly for others to dressing just for yourself, and leaving the style blogging to others. I was never a celebrity or anything, but recently I’ve really gone under the radar… initially dropping out a bit due to not having a working camera anymore, but also coming to the realization that already contributed what I can for now. So it was interesting to read your farewell comments.

    Best wishes! How great you could find a Lecturer position while you finish your dissertation. I just went back to look at your recent posts and it looks like you got married at my alma mater! Is that where you are now?

  73. I’ll miss your thoughtful posts and your spirit of style exploration! You’ve been an inspiration to me. Best wishes!

  74. N says:

    I came back to look at this post the next day, and in the meantime my brain had managed to quantify why I love your style: you’re probably the bravest academichic at mixing colors, you have lots of thrifted clothes and wear them in interesting ways, and when you were in Germany, you had to walk everywhere, as I do in the city where I live. It can be difficult to mix a love of shoes with a car-free lifestyle, so it was helpful for me to see what you did with it for the year. So thanks again.

  75. Audi says:

    You’ll be sorely missed, S. Best wishes for everything to come, and I hope you’ll stop in once in awhile and say hello!

  76. Rrrr says:

    I’m going to miss your posts here! Hope you come back and do guest posts in the future. It was especially fun reading your posts because you are the closest to my body type, and of course, your posts from living abroad were awesome! Best of luck to you, I’ll be sure to follow you at your other blog! Many thanks for the style inspiration!

  77. c says:

    I’m going to miss you, too! Best wishes with your work and family. Thank you so much for sharing so much here. hugs.

  78. Amy says:

    Congrats on the new job and the move – such an exciting time! I will miss you and your posts, but completely understand about shifting priorities and time commitments. As someone writing her master’s thesis, working full time, and planning a wedding, I feel ya! You’re a great blogger & have such fun, fresh style. Good luck with your classes this fall, and I look forward to seeing you pop in from time to time. Cheers! :D

  79. Golla says:

    I have enjoyed your posts very much and read about your stay in Romania and Germany (among other things) with great interest. Thank you! I will miss your presence on this wonderful blog, but wish you all the best, of course! Hope you appear here again with guest posts now and then – please :-)

  80. Mary says:

    Dear S., you will be greatly missed here! My only consolation is the fact that I only recently discovered this lovely blog, and – determined to read all of it from the very beginning – I still have a lot of posts from you to read that will be new to me!
    Ich wünsche dir alles Gute auf deinem neuen Weg und hoffentlich liest man doch häufiger was von dir auf dem Blog!
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland :-)

  81. Trisha says:

    All the best, S!
    We’ll miss you. Be sure to drop in as much as possible! :-)

  82. Nadine says:

    I’m so pleased that I can still follow you on Simply Bike – whew! (It’s fantastic that this site is run by a ‘team’, and one person leaving doesn’t mean the site stops.)

  83. Erika says:

    I’ll miss your beautiful contributions here. I wish you good inspiration as you begin writing and teaching!

  84. Camille says:

    You are a huge inspiration of a fashionista, academic, and person. You’re going to be missed a lot, but I respect you so much for having the priorities in your life where they should be.
    Can’t wait for your guest appearances!

  85. minerrva says:

    Oh, I am going to miss your posts here too! I don’t comment much, but one thing I never said is that I too am an academic and originally from Romania. And I really appreciated seeing your pics of the home country, and your tidbits about your family, and your stories about your background. I could totally relate. You also made me look forward to visiting Romania more, because I’m usually a bit down on it, but you reminded me of the beautiful parts. Thank you!

  86. Julia says:

    Oh S……I’m going to miss your posts a lot. You were my favorite one on Academichic coz I just LUUUURVED ur style and could relate to it the most of the three of you. Thank you for sharing your lovely style and bits of your life including your wedding planning, your year abroad and your posts on Romania. U are going to be one charming and stylish lecturer. Good Luck with your new adventures!!!

  87. Michele says:

    Best wishes always!!!! I have really enjoyed your posts!

  88. Rachel says:

    Goodbye and good luck!

    I have really enjoyed all your posts, and bookmarked your packing / capsule wardrobe posts in particular to keep revisiting as they are so helpful. It was great to follow your progress on your year away.

    Thanks again, and best wishes.

  89. maureen says:

    Congratulations on having a position, and on your decision to live with your husband after being apart for so long. Your photos, styles, and ideas will be missed!

  90. Starling says:

    Congratulations on your lectureship, S! We’ll miss you and your work, but it’s completely understandable that you need to step back :) It’s been lovely to read your posts and watch your style evolve. This outfit is a wonderful one – love it.

  91. Melinda says:

    I’m gutted – we have the same body type and you are my style inspiration. Academichic will not be the same without you but best of luck for the new phase in your life. I will now have to go through the archives for style inspiration!

  92. Clare says:

    Well, it has been said already by everyone else, but I will sorely miss you! You have such a wonderful voice, and I’m thrilled you’ll still be around over at Simply Bike. :)

  93. McKristie says:

    Ohh – with a bit of sadness – congratulations on everything and good luck with all that you aspire to do – as you will do it so well! I will miss your outfits, your shampoo knowledge, and your packing help!

  94. lyn says:

    I always loved your posts,S! So-so inspiring! (and, my heart cheered up, finding out we were probably born in the same country:-)…I’ll really miss you:-((. La revedere, si mult succes!!!:-)

  95. congratulations on the new gig! Gives me hope that the two-body problem can be overcome :)

    alles gut!

  96. Becky says:

    Good luck! I will miss your posts. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors. Many hugs to you S!

  97. JustMe says:

    completely understandable, and good for you! but i will miss you, i always identified most with your style and body type, etc. thanks for such great posts and outfits!

  98. April G. says:

    I will miss your posts! Your style and body shape are most similar to mine.

    Best of luck to you, and congratulations finding a job near your husband! I hope things will only get better from here!

  99. Cari says:

    I know I’m *very* late to this game and I echo all the thoughts of well-wishes, but I have a question:

    You mentioned in the post that you were “head to toe” in green and that your shoes and jewelry were silver. Was this just an expression or is silver considered part of the green family? Just wondering . . .

  100. [...] off to a good start for you! I bet you didn’t expect me to come back so soon but after my half year sabbatical, I’m once more on the cusp of some major changes and new projects, which have prompted me to [...]

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