Refresher Course: Color Wheeling

July 26th, 2010 § 13 comments

I, E., always find it difficult to dress well during the last month of summer. Maybe it’s the heat or the fact that stores start showcasing snuggly chic sweater dresses in August, but for whatever reason it helps me to have some sort of structure or challenge when pushing through the final month before the fall semester begins.

So, much as we did last summer, we’ll be revisiting our Fashion 101 modules on color combinations, looking for fresh ways to pair outfits and accessories and pushing our color comfort zones. S. is excited to finally have access to a whole closet of options again (rather than her module wardrobe from a year abroad), A. is ready to utilize her growing collection of colored belts, E. can’t wait to play more with her new bright footwear, and L. is eager to kick-start her time at Academichic with some pops of color!

We’ll be starting with “two-thirds” and complementary combinations. (And in case you’re like me and need a little handy cheat sheet, you can download a little 4×6 printable pdf of the color wheel with some examples of the color combinations we’ll be exploring. Yes, I’m sticking mine on my dresser.)

§ 13 Responses to Refresher Course: Color Wheeling"

  1. Em says:

    Love it! The printable PDF is great. Looking forward to seeing all of your exciting upcoming features realized.

  2. Kathleen says:

    The cheat sheet is so wonderfully nerdy in a good way. :) I may tape it to my closet door.

  3. Deepti says:

    I am sticking mine on the dresser too!

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  5. Terri says:

    Thanks for the color wheel!

  6. laniza says:

    Oh, thanks for the cheat sheet!

  7. minerrva says:

    Oh, man, I’ve only now gotten the hang of the color wheel. I would stare at your guys’ beautiful plates of clothes but my eyes would sort of glaze over and I couldn’t envision pairings. But tonight I printed out your pdf and went to my closet to find matching colors to assemble my own color wheel, just for fun.

    Very instructive: first of all, I realized that a large large part of my wardrobe is neutrals (black white gray brown beige and all their permutations). I tend to do colors in prints. I think I need more basics in solid shades of the color wheel, and NO MORE NEUTRALS.

    Secondly, and relatedly, I realized that I needed to rely on accessories to fill in my color wheel–solid tights, scarves, and chunky bracelets. Interesting. May have to work that into my color combinations.

    Thirdly, rummaging my closet to create my own clothing color wheel on the floor of my bedroom was wildly instructive. I was suddenly seeing outfits I never would have paired before, and mentally discarding others or just figuring out why they never seemed quite right.

    Which brings me to my final question/request: how DOES one pair neutrals with colors effectively? I now know that the basic but lazy pairing of a neutral bottom and a bright top (like black pants plus colorful or print shirt) is pretty boring and uneffective, but how does one mix in all those grays, browns, blacks into one’s color wheel? I shall wander through your archives to try and answer that question for myself, but I’d love to hear any new insights too.


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  10. Thank you for the cheat sheet! I just printed it out. Still not sure what it all means. And how I choose what I want to do that day? I definitely tend not to be a triad dresser. I’d be interested in hearing more about how you choose these types of outfits and if one colorwheel option is more daring or bold than another and one is more mild?

  11. Robin says:

    I love this color wheel! I want to go and reproduce it myself haha, but I think printing out the picture will do.

  12. maureen says:

    Thank you for the fabulous cheat sheet. I am going to print out a copy to leave in my closet!

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