24 June 2010 – Meet Mojito

June 24th, 2010 § 23 comments

24 June 2010 , originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Gray tank with ruffles – Filene’s basement
  • Purple bubble dress – TJMaxx
  • Pendant – Anthropologie
  • Damask flats – Old Navy
  • Silver cuff – gift from dad
  • Bag – Etienne Aigner hand-me-down
  • Helmet – Nutcase
  • Bike – Electra Hawaii Cruiser (named Mojito)


And I’m back in the States. Boy, it’s good to be home. One of the first things I was really looking forward to doing was hopping on my newly acquired cruiser and taking it for a spin around town. It’s also so nice to finally feel like it’s summer after so much rain and cold in Germany over the last month. Hot weather calls for breezy dresses, so I donned a light and comfortable purple bubble dress paired with black and white damask flats. I added some silver jewelry, a slouchy bag, and my new powder blue Nutcase helmet (it’s so cute, I don’t even mind sporting a helmet)…

24 June 2010 – with helmet, originally uploaded by academichic.

In Germany, I had a little vase with (fake) flowers on my desk and I decided to bring the flowers back with me to add to my bike basket as a little keepsake from my year in Munich. I was inspired by the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games challenge, which requires participants to decorate their bikes as one of the entries…

I like how this Electra bike basket just pops off and can be taken along once the bike is parked. I did just that as I went to the library and then a consignment shop downtown, where I couldn’t resist filling my basket with lovely books and an awesome thrift find. Incidentally, another task in the LGRAB Summer Games is to carry a load on your bike…

Bikes, Books, and Other Goodies, originally uploaded by academichic.
Bike Commute, originally uploaded by academichic.

Well, that’s about it for my bike adventures. Now, for a less exciting task, I need to go tackle those suitcases needing to be unpacked. Anyone want to do it for me? S.

Damask flats, originally uploaded by academichic.


§ 23 Responses to 24 June 2010 – Meet Mojito"

  1. Cathy says:

    What a pretty bike. The flowers are a nice touch.

  2. EmilyKennedy says:

    Oooh Mojito is awesome! Love your bike!

  3. Lauren says:

    Very nice! The green of the bike and purple of your dress look great together too.

    On a different note, I just missed you in the Munich airport — I had a connecting flight there from Italy on Sunday 6/20. I was super impressed with the food in the Munich airport: I had a real omlette with tomatoes & cheese on my layover. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything that fresh in US airports! Welcome home.

  4. love the bike and your shoes!

  5. Franca says:

    That’s a great bike!

    Weird that the weather wasn’t nice in the south of Germany! I’ll be in Luxembourg and the Saarland in a couple of weeks and it better be nice!

  6. Sally says:

    LOVE it! Bring it along when you visit me and we’ll cruise together. ;)

  7. What fab flats! Are those new from Old Navy?

  8. m.fay says:

    love those shoes, oh my! great post!

    happy to find you on bloglovin, stop by and say hello. xo

  9. Kelly K says:

    Where did you get your bike? I might be more tempted to ride mine if it was that cool! ;)

  10. Ris says:

    Those shoes are just darling.

  11. Vanessa says:

    Mojito is so cute!

  12. admin says:

    Thanks, all!

    The flats are last summer’s Old Navy, but they have held up really well and are super comfortable. They make me want to look into other ON flats this summer.

    @Kelly – I got my bike on Craigslist, for a fraction of the price it costs new. I’ve seen cruisers and Dutch bikes on Craigslist since, they’re not as common as mountain bikes but can be found that way if you can wait and check the site a lot. If you want to check out new versions, go to Electra’s website. Mine is a Hawaii Cruiser. I also really love their Amsterdam cruisers, so pretty! S.

  13. T. says:

    Did the basket come with the bike? If not, where did you find it? Thanks for any info!

  14. admin says:

    T – The basket did not come with the bike, I found it at REI online. It’s an Electra basket, which means that it makes for a pretty good fit (size-wise) with my Electra bike and it’s detachable. I think that part is the best feature, because I’ve been popping it off every time I park somewhere and taking the basket with all its contents inside. Despite the detachable nature, I still feel like it’s a very sturdy hold and it weathers even the bumpiest rides.

    You can see it here:



  15. Clare says:

    Looks like such fun!!

  16. Cindy says:

    It’s good to have you back home!

  17. Oh unpacking, not my favorite thing either. Love your bike’s name :)

  18. Your bike is awesome! I’d offer to help you unpack, but only if you’re willing to help me pack and move at the end of next month… :)

  19. Dottie says:

    What a beautiful bike! I haven’t seen one like that before. The mint green color is lovely. And the basket, books and flower make it al come together perfectly. :)

  20. Kyla says:

    so. much. eye. candy. I love everything here, right down to your super cool bike! Lucky lady :)

  21. Bekah Mae says:

    Heeehe….that bike is all shades of fantastic!

  22. Maureen says:

    LOVE your bike and basket…Going to sign up for the new blog now. Thanks for sharing!

  23. [...] bike date/group ride in Prague; sticking my nose in some bike-centric literature; and finally, decorating and utilizing my bike for its carting capabilities. The Games are now in their Third Session, which is all about [...]

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