30 May 2010 – Weekender

May 30th, 2010 § 12 comments

30 May 2010 – Weekender, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Hat: Banana Republic Factory
  • Dress: Banana Republic Factory
  • T-straps: Target.com

End Notes:

Ah, this is the kind of summer dressing that I find so, so easy. A dress, shoes, and now a big floppy hat. There is something so wonderful about just being able to throw on a dress — with a built-in accessory like this embellished neckline! — and just call it a day.

Dress detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

I definitely went through an anti-dress stage in junior high and high school, followed by a I-can’t-find-dresses-that-fit-me stage in undergrad. But over the past few years dresses — especially jersey dresses — have come to be an essential part of my wardrobe. And it’s funny how my favorite dresses don’t necessarily share a similar aesthetic. Their unifying characteristic is simply that they function beautifully as a single piece outfit.

And isn’t that what makes them perfect for holiday weekends with the family?

30 May 2010 – Weekender, originally uploaded by academichic.

P.S. Baby e. insisted on being in this final picture. He recognizes cameras and will strike a pose whenever someone pulls one out. Future style blogger for sure.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Oooh. I am really diggin’ the purple dress. I like how it’s a simple cotton (just guessing) style, but is dressed up a bit with the sash and the lace. Just simple details but it makes a difference. So many cotton, simple dresses I see seem to be a bit boring and too casual to me… but this is nice!

  2. Goannatree says:

    love it! and baby E. is getting so big!

  3. PL says:

    I’m loving that hat. It’s casual yet sophisticated at the same time, perfect for a weekend. Great outfit!

  4. jentine says:

    You definitely look summer weekend chic… and your son is soooo darn cute!

  5. A-C says:

    Baby e. is way too cute! And I completely love the idea of a simple dress + shoes to make an outfit. Absolutely perfect for when it gets hot.

  6. spacegeek says:

    Do you try to style dresses differently on different days? I love dresses, but find that I usually pair them with the same shoes/boots/accessories because they look “best” to my eyes. Then I get bored.

  7. m says:

    E, you always look so great. Every post/outfit of yours is something I’d be proud to wear. Your look is what I aspire mine to be. I even get out of my jeans/pants rut once or twice a week just to try to emulate you. I thrifted a denim Mossimo dress yesterday and am happy to say, I was able to sew a paper bag waist because I was so inspired by yours. Thanks for always looking stylish!

  8. Aury says:

    You look amazing particularly with the darling baby boy beside you :D

    I love being able to rock summer dresses!!!!

  9. Ris says:

    I love the floppy hat. It completes the summer look ensemble!

  10. Clare says:

    “Easy and simple” is my new summer motto. I love this dress!

  11. Audi says:

    I just love that floppy hat on you; it really raises the summer quotient of the outfit.

  12. [...] As mentioned earlier, I am all about the embellished dress + belt + sandals + floppy hat combination for summer picnicking, and I think I found a winner in this putty brown dress with a macrame neckline paired with accessories in unexpected colors. [...]

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