23 May 2010 – Bike Date

May 23rd, 2010 § 25 comments

23 May 2010 – Bike Date, originally uploaded by academichic.

If you haven’t already heard of the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games, then you should definitely head over to Dottie and Trisha’s site to check them out. They’re a perfect incentive for picking up that bike you’ve been keeping in storage this winter and dusting it off for some fun rides around the neighborhood. Added bonus – there are prizes involved for those participating.

For my second entry to the LGRAB Summer Games event called “Social Cycling”, I took Trisha’s and Dottie’s advice and scheduled a bike date with my husband. What a perfect way to explore Munich together on his visit here. And since Trisha and Dottie said to dress up, here is what we wore (not exactly
‘dressy’ clothes, but just the regular street clothes we would have worn walking around town.) No special gear required…


On her:

  • Sunglasses – loan from friend
  • Yellow top – Sam & Max
  • Skinnies – S. Oliver
  • Flats – Palladium
  • Scarf – souvenir from Duluth, MN
  • Bag – old Etienne Aigner, hand me down

On him:

  • Graphic tee – J.Crew
  • Backpack – Jansport
  • Jeans – Nautica
  • Shoes – Aldo
  • Sunglasses – souvenir from Costa Rica

T. and I are both enthusiastic cyclists although our styles are very different. While T. loves to go fast, I like to ride slow. For T., it’s all about getting from point A to B as quickly as possible, while I like to take my time and look around. T. loves to feel the rush of flying downhill on his bike, I tend to keep the brakes on and meander downhill at a much more hesitant pace. T.’s machine of choice is a fast and sleek road bike, I prefer a big lumbering cruiser. But despite our superficial differences in biking, we both agree on one thing: riding our bikes is fun.

23 May 2010 – Bike Date, originally uploaded by academichic.
23 May 2010 – Bike Date, originally uploaded by academichic.

When it comes to engaging in this activity together, we both make compromises and find that the result is awesome; I feel the thrill of going a little faster, T. slows down and enjoys the ride-as-process, and we both take pleasure in spending the day together doing something we both love.

On our bike date, we rode side-by-side for much of the time, chatting and taking in the sights on the wide bike path along the Isar river. We stopped and took pictures of each other, of fun things that caught our eye, and of other cyclists….

We shared a giant beer and Bretzen at the largest beer garden by the Chinese Tower in the English Garden, taking in the chit chat of other park dwellers and the sounds of live music…

We rested on the welcoming lawns of the English Garden and watched kids and adults enjoy ice cream from the  (bike) ice cream vendor parked nearby. We people watched and dog watched and talked while lazying in the sun…

And then we picked up our bikes off the grass and peddled home, stopping only to pick up some food and treats for dinner. Um…. why don’t we do this more often? S.

23 May 2010 – Bike Date, originally uploaded by academichic.
23 May 2010 – Bike Date, originally uploaded by academichic.

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  1. You guys look adorable, though–and I know I am going to sound like a mum/police officer (in my town anyway)–where are your bike helmets?!?

  2. Dawn says:

    I was about to make the exact same point as Dorky Medievalist- there’s only one piece of specialised equipment needed for cycling, your helmet!

    The first photo is absolutely adorable!

  3. Diana says:

    Aw, I love it! Bike dates are the best. I’ll have to start shooting some pictures and get in this contest.

  4. Jenny says:

    I was just about to say that I would ride my bike more if I could look as cute as you guys. I quit riding my bike at a early age because I hated wearing a helmet and I would get harassed if I didn’t. And here you are getting comments to the same affect!

    Seriously looks like fun though. I’m going to attempt to ride again this summer. Helmet and all!

  5. You two look so cute and vintage! I love munich…spent a fabulous afternoon in the english gardens last may there.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    In terms of the helmet, here is what I have to say “in my defense” ;)

    We didn’t wear a helmet cycling through Munich and I stand by that choice. Munich has an incredible infrastructure for bikes, there are a TON of cyclists, and drivers are very aware of cyclists on the road. And we spent the majority of our trek on bike paths away from roads and in the park.

    Much like in many European cities where cycling and bike commuting is norm, people just wear their everyday clothes, business suits, dresses, etc, and hop on the bike without a helmet. In the Midwest, where cycling is nowhere near this common, I wear a helmet. As I’ve said before, it has less to do with my cycling skills as with the context and the drivers’ approach to cyclists.

    I know this may not find agreement with everyone, but I do think that context matters and I made an informed decision in this case and chose not to use a helmet based on my riding speed, location, etc. I would definitely use a helmet bike commuting at home. I hope that sheds some light on my helmet approach. Happy riding!


  7. Elle Sees says:

    I always fall over when I ride a bike, which my friends find hilarious. I would love to do it though.

  8. That looks like the perfect date! I’m entering the Summer Games too – should have my first entry up this week!

    As for the helmets – I bike to work every day, which is one mile from my home, and I don’t wear a helmet. I do, however, where a helmet when I go on long rides with my cycling group (20-70 miles, on busy roads and highways). I agree that it’s all about context, and am not too shocked to see you helmet-less in this context. :)

  9. Rachel FD says:

    I love the bike date! My fiance and I go on them all the time (and reward ourselves with ice cream or beer mid-trek). So much fun and a great way to spend time together! He also likes to go really fast, and I’m also about the ride- I’m glad we’re not the only speed vs. scenery couple. I do like speeding up a bit for the trip so I can get a bit of a workout, though- compromise is a good thing.

    Keep on riding :)

  10. rnc says:

    The Asians (a billion +) & thousands of Europeans have never worn helmets since the bicycles were first invented. Now helmets are only worn by ‘racers’ and that again ‘of their own free-will’ in many countries … except in the participation of organised races where wearing one would be a condition for participating.
    However having said this .. I would recommend helmet-wearing for children who are not yet a teenager.

    Non-helmet cyclist of 70yrs.

  11. rnc says:

    Correction to above: I mean I’m 70yrs old. Rode tricycle at 5yrs and bicycle at 11yrs.

  12. L. says:

    What ‘uncle’ rnc has stated is true. One has to just visit India , African countries, Madagascar, China, Vietnam,Sri Lanka,…. and other Asian (including S.E.Asian) countries to realise/witness this. The use of bicycles is the main form of transport and for daily commuting of the masses in these countries.

    Let the wearing of helmet when bicycling be one of personal choice.

  13. Did you and T. intentionally coordinate your ensembles to your bikes? You look adorable!

  14. Dawn says:

    I agree that context definitely matters in this case, and I’m glad you are a cyclist who has actually thought about wearing a helmet. Unfortunately I have met cyclists who refuse to wear helmets while mountain biking or cycling in traffic while not even considering the safety issue. I’m sure that cycling paths in Munich as much safer than Irish roads anyway.

    However I don’t agree with someone refusing to wear a helmet because they hate wearing a helmet. Unfortunately I know through experience as the first aider in a cycling club and from having a couple of serious crashes how important a helmet is for preventing head injuries. As for those who think helmets are uncomfortable or too hot, you need to try on a couple of different types of helmets with vents and different head shapes.

  15. Erika says:

    It’s so great to see the two of you reunited, S! :) And of course you look great.

  16. Clare says:

    Um, you guys are SO cute together, and it looks like it was the most fabulous weekend!!

  17. Future Lint says:

    My boyfriend and I are the same way. He commutes by bike so he goes FAST, but has learned to slow it down when I’m with him. Although, I do have a pretty fast road bike, so we’re not exactly going on a leisurely ride anyway! I love your sunglasses, especially with the contrasting yellow top!

    And GIANT beers and GIANT pretzels = yes, please!

  18. You two are so cute! A fit couple I wish me and the boyfriend could ever be :)

  19. MnG says:

    We did a bike date last week for the Summer Games as well and have vowed that all our dates this year will be via bike. Great pics!!

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