30 April 2010 – Early Weekend Floral

April 30th, 2010 § 14 comments

30 April 2010 – Early Weekend Floral, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Cardigan: Self-embellished
  • Gray tank: F21
  • Jeans: Gap Outlet
  • Yellow sandals: Old Navy

On baby e.:

  • Shirt: FC Barcelona
  • Plaid shorts: Old Navy

End Notes:

Baby e. and I enjoyed some time outside this morning since we’ll be likely be housebound for the rest of the weekend if the forecast of heavy rain comes to be. For this week’s floral venture I’ve returned to my floral embellished cardigan with its big, overlapping Amy Butler poppies. With a gray tank, cuffed skinnies, and yellow patent sandals, it’s a pre-weekend, mothering-friendly casual look.

Yay, baby e., originally uploaded by academichic.

Also, how cute are plaid shorts for babies? When I hold baby e. do we count as pattern mixing plaid and florals?

I’ve decided that I definitely gravitate towards bolder floral prints rather than micro-florals. I suppose that’s something I should experiment with…maybe I can talk A. into letting me borrow her floral print blouse for a day. Do you have a strategy for giving trends a test run? Do you thrift? Borrow? Wait for clearance? Just take the plunge?

30 April 2010 – Early Weekend Floral, originally uploaded by academichic.

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§ 14 Responses to 30 April 2010 – Early Weekend Floral"

  1. that baby is just too cute for words! And I love your yellow sandals and scarf.

  2. Becky says:

    Are the yellow flowers the embellishment on the sweater? It looks so great! baby e. is just too cute! You two make quite a fashionable pair :)

  3. Shannon says:

    Best accessory ever :-D

  4. EvaNadine says:

    i either thrift when i can or scour the racks for something that is on-trend but still true-to-me. most often, i find that the trend is on the way out by the time i hunt down something i like, but im not big on trends, and by that point i like it anyway, so i will still get it. :)

  5. Baby e!!He’s standing! What a natural model.

    I really like those sandals, I’ve been thinking I need to add yellow to my summer shoe rotation.

  6. Diana says:

    I love that cardigan, and the little guy is getting more adorable each time I see him!

  7. Elena says:

    Gahhh I can’t even handle the cuteness! Plaid shorts for babies definitely = awesome. Love your look as well, especially the DIY cardi.

  8. Eli says:

    aw both of you look so cute!

  9. geogirl says:

    i love baby e.’s feet on mama’s feet! FUN and floral!

  10. If there is an item I want I usually wait for it to pop up in a thrift store. I almost always find the item, especially if I go to a thrift store in a city or large town.

  11. I normally just take the plunge but always on thrifted items. Baby E is too cute for words, I tell ya.

  12. Baby E is getting soo big! I love your yellow sandals.

  13. Clare says:

    Good grief you two are so adorable! And your Anthro-inspired DIY applique cardigan (wow, loads of adjectives there!) inspires me every time you wear it!

  14. yop! says:

    [...] this I’ll be the only old maid), and then a St. Louis visit (to spend some quality time with this baby!).  I finally got all of this cleared at work, and I can’t wait.  Babies, weddings, passion [...]

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