30 March 2010 – That Red Shoe

March 30th, 2010 § 23 comments

30 March 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • White eyelet top – TJMaxx
  • Red cardi – thrifted
  • Skirt – Boden, thrifted
  • Necklace – Sigrid Olsen, thrifted
  • Red wedges – Etienne Aigner, thrifted
  • Earrings – my wedding earrings, local sidewalk sale


Another beautiful day here in Munich and so I’m once more happy to pull out Springy items like this floral skirt, a light-weight eyelet top, floral accessories, and – as promised – my red cardi. I did a long run this morning and enjoyed seeing so many people out on bikes, walking, lounging along the river, and basking in the sun. Please, please stay, weather!

Details, originally uploaded by academichic.
Wedding Earrings, originally uploaded by academichic.

So on a somewhat related tangent – I’m wearing these awesome red wedges today that I was lucky enough to thrift for a mere $3 last summer. There is something very sassy and emboldening about a red shoe, don’t you think? They also reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to bring to your attention. A while back, we put together a bibliography on fashion history and theory for you and you were so awesome to  add a bunch more great titles to that list. (Some of those I’ve since checked out and have used for my research, so thank you, again!)

Right after publishing that post, I was flying back from the US and came across this article in the US Airways Magazine. It is a short excerpt from Linda Grant’s upcoming book The Thoughtful Dresser. I read the excerpt and was absolutely sold on it; it’s beautifully written, provocative, thoughtful, and witty. This comes as no surprise since Grant is an award winning novelist. I was reminded of this today because the excerpt opens with a story about a “glorious, scarlet, insouciant” red high heeled shoe. So if you’re interested on exploring the topic of fashion, culture, and history some more, check out the excerpt from Grant’s book and see what you think. The book comes out in the US on April 20th, if you’re then moved to read the entire work. S.

IMG_8120, originally uploaded by academichic.

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§ 23 Responses to 30 March 2010 – That Red Shoe"

  1. Jane W. says:

    That whole look is wonderful! I love that silk embroidery necklace.

  2. Sally says:

    Hah! I won a copy ages ago and never got around to reading it. Thanks for the nudge.

    And those red wedges are a ridiculously awesome thrift find. You’ve GOT to come up to Mpls this summer, S, and we’ll thrift till we drop. ;)

  3. Heidi says:

    Hi! I LOVE this skirt. Absolutely adore it! Do you know if this was sold by Boden recently? It’s so unique.

    Is the wrap portion one that folds all the way in for more discrete coverage or does it fold just to the tie?

    Beautiful! I love it! Oh, does it run large or small or true to size??

  4. red shoes are unbelievably fabulous and add such a perfect pop to an outfit! i have some red flats which badly need an upgrade–they’re falling apart!
    i love your idea to wear your springy bright sweater all week, p.s.

  5. Linda says:

    I went through a phase some years ago in which I wore only red shoes. Maybe I had been inspired by the film. I think there is something magical about them.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had red shoes before, but your wedges are absolutely darling and so perfect for Spring, I might have to add this color to my mental shoe “to buy” list :)

    And that excerpt… wow, I got chills! That book looks fantastic, and the author has a gift with words. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. admin says:

    @Sally – you’re more than on! :)

    @Heidi – hope this helps:

    The skirt has a good 10 inch overlap – it fastens with two buttons on the underside of the waistband, as well as with that little brown fabric bow on the outside. It’s lined and that makes it heavier/sturdier and less likely to blow in the breeze.

    Size wise, I think it runs a bit small. I can’t be sure, because the size reads “12R”, which a quick search revealed to be UK sizing and like a 38 in German sizes. I usually wear a 36 and this 38 fits snuggly. (I’m basing this off German sizes because they’re much more consistent than US sizes, I regularly fit a 36 here whereas I’m anywhere from a 2 -6 in the US since they don’t seem to have the sizes as standardized between brands.) Anyway, the point being that I would err on ordering a size up if you do locate in online, like on Ebay or something.

    I purchased it at a thrift store in San Francisco last summer so I’m not sure how you’d go about finding it now…good luck though!


  8. Lisa says:

    I like all the pieces separately, but I wouldn’t pair that skirt with the rest of the outfit. It is competing too much with the red and it is all getting too busy. A gray, black, navy or brown skirt, in solid color or with some prints would do more justice to your red cardi and wedges.

  9. cinderella's folly says:

    I actually like the pairing quite a bit – pops nicely against the relatively neutral skirt. To each her own, I guess!

    Wanted to say thanks for sharing that wonderful article – so well written, eloquent, and though provoking. Can’t wait for the full read…

  10. Sandy says:

    i love this outfit, especially the red shoes!!

  11. Miranda says:

    Too funny — I’m also wearing red shoes today! Seeing your post made me realize how differently engaging red shoes can be, and yet the affect is so consistently striking. Your wedges work to help the outfit look springy, whimsical, but also stylishly grounded. (Very different and yet so related to my red-patent pumps with blue tweed skirt!)

  12. Holly says:

    No item in my wardrobe gets as many compliments as my red flats. I am a firm believer in the power of the red shoe to make any outfit a little more fun.

  13. Nadine says:

    I LOVE that book and emailed A about it ages ago. Highly recommended, and exactly up Academichic Alley.

  14. sabrina says:

    I love this skirt and these shoes on you. You look amazing and very romantic.

  15. T. says:

    CUTE shoes! I was always a neutral shoe person until last summer, when I bought a pair of red shoes and a pair of purple shoes, and suddenly everywhere I went people were complimenting me on my shoes. The red and the purple shoes turned out to go with more of my clothes than I had expected they would.

    I think of the 3 chics, my style aligns the most with yours. I have friends who dress more like A does, and sometimes I think they must look more polished than I do, because I’m always in florals or lace trim or eyelet or pearl flower jewelry, but then when I look at this blog and see how stylish YOU are, too, I feel a boost of confidence.

  16. EmilyKennedy says:

    What really strikes me is that while red shoes are pretty much always saucy, a red sandal like this really has a different feel than a red closed-toe pump. Very cool!

  17. Diana says:

    You look lovely, as always! Thanks for telling us about that book – it sounds like something I would really like to read.

  18. Clare says:

    Those shoes are great. I love how they pop with that skirt!

  19. Edith says:

    1. You’re so beautiful!

    2. Thanks for the pointer to that article. I loved it!

  20. Sarah C says:

    THis outfit is adorable. It is the perfect look for spring! Great colors, love the shoes, it simply is perfect.

  21. [...] I loved how the bright red popped again a white eyelet top yesterday, I decided to try  the cardi with a darker neutral today. This hand-embellished top E. [...]

  22. admin says:

    I’m so glad so many of your enjoyed the excerpt! I’ll be eager to get my hands on the entire book once it comes out and I would love to hear your reactions if you end up reading all of it as well!


  23. Heidi says:


    Hi again! Thanks for your reply! I’m wondering if there is a style number or SKU number on the garment tag of your Boden skirt that you found thrifting.

    I love this skirt and I want to see if perhaps Boden still has a few of them left in stock.

    Does anyone know if Boden has an outlet anywhere, even the UK?


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