11 February 2010

February 11th, 2010 § 13 comments

11 February 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Fleece coat: Forever 21
  • Gray sweater: Forever 21
  • Yellow fleece “neck scape”: from Baby Ette’s etsy shop
  • Jeans: Gap Outlet
  • Wedges: thrifted

End Notes:

(Excuse my dazed look. I need another cup of morning tea.)

The very sweet Baby Ette sent us a couple of “Neck Scapes” to try this week. While A. triple looped her purple jersey one earlier this week, I decided that this pale yellow fleece neck scape was perfect for adding a little bit of cozy style (and texture) to a library day outfit.

Yellow fleece “Neck Scape” from Baby Ette, originally uploaded by academichic.

Like A., I was initially a little overwhelmed. But it’s ridiculously fun to stand in front of the mirror and loop, scrunch, pull, and comb this scarf out. By wearing it looped only twice, I created more of a collar or cowl neck effect which — like the gray and yellow color scheme — kept things simple but not boring. Having interesting, non-fussy accessories like this should be a staple for library-bound scholars everywhere.

We’ll be giving away one of Baby Ette’s neck scapes tomorrow, so be sure to check back and enter for your chance to win!

11 February 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.

§ 13 Responses to 11 February 2010"

  1. Laura says:

    I like how the pale yellow adds a little color to the outfit without being overwhelming. Very calm. It looks very warm and cozy for sure! May have to check out that Etsy store!

  2. Sally says:

    Mmm, it looks deliciously cozy and soft!

  3. Andrea Jean says:

    Great simple outfit! I’m liking these “neck-scapes.”

  4. A-C says:

    I saw the picture first and wanted to see where you got such a lovely cowl neck sweater or top. Lo and behold its a “neck scape”! Now I’m *really* going to have to consider getting one.

  5. Diana says:

    I love it! The neck-scape gives a nice splash of yellow, and it’s the perfect compliment to the grey tones in your outfit.

  6. Lisa says:

    I love the look of the neck-scape. Seems like an easy way to add a little something to an outfit.

  7. Clare says:

    I love the neck scape with the grey and skinnies! Sleek but still unique.

  8. Dana says:

    I really love this “neck scape” and this outfit is so simple and chic.

  9. Hallie says:

    BabyEtte rocks! She makes the most beautiful things – and the neck-scapes have kept me warm all winter. I love all the styles!

  10. catherine_sr says:

    That scarf looks like spaghetti… in the best fashiony way possible. I love these neck scapes you’ve been rockin’! The combo of baby yellow and gray is great… I have a lot of gray in my wardrobe and am always looking for ways to liven my outfits up.

  11. angie~* says:

    Your scarf looks like noodles! That’s so cute!

  12. [...] of your responded so positively to E.’s and A.’s use of the Neck Scape by Etsy seller BabyEtte, that we are “tickled pink” [...]

  13. I love that it looks like pasta. Sorry, I’m just really hungry. Haha. Love the color!

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