27 January 2010

January 27th, 2010 § 26 comments

27 January 2010, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • White eyelet top – thrifted
  • Black skinny jeans – thrifted
  • Boots – Dillards
  • Earrings – gift from A.
  • Blue scarf – TJMaxx
  • Necklace – Anthropologie


I can’t do this Tribute Week without acknowledging one of the style blogging biggies who not surprisingly was one of my first online fashion reads when I discovered style blogs: Jessica of What I Wore. She graces the majority of blogrolls and she truly cannot be overlooked. When I first came across her site a little over a year ago, I was drawn in for many of the same reasons stated in my Ode to Renee post: Jess was similarly gifted at composing amazing outfits made of mostly thrifted pieces and was also unapologetically unique in her approach to style. While she’s turned away some from the all-thrifted, all-vintage look that used to be her signature style, she’s still extremely creative and a great source of outfit inspiration.

So here is my Jess inspired tribute outfit of the day: a thrifted eyelet top with thrifted skinny jeans, a scarf, and boots. If you know Jess, you know she has a fabulous boot collection, mile long legs for wearing skinnies, a knack for wearing scarves, pins, or other fun accessories, and (this I suspect) a penchant for white eyelet. Maybe it’s because I’ve become quite infatuated with eyelet myself that I’m so aware of it in her wardrobe, but it’s definitely there…

jess collage 2

When I recently found this top in the thrift shop here, I loved the fabric and overall look of it but thought that it just had too much sleeve. I felt a bit like a mariachi singer in it. I bought it thinking that I would go home and alter the sleeves, cutting some fabric off and just making there be less of them. But after putting it on to take some ‘before‘ pictures that night, I temporarily changed my mind. And I figured that especially a Jess tribute post required that I leave them on since Jess rocks those unique thrifted pieces with such aplomb. She’s not afraid to don a wild pattern or outrageous shape and she somehow always pulls it off. So in honor of unapologetic decadence, I left the puffy eyelet sleeves on and wore this shirt in its unadulterated state.

So what do you think? Less sleeves or leave it be? S.

§ 26 Responses to 27 January 2010"

  1. Jessica says:

    This looks great! And yes, white eyelette is the best! I just can’t stop scooping it up!

    You look wonderful. I’m so flattered that you nodded my way with this tribute.


  2. A.D says:

    I love the white eyelet, too! This is such a cute outfit! I would keep the sleeves, though.

  3. Debbie says:

    The white eyelet is so cute! It looks really good with the rest of the outfit too. I think I’d keep the sleeves as they are.

  4. no uppercase says:

    i think the ruffles in the sleeves add to the romantic air. i would say leave them on :) i’m loving this tribute series!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Definitely leave the sleeves! Love the look. :)

  6. k says:

    it is admittedly a lot of sleeve, but i think the way you’ve paired the top with simple pieces makes it work really well and comes together as a great look.

  7. evanadine says:

    while i certainly dont hate the sleeve, i wonder if shortening it to the length of the ruffle that is mid-sleeve may be a more flattering length?

  8. i like the eyelet and the sleeves have such pretty details, but they are a little poofy–maybe you could take them in so they are narrower. that was you lose the “mariachi” look without sacrificing the sweet details.

  9. Christina says:

    I just stumbled on your blog, and it’s fabulous!! I personally love this top! It’s unique, and I think I love the sleeves as is. However, if you chose to change ‘em it would probably work too. You look great though!

  10. Luinae says:

    This whole tribute week idea is really rocking my socks off!

  11. Lucy says:

    Where do you find these great pieces?! This top is absolutely fabulous in my book exactly because it is so different, and while I understand your trepidation in wearing the layered sleeves, I think you pull it off wonderfully with this styling. My question would be wether you can pull a cardi or jacket over the more voluminous sleeves to make the shirt practical in cold weather. Or maybe you could wear something long-sleeved under the eyelet top?

  12. Jane W. says:

    Leave on the sleeves–you’re only young once! Wouldn’t mind seeing a close up of that necklace, hint,hint. :)

  13. Mar says:

    I kind of like it with the sleeves, but if you think they’re ugly/weird and it makes you uncomfortable, by all means alter them. It sucks to have clothes you theoretically love but don’t wear because they make you feel awkward. Much better to alter them than to strive for a look that you don’t like very much. Then again, if you decide you love them, keep them!

  14. Mar says:

    Oh PS- I like What Would A Nerd Wear’s idea of making the sleeves narrower. You’d have to be careful so they didn’t pinch and restrict your movement, but I think narrowness would be a good way to keep the cute ruffles! (I love them on you. This top is so sweet…)

  15. PL says:

    I think I like the length of the sleeves, even though I would be hesitant about it like you were. Maybe the shirt needs a large belt? I think it would break up the voluminous blouse. I like the eyelet details though; it reminds me of breezy summers.

  16. Desiree says:

    When I think white eyelet you always come to mind. If you got it from Jess, you’ve made it your own! I love it!

  17. Millie says:

    It’s hard to tell form the pictures, but can the middle ruffle be removed without taking off the bottom half of the sleeve? I think the length works with the blouse, but the ruffle half way up adds a lot of visual poofiness. If it can come off, I’d take it off first and see how much that changes the look, and maybe then take in the sleeves a bit too. If it can’t, I think shortening the sleeves would work too.

  18. jentine says:

    I agree with Millie in that if the middle ruff can go, do that but don’t shorten it. If the sleeves are shortened, it just becomes another eyelet top. As it stands now, it’s pretty unique.
    WIW was one of my first reads too and I just remember being floored by her use of colour and vintage…

  19. Great tribute post and I love your eyelet top. So adorable.

  20. Kyla says:

    That scarf looks awesome with the eyelet! Very Jessica indeed!

  21. [...] Like S., I am paying tribute to Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore with today’s outfit. I’ve been following Jessica’s blog literally for years and it has been exciting to watch her come into her own professionally and personally as her style has evolved. While S. cites Jess’s penchant for skinny jeans, I’m giving a nod to another facet of her style. [...]

  22. E says:

    Hi! I’ve been following this website for a while and I love what you guys do here. Keep the sleeves, they are what make the top special. You look lovely.

  23. catherine_sr says:

    What an awesome outfit! I love the combo of the gold necklace, blue scarf and white eyelet. I definitely vote for leaving the sleeves — they give your blouse its extra oomph.

  24. admin says:

    Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, everyone!

    I think that I am going to leave the sleeves as are because they’re kind of wacky, but I find myself wanting to invoke Sal and say, “Aren’t they wild?” and go with it :)

    @Lucy – I actually did wear my gray cardigan over this because it was too cold to wear the top on it’s own, and that looked just fine. I hadn’t thought about layering something underneath, but I love the idea, thank you!

    @Jane W – you can see a close up here:

    It’s that same pendant, I just sometimes wear it on two chains linked together to make it longer (as seen in this post) or on the shorter chain it came with.


  25. Kristen says:

    I really like that shirt and the sleeves.

  26. Oh I love her style! She is not too experimental and always looks classy. Love your blouse. Please leave the sleeves on. They are perfect with skinnies ;)

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