27 November 2009

November 28th, 2009 § 17 comments

27 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

All remixed except newly found vintage purse:


Yesterday’s outfit was an exercise in layering and staying comfortable and warm. While you can add layers for warmth in a way that doesn’t reveal all the different items you have on, I always find it more fun to play with layers that show themselves. Experimenting with different necklines is one of the easiest ways to add warmth while also producing striking visual interest.

Layering detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

Yesterday’s outfit looked far more visually complex than it was, since it was really just neutrals (brown and white) with a pop of color (purple). But the interest came from the mix of pattern (in the dress) with textures (the ruffle in the top, the woven belt). While mixing patterns can seem a bit scary,  I find that mixing textures in a simpler and far less intimidating approach to achieving visual interest in one’s outfit.

27 November 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.

My favorite part of the ensemble was this newly acquired red leather clutch, which I came across at the Munich Oxfam for only 6 Euros. I want to say it’s vintage but I’m never quite sure about these things. I just know that it appears old, I couldn’t find the brand when I searched for it online, and it came with a little key for the lock, which I only found hidden in one of its pockets after I had arrived home.

Vintage bag , originally uploaded by academichic.

I now leave you with a couple more shots from the Munich Christmas Market at Marienplatz. If you ever visit Austria or Germany and can time it to coincide with the Christmas Market season (mid November – December), I promise you will not regret it! S.

Munich Christmas Market, originally uploaded by academichic.
Glühwein, originally uploaded by academichic.

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§ 17 Responses to 27 November 2009"

  1. Kathryn says:

    This tights are the most amazing shade of violet. I can only ever find fuschia tights!

  2. Clare says:

    You’re right; the textures here make this outfit so interesting. This is such a gorgeous look!

  3. Kasmira says:

    This is such a pretty look on you! I think your style is subtly changing during your trip. A little more feminine and whimsical than even before. I think it’s the new hairstyles that I notice most.

    The clutch is adorable and the idea of a key to the clasp cracks me up. So, if a purse snatcher grabs the bag, they will be foiled by the locked clasp? And doesn’t one keep her keys IN her purse anyway? What a mystery!

  4. Elena says:

    This is one of my favorite outfits you’ve posted! :) Love the pattern/color combination, especially with the boots.

    Definitely jealous of your time at the Christmas market. I miss Europe!

  5. i love the purple with the neutrals. purple is one of my new favorite colors to wear, too. it suddenly seems to go with everything.
    and that clutch is RAD.

  6. Kyla says:

    I love this outfit! Those boots are awesome and your hair looks so cute!

  7. Luinae says:

    That is such a lovely vintage purse- it really ties the whole outfit together!

  8. Purple is my favorite color, and it looks great on you. I love that the clutch has a little key!

  9. Tricia says:

    This outfit is beautiful! I’ve been reading your blog for a month or so, and I love your style. I have a question, though – how do you wear so many layers without them looking/feeling heavy and lumpy? I’d love to try a look like this, but I feel like it would make me look bigger and/or be rumpled and uncomfortable.

  10. I love the purple cardigan. Its so pretty. I also really like the layering style – something to put on my to-try list.

  11. Christina W. says:

    Fun tights! I’ve never combined purple and brown in an outfit but you’ve just inspired me to do so!

    Side note: your hair looks great like that. :)

  12. Nadine says:

    I just love your hair and those cute curly tendrils!

  13. gina says:

    This is an adorable outfit! I’m not sure how long you’ve been abroad so far, but I’m amazed that with a limited wardrobe to work with, you don’t LOOK like you have a limited wardrobe. You’re outfits are so fun and varied from day to day.

  14. jentine says:

    The clutch is enviable, especially since it has a little key! How good is that? As always, keep remixing like a genius…

  15. Gorgeous clutch! Cute outfit, too. I love the layering.

  16. cute clutch! AEG Kanis is a big German company. I wonder if it was a company-wide gift one xmas, or perhaps an old-school bookkeeping accoutrement?

  17. Diana says:

    I love the layering in this outfit, and your clutch is gorgeous!

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