DIY: Embellished Tees

November 30th, 2009 § 38 comments §

While I certainly enjoyed an American Thanksgiving feast, I also indulged in a crafty binge over the holiday weekend. I’ve been craving embellished tees, like these from JCrew, for quite some time, so I finally just decided to figure out how to make some myself.

Armed with $5 tees from Target, coordinating thread and ribbon, and a few beads and jersey scraps from my craft stash, I cut, pinned, and stitched my way to fancy t-shirt ownership. It took a little patience and reverse engineering, but I’m delighted with the results:

Click past the jump for directions to make your own embellished tees!

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30 November 2009

November 30th, 2009 § 7 comments §

30 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Navy Peacoat – Gap
  • Grey Sweater – Gap
  • Plaid Scarf – gift from Scotland
  • Jeans – Gap
  • Pink Sneakers – Asics Tiger, via Urban Outfitters
Happy belated Thanksgiving!  This year A2 and I  hosted our first Thanksgiving.  We had both her family and my family in town, making for a total of 19 people at Thanksgiving dinner!
After several days of cooking and entertaining I am beat and need to spend today doing laundry, running errands, and catching up on school work.  Its all about comfort, warmth, and functionality today so I’ve gone for jeans, sneakers, and a my cozy wool peacoat.
Pink Sneakers, originally uploaded by academichic.
A few weeks back I asked for help finding jeans.  Advice poured in and I took notes! With a little encouragement I decided to buy the Gap men’s jeans and couldn’t be happier.  These are them with out alterations.  I am still planning to take the waist in but today am just wearing them with a belt.  I promise to post better pictures, as I have a feeling I will be wearing them rather often in the next few weeks.
Plaid, originally uploaded by academichic.
I also looked into several of the suggested styles and wrote down the name of a few promising pairs to try on the next time I make it out to Nordstroms.  Thanks again for all the great jean advice!  I hope some of the comments helped you  in your jean shopping too.
30 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

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30 November 2009

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30 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.


All remixed except vintage brooch:

  • Maroon top – a.n.a., thrifted
  • Skinnies – thrifted
  • Poncho – F21
  • Scarf – TJMaxx
  • Boots – Banana Republic
  • Vintage clutch – AIG Kanis, Oxfam Munich
  • Vintage brooch – vintage shop in Munich


I wore this outfit this past weekend for more sightseeing with T. followed by dinner with friends. I’m glad that some of you commented that I don’t seem to be wearing the same stuff over and over again albeit the restrictions of my small ‘abroad wardrobe’. I am starting to feel like I wear the same things over and over, like these dark skinnies tucked into the boots or this blue scarf, or even this maroon shirt that I wore twice last week: to Salzburg on Wednesday and in the above picture on Saturday.

To keep the same items from feeling too repetitive, I’ve found that experimenting with accessories goes a long way; even just intertwining the same old blue scarf with the same old pink scarf to create a blue and pink scarf can breathe new life into something.

With this outfit, I kept it from feeling too much like this almost identical version by wearing my black boots instead of my brown ones, by looping the scarf under the collar and pushing it up to create a turtleneck effect (rather than over the collar like last time), and by adding that touch of ‘whimsy’ with this cute vintage brooch.

Two birds on a branch brooch, originally uploaded by academichic.

I wasn’t much of a fan of gold jewelry until recently, but I think the gold of this bag’s lock plays nicely with the gold bird brooch and there is something bold about adding some shiny gold touches to a rather simple ensemble, don’t you think? S.

Vintage brooch, originally uploaded by academichic.
Vintage clutch detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

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27 November 2009

November 28th, 2009 § 17 comments §

27 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

All remixed except newly found vintage purse:


Yesterday’s outfit was an exercise in layering and staying comfortable and warm. While you can add layers for warmth in a way that doesn’t reveal all the different items you have on, I always find it more fun to play with layers that show themselves. Experimenting with different necklines is one of the easiest ways to add warmth while also producing striking visual interest.

Layering detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

Yesterday’s outfit looked far more visually complex than it was, since it was really just neutrals (brown and white) with a pop of color (purple). But the interest came from the mix of pattern (in the dress) with textures (the ruffle in the top, the woven belt). While mixing patterns can seem a bit scary,  I find that mixing textures in a simpler and far less intimidating approach to achieving visual interest in one’s outfit.

27 November 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.

My favorite part of the ensemble was this newly acquired red leather clutch, which I came across at the Munich Oxfam for only 6 Euros. I want to say it’s vintage but I’m never quite sure about these things. I just know that it appears old, I couldn’t find the brand when I searched for it online, and it came with a little key for the lock, which I only found hidden in one of its pockets after I had arrived home.

Vintage bag , originally uploaded by academichic.

I now leave you with a couple more shots from the Munich Christmas Market at Marienplatz. If you ever visit Austria or Germany and can time it to coincide with the Christmas Market season (mid November – December), I promise you will not regret it! S.

Munich Christmas Market, originally uploaded by academichic.
Glühwein, originally uploaded by academichic.

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Monthly Roundtable: November 2009

November 27th, 2009 § 4 comments §

For this month’s roundtable, we’re excited to introduce you to a recently started (as of August of this year) style blog by fellow academics. We were pleased to find another ‘academic style’ blog and are happy to introduce the co-ed writers of said blog to you, letting them describe their endeavor in their words:

A few months ago after a facebook conversation with some far-flung friends, I, along with a few fellow Fashionable Academics, decided to start a blog by that name.   All of us Fashionable Academics are in some stage of our academic careers, from assistant professors to PhD candidates on the job market this year, to PhD students about to take their candidacy exams.  We represent the Midwest, the South, and Canada.  While one of the things we do is share ideas about what we wore to teach in, to present in, to interview in, we also seek to explore some of the problems with caring about fashion as an academic.  (There is a reason that so many of those who commented on your last Monthly Roundtable said that you should err on the conservative side when dressing for a tenure-track job interview.)  I was excited to find academichic within a few days of starting this blog, and I’m happy to have this opportunity to create even more dialogue among chic and fashionable academics.  So please check us out: Thanks!

La Historiadora de Moda, Ariel, Ann Underfunded Humanity, the chemist-coture, and Megarita

Go check out this wonderful site if you haven’t already come across it on your own!

Meanwhile, the lovely Lauren of This Little Piggy Went To The Market wrote to us saying she’s been inspired by all the dress layering going on at academichic and tried her hand at wearing two dresses as well. We love the resulting coral and black combination:

Picture 12

And thank you to the First Lady for sending us this picture from her personal photo album, showing how A. inspired her to belt her cardigans:

Picture 13

Just kidding! Thanks, reader Erin, for sending this our way!

You may remember this gorgeous blue dress from our Reader Question post on what to wear to a winter wedding. Sassy Molassy (the reader in question) followed up with this lovely picture from the event, showing the gorgeous black pashmina she chose as a cover-up for the strapless gown. We love the way she tied the pashmina in the front, allowing for ease of movement while keeping the wrap in place. You both look very elegant, thanks for the follow-up!

Picture 14

As always, if you have a question to offer up for discussion, or an image or link to share, email us and join us at next month’s roundtable event!

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25 November 2009 – Salzburger Christkindlmarkt

November 27th, 2009 § 12 comments §

25 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.


All remixed:

  • Maroon top – A.N.A., thrifted
  • Black tank worn as vest – Limited, thrifted
  • Pink scarf – H&M
  • Blue scarf – TJMaxx
  • Skinnies – thrifted
  • Boots – Banana Republic
  • Green tote – Kenneth Cole


Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! I’m still recovering from the coma inducing food binge of yesterday, so I’m thinking that something with a really forgiving waistline is in order for today’s outfit. The day before Thanksgiving, T. and I took a day trip to Salzburg and spent a considerable amount of time at the Christmas market there. Because we did drag ourselves away from the food and the Glühwein occasionally, I wore my flat boots to be able to comfortably walk around as much as needed. I wore my skinnies tucked into boots, since I’m really loving this look this winter. Sal did a great post on the art of tucking just recently, so if you’re having doubts or need some pointers on how to approach this trend, do check out her most helpful post!

25 November 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.

I then wore this tank top as a vest (a trick I tried once previously) and intertwined two scarves for a cozier and fuller effect. I really liked the two-scarves look and think it would be really fun to try with a patterned scarf and a solid, or for the more daring, with two patterned scarves to create a really visually interesting result. Is this something you’ve tried out before?

25 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

And for a final note on the hair, I’ve been loving the “Dutch braid” to the side look, as rocked most fabulously by Julie of Orchid Grey. For this windy day trip, I pulled the braid and my remaining hair into a topknot. If you’re wondering how to do a topknot, check out Kyla’s great how-to video. Kyla makes me wish I had straight hair so that I could recreate her amazing bangs-and-topknot look, just see her great site Blue Collar Catwalk for case in point.

And now, I leave you with some shots of the Salzburger Christkindlmarkt, while I try to figure out what I can still fit into today. Oh, delicious Thanksgiving dinner, how you weak havoc on my waist line…. S.

Salzburger Christkindlmakt decorated eggs, originally uploaded by academichic.
Salzburger Christkindlmarkt candy, originally uploaded by academichic.
Salzburger Christkindlmarkt, originally uploaded by academichic.

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23 November 2009 – Birthday Fun

November 24th, 2009 § 23 comments §

23 November 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Pink cowl neck – Nine West, remixed
  • Black shirt dress – H&M, remixed
  • Red belt – really old, forgot source
  • Gray tights – DM, remixed
  • Boots – Banana Republic, remixed
  • Coat (below) – Hämmerle in Austria, bought years ago
  • Bag – Etienne Aigner, remixed
  • Leaf necklace – Beau & Stella on Etsy, bday gift from husband


Yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. My favorite birthday gift was my husband, who arrived the day before and is spending this entire week with me. If that weren’t enough, I got some really awesome gifts of the material and non-material kind. The material ones will slowly be revealed as I wear them, the immaterial ones came in the shape of really nice birthday wishes and messages, which really made my day. Thanks, E. and A., for thinking of me (you really nailed me with your outfits!) and to all of you who left such nice birthday comments!

Necklace detail, originally uploaded by academichic.

One of my birthday gifts of the tangible variety was this beautiful silver leaf necklace from Beau & Stella on Etsy, which my husband gifted me.

And why yes, I am reading Winona‘s new book Closet Confidential

Closet Confidential, originally uploaded by academichic.

No, Winona did not send it to me or pay me to say this, I actually hinted rather heavily to T. that I wanted her new book because I knew that if it was anything like her blog, I would absolutely love it. And Winona did not disappoint. I’ve already read about half of it and cannot get enough of her practical yet hilarious commentary on style.

The rest of my day (after I tore myself away from my new book) was spent sightseeing, meeting a few friends for beers at the Hofbräuhaus, and taking in the beginnings of the Christmas Markets here in Munich. I wore my flat boots, which are great for a day spent walking, and predictably enough, a shirt dress. The last time I wore this black dress, I paired it with gray for a monochromatic effect, but this time, I wanted to punch it up with an analogous pairing of a pink shirt and red belt. I think this color combo was definitely more festive and birthday appropriate. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more birthday chocolate that needs polishing off while I read the last few pages of “Around the World in 80 Outfits”. S.

23 November 2009 , originally uploaded by academichic.

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Spotlight On: City Chic Guest Post

November 24th, 2009 § 1 comment §

Picture 4

The lovely A. of the Glamorous Grad Student has a wonderful series called City Chic and I’m thrilled to have gotten to contribute my own post to it. Check out my guest post on beautiful Salzburg here! Thanks for featuring my guest post, A., and on my birthday none the less! S.


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24 November 2009 – Winter White

November 24th, 2009 § 28 comments §

24 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Gray cardigan: Ann Taylor, gift from MIL
  • White nursing cami: Target
  • Belt: Gap Outlet
  • Cream wool pencil skirt: Isaac Hazan, vintage, thrifted
  • Brown tights: Old Navy
  • Wedges: thrifted

End Notes:

I love it when an outfit works as well in actuality as it does in my imagination. This is one of those outfits.

When I first started stalking style blogs, I remember being startled and intrigued by the inimitable Jessica Schroeder’s embrace of white as a staple color in her winter wardrobe. And I don’t mean a white sweater or a white hat and scarf. No, I’m talking full on white or cream dresses, worn with rich burgundy or contrasting with crisp black. I thought it was beautiful and stunning and I wanted to try it myself. It took another year, further inspirational bursts from Alison the Valiant — who is another winter white genius — and a successful thrifting trip with A. where I snagged this cream wool pencil skirt to satisfy this style itch.

I wanted to create a classic hourglass shape, so I used this slouchy, dolman-sleeve sweater to exaggerate my shoulders and a wide belt to cinch in at the waist, and I let the high waist of the pencil skirt do the rest. Brown tights and brown wedges create the illusion of a long, seamless leg line. I love these old-school proportions, and I also love how I let my clothes do so much of the work for me.

24 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

And with baby e. in his thrifted corduroys and little tie onesie, we made a classic pair.

How do you wear white in the winter?

24 November 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

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23 November 2009 – S. Birthday Tribute

November 23rd, 2009 § 9 comments §

23 November 2009 – S. Birthday Tribute, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Green Shirt Dress – H & M
  • Black Jersey Dress – BR Outlet
  • Black Henley – Gap
  • Black Belt – from Sal
  • Black Boots – J Crew
  • Flowers – Blue Onion Marketplace
  • Earrings – Gift
Last month E. and S. wore outfits inspired by my style to celebrate my birthday.  Now it’s S.’s turn!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY S!

I think both E.’s description of S.’s style as whimsical and S.’s own designation of her style as preppy romantic perfectly encapsulate S.’s creative and colorful approach to clothes, which I adore.

I am often inspired by S. to push myself in terms of both color and pattern, but today I am paying tribute to what has become one of S.’s signature looks – the layered dresses.  S. has worn her shirt dresses over simple jersey dresses to create a sophisticated and rich look.  And while green may not be S.’s  signature color, she wears it beautifully, especially paired with black.

I also love how S. brings a touch of whimsical charm to her outfits, particularly through the flower brooch, which I am always a little hesitant to wear.  She does it so well and even managed to layer two rather large flowers without letting them overwhelm the ensemble, so I’m giving it a shot with these two flower brooches from Blue Onion Marketplace.

I’m also wearing my hair curly for S.’s birthday because I love her curly hair and all the creative ways she styles it.

I miss you S., especially today!  I wish I could be with you to celebrate your special day!  I’m thinking of you! Love, A.

S. – style flowers, originally uploaded by academichic.

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