DIY: How to Make a Boutonniere

August 15th, 2009 § 5 comments

How to Make a Boutonniere, originally uploaded by academichic.

When making the bouquets for my wedding, A. and I also made the boutonnieres for the remaining wedding party. This too was not something we had any experience with, but was surprisingly easy and quick once we figured out a methodology. To learn how to make a boutonniere yourself, click here…

The supplies required to make a boutonniere are the same ones as for the bouquet. Click here for a complete list.

Begin by choosing the flowers you’d like for your boutonniere and removing all the leaves from the stems.

Group a few flowers together in the formation you’d like for the boutonniere. We used four fuschia flowers and one purple one and held them in a diamond formation to create a stacked effect.

Trim the stems and bind them tightly together using floral tape.

Cover the entire stem with green floral tape. Unlike with the bouquet, this will be the finished look for the boutonniere’s stem.

Using the ribbon of your choice, tie a bow unto the boutonniere’s stem. For the men’s boutonnieres we used purple ribbon to go nicely with their purple ties. We used a couple of pear head pins to secure the boutonnieres unto their jacket lapels.

Spray the finished boutonnieres with hairspray and then place them in your refrigerator until needed.

We wanted to make a slightly different boutonnieres for the moms to make them stand out. We asked them to choose the flowers they most liked and made a predominantly pink boutonniere for them, finishing them off with a pink ribbon bow. Once we figured out how to make the first boutonniere, the rest were quick and easy and made for a personalized finished result.

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  1. Luinae says:

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Anna says:

    Great advice….adorable picture!

  3. Albs says:

    The boutonnieres are lovely. Now I’m wishing I’d done my own wedding flowers!

  4. Man….wish I had known this (and a lot of other things!) at my wedding…. :(

  5. [...] We purchased several grocery store bouquets in our wedding colors and went to work making bouquets, boutonnieres and arranging them into small vases to adorn our dinner [...]

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