30 June 2009

June 30th, 2009 § 9 comments

30 June 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.


All remixed.

  • Black flutter sleeve dress: Liz Lange for Target
  • Wooden bead necklace: Hawaii
  • Wooden hoop earrings: Wet Seal
  • Brown suede slippers: Cobia

End Notes:

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday. I had a good doctor’s visit that afternoon and that evening my husband and I finished our final childbirth class. It’s amazing how just checking one more thing off a to-do list (in this case, “learn how to have baby”) can make a big difference in my subconscious mood!

Today just felt like a dress day, and this fluttery sleeve, swingy number caught my eye. The last time I wore it I was in Houston, attending a brunch in honor of my sister-in-law’s graduation. This time around I wanted to keep the same sweet feel to the outfit but I added a little more of a bohemian twist by pairing brown accessories in earthy textures — wood and suede — with the black jersey.

I have to say that wearing the little black dress as a summer day dress is still something that I have to carefully plot. Of course, fabric and cut do a lot to make even a black dress more summery, but accessory choices play a role as well. How do you wear your little black dress in the summer?

30 June 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

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  1. Diana says:

    I think you make the little black dress work perfectly for the summer. Accessories are key. Keeping things simple, adding some simple sandals, throwing in a few bright colors – all these help to keep little black dresses summery for me.

  2. Sal says:

    I agree – the cut and fabric can make a LBD perfectly summer- and day-appropriate. Adding contrast – with lots of white, or even trendy neon – helps, too!

  3. Clare says:

    I don’t have a little black dress!! However, I think you’ve made this one perfectly summer-appropriate! I’ve always been a big fan of “bohemian” accessories, so I love how you’re wearing this necklace!

  4. Jaime says:

    I wore my black linen dress over the weekend with my bright pink t-strap sandals and a handmade summery necklace.

    I am not much of a dress person but have decided to give it a go! I only own 3 dresses, black linen, orange strapless cotton, and a purple bridesmaid dress that I made myself. I got to start working them into the rotation! Thanks for the motivation and style tips!

  5. ShopKim says:

    I have a few black dresses but I wouldn’t consider them LBD’s for some reason. I guess I don’t wear any of them often enough. I think just the cut, shoes and accesories are a great way to make it summer appropriate. Black is a year round color in my book!

    (Typed while wearing black capris and a black, white and gray swirls shirt)

  6. Meg says:

    I love the length of the dress because it highlights your legs and ankles, which still look like legs and ankles. For someone who is 36-weeks pregnant, that is a serious accomplishment in and of itself. You look fabulous.

  7. piglet says:

    My little black dress is too slinky for day wear. But yours looks relaxed and lovely.

  8. Laura says:

    I think you look terrific! I’m four months pregnant and since the start your posts have given me hope that a growing belly does not mean the irreversible onset of frumpery. Thanks, and hang in there!

  9. Sabrina says:

    You look perfect and summery and wonderfully display how stylish pregnant can look. Also, your hair is as much of an accessory as your necklace/shoes in making your outfit summery. I don’t know what it looks like when the wearer has no baby bump, but perhaps you could possible transition this dress into fall with some colored leggings/tights and cute denim jacket?

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