Preliminary Bibliography: Flat Shoes

May 28th, 2009 § 3 comments

Between last week and this week’s challenges we’ve been thinking a lot about flat shoes. While I, E., remain a devotee of the wedge heel and have gotten a couple of pairs this year, I realized that I haven’t actually added a new flat to my shoe closet in quite some time.

In academia, before you launch into a big project it’s important to be able to articulate the “state of the field.” What research has already been done on your topic of choice? Can you trace some kind of trajectory or development of scholarship? Do you even know what’s out there? So it’s no surprise that when I set out to make a shoe purchase I begin by assessing the state of the field. There are a couple of go-to discount retailers that I immediately visit, but on this round of shoe research I added a new source: Mod Cloth.

I’ve been browsing Mod Cloth semi-regularly for a few months now, but for some reason I had never looked at their shoes. While many of them don’t quite fit my style, I feel like there was something (affordable!) for almost everyone.

Spectrum Flats. I think this little striped red and orange flat is adorable. It’s retro but not costumey, and I can imagine them adding a fun twist to otherwise simple separates. The little toe point is a surprising twist to an otherwise athletic shoe stripe aesthetic.


Lemon Spritzer Flats. This shoe wouldn’t work for our lab colleagues, of course, but I have been looking for a yellow shoe and this peep-toe is just so tempting! It’s so sunshiney and the geometric cut-outs are so sweet. I’m not sure about the patent finish, though. That seems like an awful lot of brightness.

Ballet School Flats. Finally, this shoe just made me smile. I could never pull this off, yet I think that I would really, really like a person who wore them:

So the next step in research is fieldwork. Has anyone bought shoes from Mod Cloth before? Have you found them to be cute in person and comfortable for walking? Do share.

-  E.

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  1. Sal says:

    Just wore my single Modcloth pair this week … and they’re passable. Cheaply made and clearly won’t last forever, but not horribly uncomfortable. I think their shoes are probably a fair deal for the price.

  2. Diana says:

    They are definitely cute shoes! I don’t know anything about the quality though, as I’ve never bought anything from Modcloth

  3. Michelle says:

    I’ve bought 2 pairs of shoes from Modcloth and a bunch of other things including dresses, a skirt, and more. Their shoe sizing is a bit strange, so always check their composition and fit before buying. The shoes I’ve bought are good quality and still look nice after 2 years, which, coming from a notorious shoe-ruiner, is very very good. I would definitely recommend them.

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