28 May 2009 – Possibilities, Take 3

May 28th, 2009 § 6 comments

28 May 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Cream “Possibilities” Sweater – Anthropologie, on loan from Weardrobe
  • Capris – BR Outlet
  • Brown Tee – H &M, remixed
  • Lace Cami – BR
  • Shell Necklace – handmade gift
  • Brown Kitten Heels – Nine West
I think this ensemble is appropriate for at least some labs.  When capris were first re-introduced (around 2000 or so), I  was slow to join the trend.  Most cropped pants fail to balance out by hips/thigh/butt region as they often taper towards the bottom.  As I have become more comfortable with these curves and as more shapes have become available, I’ve come around on the style a bit.  I bought these pants for $10 while teaching last summer and running out of classroom-appropriate, weather-appropriate options.  They make for a nice neutral that is dressy and comfortable.

I’m trying out the sweater styled by both E. and S. earlier this week.  Like my fellow Chics, I was intrigued by this sweater and excited to give it a go.  I had my concerns from the beginning about such a loosey-goosey piece and am still not as convinced by it as either E. or S. but had fun playing around with it nonetheless.  There is a lot of stepping in and out of fabric hoops, wrapping, twisting, draping, and fidgeting involved in finding a style that works!

This is a lot of cream and tan for me (given my light complexion) but I like how the rich browns break it up a bit and gives the look some depth.

Stay tuned for more items on loan from Weardrobe styled by the Chics!

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§ 6 Responses to 28 May 2009 – Possibilities, Take 3"

  1. Sal says:

    I LOVE how you styled the cardi, lady. The sharp lines of the pointy-toe shoes balance out the drapey-ness of the sweater perfectly.

  2. Diana says:

    I like the nice mix of earthy colors here.
    I am loving this cardigan more and more – I’m headed to my local Anthro tomorrow, so I’m hoping they still have some.

  3. hillary says:

    capris were never out of style in Florida! In the early 90′s they were the way all the girls got around the no shorts rule at my school! hee.

    I like the soft with structured.

  4. R. says:

    First time commenting but I’ve been enjoying your blog for the past month or two. I really love that sweater! Love the different ways you all have worn it. May I ask what size it is? Thinking about getting one myself, but not sure on the size/color I want. Decisions, decisions :)

  5. Clare says:

    You look great! I’m a huge advocate of neutral clothing, especially in tones of brown and tan. I’ve been trying to break out of that mold a little (and this whole blogging thing is definitely helping!), but I am still oh-so-appreciative of a good brown-heavy ensemble. Beautiful!

  6. [...] were so excited when the kind folks over at Weardrobe invited us to raid their closet. All three of us had fun playing with the Possibilities cardigan from Anthropologie, and both A. and I enjoyed [...]

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