30 April 2009

April 30th, 2009 § 16 comments

30 April 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.


  • Red Tee – Old Navy
  • Grey Lace Cami – Old Navy
  • Polka-Dot Silk Tie – Thrifted
  • Denim Pencil Skirt – Gap
  • Red Wedges – Anthropologie, via ebay
  • Beaded Cuff – Hawaii
  • Silver Hoops – BR


For the girl who wasn’t convinced she wanted to participate in this week of mini challenges, S. has really stepped up the game. She first challenged me to wear polka-dots but when I complained that the only polka-doted item I own is a very fall/winter top, she changed the challenge to wearing red. Well, I own two red items: -this tee-shirt and these kinda-red wedges! Funny enough, when I have worn this tee before S. has complimented me on the color. I decided to meet her challenge head-on by adding some polka-dots too. I like the way the little flower polka-dots echo the red in the top.

Details, originally uploaded by academichic.

I love all the comments we received yesterday and have responded to them in a rather long comment of my own. Today I have a new topic to pick your brains about.

The lack of red, polka-dots, and pattern in general, along with the change in weather, has me itching for a shopping trip! E. S. and I often hit the stores together and have various shopping strategies, so I see a Taking Notes on this in our future. But, I’m wondering how all of you approach shopping. Do you shop to fill gaps in your closet (ie red) or with a particular item in mind (ie a grey cropped blazer)? Do you set price limits before you go? Item limits? Do you pre-shop online to get a sense of what’s out there? Do you shop alone or with a special shopping buddy?

30 April 2009, originally uploaded by academichic.

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  1. Kayla says:

    My answer to your question is yes! I do all of those things! Usually I shop alone. I love spending time with friends but I usually shop with a mission and it’s hard to have to keep stopping to look around. I also find that my friends don’t always get my style. I may find a great piece that will look awesome with some pieces already in my closet, but my friends don’t know about those other items so they judge the item based on it alone. I also have recently set rules for myself with shopping. -Clearance- Coupon- Can’t live without- I’ve learned that If I don’t go into a store with a certain piece in mind, I will buy everything I find! I usually start shopping by looking for a particular item and end up walking out with tons of unrelated items!By limiting myself at looking only for the item in question, and the sales racks only I have made some great purchases without completely blowing the bank.

    I think everyone has to shop based on their particular taste and money spending habbits :)

  2. Kathleen says:

    I wish I could say I had a plan when I go shopping but I tend to be an impulsive shopper (thankfully, my discretionary income allows for this for the most part). I like shopping alone or bringing along my b/f to carry my bags. :) Shopping w/friends is fine and all, but it can be distracting and more often than not, we separate to browse in different sections of stores.

    I always hit the sales or, even better, clearance racks first though, and hardly ever buy anything full price. I think I’ve only ever bought shoes full price and it was because I knew said shoes would be a closet staple. For a sale to be especially attractive, the discounts have to be at 30% or more, and I like combining coupons on top of those sales. I seem to get a coupon every day in my e-mail or mail to lure me into the shops; the retailers are desperate for business.

  3. Lena says:

    Oh man! You have an amazing body!!! I would kill for that stomach!!!

  4. Looking good chica! The T looks like a body suit when you have it tucked in like that and you have the figure to pull that off! *jealous*

    I love the jeans skirt, thats something thats big on my wishlist right now.

  5. Oh yeah and shopping …

    I usually set a budget *determined by the balence left in the checking account*, and shop for a particular need (like a dark jean skirt), or T-shirts, etc… and I prefer to shop alone. I like having the time to myself and taking my time and trying things that I KNOW will make me look goofy.

  6. Sal says:

    You three are just perfect to set challenges for each other because you know what the others lack and what assignments really WILL pose a challenge.

    At this point, I put as many parameters around my shopping trips as possible: Colors are fun for thrifting, specific items are better for the mall, and price limits are always necessary.

  7. Clare says:

    You look absolutely adorable! I love the red and detailing on the tie/belt. Also, I love your hair this way!

    In terms of shopping style, I’m pretty sporadic. I NEVER have shopping sprees over $100 because otherwise I’ll feel like I’m hemorrhaging money. I usually have a few items in mind that I’m looking for (either colors or specific kinds of layers or skirts/jeans/shorts) but allow myself to splurge on an item or two that I didn’t plan on…coincidentally, those often end up being my favorite pieces!

    I almost always shop alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shopping buddy, but I always feel constrained with time or budget if there’s someone with me. I actually feel like guys give better advice on what looks good, but are often MUCH less patient. When shopping with someone, I feel I have to justify each purchase. Alone, I’m free to go a little crazy!

  8. Kaylyn says:

    My special shopping buddy is actually my mom. I love to go shopping with my friend’s but for some reason I just tend to find more awesome things when I’m with my mom. We usually go to thrift stores and I don’t generally have anything in mind. I sometimes go in thinking, I need more shirts (or pants or skirts, or whatever!) and start there, but at a thrift store I have to look at everything. I end up finding awesomeness everywhere and buy a little of everything. I don’t set a price limit for myself, but I know my boundaries and what I can and can’t afford.
    I definitely don’t shop with the Man because I would feel guilty about every purchase, where as with friends and mom I feel great about everything!

  9. Jane says:

    I haven’t shopped for a while but it tends to be ecelctic.
    I agree with everyone you have a fantastic figure and the colour is great on you.

  10. Thais says:

    Oh wow! I cannot believe how tight that shirt is and how you can pull it off because there’s not an ounce of fat on you!!! Crazy!

    As for the shopping. I usually shop alone because my friends aren’t willing to shop where I do… Ann Taylor, BR, old navy, gap. I miss shopping with my mom and when we visit each other we ALWAYS go shopping and we rock at it. I am always looking online at my fave stores. I usually shop for an item and get other things along with it. Sometimes I just shop for fun and get things to fill in gaps. Lately it’s been a lot of looser tops, jackets, and cardigans. In January when I went to visit my mom we were on the hunt for interview outfits. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight so my wardrobe has changed a lot lately.

  11. V. says:

    I definitely pre-shop — mainly because I love shopping but am also operating on a grad student budget, and really only turn window shopping into real shopping when I know there’s stuff I want out there. Unfortunately, my favourite shops (Smart Set, Jacob — I think these are only in Canada?) don’t have online stores, so that makes it a little more difficult.

    I usually go shopping with my academic twin (as opposed to my actual, biological twin, who I hate shopping with), since we have a very similar style, love the same stores, and have about the same level of tolerance for wandering around a crowded mall. Usually I shop just to fill in gaps, but since I started shopping with her, there has been a lot more spontaneous shopping. Hard on the wallet, but I’ve actually picked up some more interesting things than I otherwise might have if I’d been purpose shopping.

    Also: that colour IS great on you!

  12. A.S. says:

    You have the perfect hourglass figure, especially with that bodysuit– so jealous!

  13. joceline says:

    I usually shop by color, and when I realize that I don’t have a lot of a certain color then I tend to buy things only in that until the color craving is satisfied. Lately it’s been orange–I didn’t have very much of it, but I realized how summery and fresh orange and white look together!

  14. admin says:

    Thanks for all the strategies – we will reveal ours soon!

    Just for the record, this is NOT a bodysuit, nor is it all that tight. I had smoothed it our and tucked it in just before taking pictures. Thanks for all the compliments!

  15. Sara says:

    As I said on flickr, I just love this look on you – the red is great with that skirt.

    I usually shop with a list and for a specific item. I just bought a pair of sandals and looked online and in several stores before going out (with a great shoe-shopping buddy) and actually buying a pair. I occasionally buy things on a whim, but I find that I’m more content with the purchase when I’ve thought long and hard about it before buying it. I also love to look at fashion blogs and on wardrobe_remix to get some ideas about how people are wearing things (like vests or jackets).

    Can’t wait for your strategies!

  16. Dawn says:

    I love your outfit. Red is a beautiful colour on you!

    My shopping strategies are that I shop alone. Shopping with a friend is either leads me to buy stuff that I don’t really want or having to justify every purchase to them, depending on which friend I bring with me. I shop with a certain list in my head and if I am buying something spontaneous, I have to buy something to also fill the gaps in my wardrobe. Sometimes it is nice to have someone there to give a second opinion but I think that strategy has often led to buy something that is a friend’s style but not mine.

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